Monday, February 9, 2015

Festival of Saint Remo: After "Gay Messiah" Follows "Conchita Wurst"

(San Remo) From the 10th-14th February the 65th Festival della canzone italiana will be held in  San Remo. Italy's most popular event of  light music is being broadcast by the Italian state radio RAI. Conditions of participation: All songs must be sung in Italian. Recently, however, the festival is becoming a stage for the gay indoctrination.
The gender ideologues have tried to capture  the festival for several years. Since this is an event by public television, it is not possible without political support.
2013 It "pleased" the organizers to broadcast an "anti-homophobia" commercial.
2014 San Remo Festival was "the scene of an outrageous gay appearance" says Corrispondenza Romana. The largely unknown, but all the more perverse Canadian singer Rufus Wainwright, who sings  obscene and blasphemous songs like "Gay Messiah" or "Baptist", was invited for a guest appearance. In the song "Gay Messiah" the aberrosexual singer announces the coming of a deviant "Messiah", "who comes from a porn movie of the 70s". Wainwright even appears  as a "homo-Messiah" on stage and is "crucified". In the song "Baptist" the Canadian sings acting out  perverse fantasies of a baptism by sperm. In 2012 Wainwright concluded a "gay marriage" in New York  and announced that a friend would  carry a child as "surrogate mother". 
Since moderator Fabio Fazio was to make his appearance, who is known for his radical left-wing activism, protests from the audience and the Italian Association lawyers for the life were of no avail. The organizers stuck to Wainwright.

From "Gay Messiah" Follows Drag Queen

In 2015, the Austrian aberrosexual Thomas Neuwirth, also known drag queen "Conchita Wurst" will appear as a guest star in San Remo. Although the Festival 2014 was a flop in  audience attendance, which is why Fabio Fazio was replaced by  moderator Carlo Conti, but with the lavender agenda, nothing changes. 
"Würst" is the product of a deliberate homosexualization made possible with public funds. ORF 2013 ignored the usual disapproval of the audience  preliminary and unilaterally appointed the mediocre singer as the Austrian representative at the Euro Vision Song Contest. There he was, despite a meager musical performance and audience, an allegedly "miraculous" decision to appoint the winner of the 59th edition of the Grand Prix Euro Vision Song Contest. "Würst" sees himself as a fighter against "discrimination" against aberrosexuals.
The bearded "woman" has since been passed around as a "man of the hour". Since  television stations can hardly tear  his musical performances from the Styrian world, there are  motives that give him invitations upon invitations, they must look elsewhere.
To show that Italy also can produce the new gender-neutral unisex chimera, Mauro Coruzzi was also invited, who is also known as Platinette, who has appeared already, dressed in an evening gown as a drag queen and appeared normally dressed at another evening. Is the Festival of San Remo to be a stage of dubious sexual fantasies and disturbed identities?

Catholic Associations Protest

The gay indoctrination by the state television RAI has caused considerable protests this year among Catholics. A number of websites at the Catholic Counter-Information have called for a boycott of the festival. The Association of Catholic viewers Aiart said: "The decision to invite the drag queen Conchita Wurst,  who is to  receives a lush 120,000 euros, proves once again that the RAI does not want to invest in the quality of  music, and decent performances, but public money for doubtful guests to produce an ideological program."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: San Remo Blog


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Schönborn should follow the example of our Hero resistance leader Cardinal Burke and get Conchita into a convent. Maybe St. Joan of Burke will attend the concert and heroically get Conchita signed up for a Malta convent right on French TV (or maybe he'll meet him in St. Louis, Louisa!).

susan said...

" In the song "Baptist" the Canadian sings acting out perverse fantasies of a baptism by sperm."

My God....the gates of hell have truly been thrown open.

Anonymous said...

The demonic world of the Homosexual male. Poor bastards.

Anonymous said...

Recent messages from the Most Holy Virgin Mary

¨The ones chosen to defend the truth will deny it and there will be great spiritual confusion.¨

¨The devil will look for new ways to offend God.¨

¨A deep darkness is covering the earth.¨

Anonymous said...

Hey, what the heck? He/she won the last European song contest and card. Schonborn said he was proud of it, what else? The mayor of Rome would open red lights apartments in the capital, Amsterdam's prostitutes boxes style, even in Italy it's against the law.....this disgraced country badly constructed by the aid and the money of all major european lodges, once had the CC as landmark, now there's nothing, nothing more to believe and trust in, it's the eve of destruction. God bless+

Anonymous said...

Every catholic needs to smash and literally trash their TV sets! Secondly since our votes don't count,vote with your wallet.If any organization,record label, or any Corp supports anti-Catholic values,DO NOT SUPPORT THEM FINANCIALLY.

Barnum said...

Only suckers are buying the tickets.

Maybe we need some Catholic "performance art." Well, it is sin to even imagine such, if violence is involved, but the day will come when the rabble devours itself, both ecclesiastic and lay.