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"Women's Culture" of the Pontifical Council for Culture -- Women's Priests and the Abolition of Celibacy?

Cardinal Ravasi
(Vatican) in early February convenes the Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture . It will introduce some novelties. Above all, there will be more irritating  voices around this event.

Pope Francis Against Misogyny and Machismo

It is considered difficult to make it out. It's even worse  when you raise expectations. Yesterday, Sunday, Pope Francis spoke to thousands of young Filipino students at the Pontifical and Royal University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Manila. The Catholic Church leader said, as it suits him best, which is extemporaneously. In his speech, he took up the cudgels for women. In the audience there were at least as many girls as boys. However, only one girl was among the selected ones who were allowed to present a question to the Pope: "There are few women among you.Too few. Women have a lot to say in today's society. Sometimes we are misogynistic and give women no room."
The Universidad Santo Tomaso Manila was founded in 1611 and is the oldest university in Asia. Since 1927, enrollment has been open to women. Currently, there are more than 42,000 students studying at the university.

Feminist Theologians  Accuse Pope of "Antiquated Modes of Thought"

Despite the criticism against  "machismo" do not seem to be satisfied on this point all feminists and theologians with Pope Francis. On The Contrary. In a recent issue of the Journal of the Città dell'uomo (city of man) the progressive theologian Maria Cristina Bartolomei published a scathing criticism of Pope Francis, whom she accused of adherence to an "antiquated, and ossified in old and outdated categories,"
When hearing from  theologians  à la Bartolomei hear you understand the Apostle Paul, "when he orders that women should keep silence in the Church," wrote the Catholic Pro-Lifer Claudia Cirami in Papale Papale. Bartolomeis' "analysis" of Vatican documents  hardly extends beyond the fundamental criticism that it was a question of  "documents by men for men."   Besides this Bartolomei is otherwise "super happy"  with Pope Francis.

Progressive Cycle

The "city of men" is a cultural-political association founded by Giuseppe Lazzati. Lazzati (1909-1986) comes from the environment by Giuseppe Dossetti, the procedural "organizer" of the vote success of the "Rheinish Alliance" at the Second Vatican Council. Dossetti, the head of the left wing of the Christian Democrats, Lazzati  became a Christian Democrat after the war, for whom he was a member of the Constituent Assembly (1946-1948) and then to 1953, a member of parliament. Lazzati stands with Dossetti on that section  of political Catholicism, which dreamed of a common 'social' future with the political left, including the Communists, or at least was open to left alliances. They found support with certain reservations, in a part of the ecclesiastical hierarchy that Paul VI. represented on the papal throne.
In 1958 Lazzati got a chair of Christian Literature of Antiquity at the Catholic University in Milan. In 1961  Archbishop of Milan Montini made him the editor of the Catholic newspaper "L'Italia". After his election as Pope, Paul VI. offered Lazzati more posts. In 1968, he leaves the chair to his assistant Raniero Cantalamessa and Rector of the Catholic University. It was an office which he held until 1983. He died in 1986, and  in 1991 with the help of the Archbishop of Milan, Carlo Maria Martini,  the beatification process began. On July 5, 2014 Pope Francis recognized Giuseppe Lazzati recognized as a Servant of God.

"Return" to Regain 1789

Lady Theologians
From this environment came the sarcastic words now, while Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi sought, the  President of the Pontifical Council for Culture with every effort to regain the alleged "return" of the Church in matters of women. By "return," the former Archbishop, Carlo Maria Cardinal Martini of Milan meant the 200 years since the French Revolution, which  the Church had to catch up.
For the 4th-7th February, he is holding a general meeting of his Congregation on the them of "Women's Culture: equality and difference".  It is to consult about a document that was "worked out by a group of women in the light of pastoral considerations of members and consultants." This group is about to become a kind of "Women's Council" as it says on the website of the Pontifical Council for Culture with great satisfaction. That would indeed be an "unprecedented novelty" in the Vatican. (See the report one of the new Consul of the Dicastery working on the document, the "erotic Buddhist" Pablo d'Ors - The "Erotic Buddhist" that Francis made ​​as the Consultant for Cultural Pontifical supports women priests? ). D'Ors announced that will speak at the General Assembly in February on the admissibility of "women's ordination" and the repeal of the priestly celibacy. For both had, the Spanish priest, "the time is right."

Teatro Argentina, "Sexy Video" and Feminist Anathema

Excommunicated "priestesses" the Association "Roman Catholic Women Priests' jostle at a "diner table "
That Cardinal Ravasi  has a penchant for public visibility, is known not only within the Vatican walls. Thus, for the opening of the General Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture a novelty has been planned. It will not take place in the Vatican, but the most famous Roman theater, the Teatro Argentina. The reference to the homeland of Pope Francis is gladly seen as a  fortuitous byproduct. The event is freely accessible. To apply, a private video was produced by the Vatican's Pontifical Council with the Italian theater and film actress Nancy Brilli, which was released before Christmas on the Internet.
But who would have hoped thus to satisfy everyone, was wrong. Even during the Christmas season,  the feminist US theologian Phyllis Zagano opened fire from the columns of the National Catholic Reporter (NCR). The flagship of the progressive US Catholics printed a broadside against the Vatican, Cardinal Ravasi and Nancy Brilli. Zagano explained it was because of the "Sexy" way  with the commercial broadcasters to advertise in a style.  A style that "is obsolete in the most advanced countries and in majority of Muslim countries is totally unacceptable," said the feminist.
Instead of a "provocative" promotional video with a pretty actress in the Vatican, they should, according Zagano, publish a collection of stories of abused, raped, imprisoned and murdered women. To be perfectly equal, the feminist theologian listed the same seven such possible topics.

Karinal Ravasi in "Sackcloth and Ashes"

This was just the first blow, but the second one followed immediately. John L. Allen, for years Vaticanist of the National Catholic Reporter, with best wire there, even though since 2014 he has been under contract with the Boston Globe, he found  a statement by Cardinal Ravasi   statement for Zağano's attack.
The Cardinal "sank in sackcloth and ashes," said Vatican expert Sandro Magister. "Now I understand that we have probably made ​​a mistake with the actress," said Allen who was able to quote the dicastry head. And promptly, the English version of the promotional video disappeared from the website of the Pontifical Council for Culture . There, the Italian version of the video runs on the English side to the motto: which no one will understand in the United States.
On the Internet, however, it is still in circulation if no longer desired by the publisher. The video CALL # LIFEOFWOMEN .
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Catholic Herald / PapalePapale
Tran: Tancred


Anonymous said...

I've stayed in the Catholic Church, more out of respect for my parents than for my own personal belief. I say this because of the enormous abuses, scandals, and outrageous behavior of priests,nuns,bishops, cardinals, and now even Popes that has happened in my lifetime.
For a brief period, 2005-2013, I had hope that perhaps the Catholic Church had turned the corner, that Catholic Tradition and the Tridentine Latin Mass were once again given pride of place....or at least respect.
I was proud that we had a Pope who actually acted and looked like a real Pope! Like the kind of Pope my dear parents grew up with (Pope Pius XII and John XXIII).
I went to the seminary for a year, hoping that despite what I had seen in the Church, there the Catholic Church would still be Catholic. I was wrong. I was in the seminary one week when I knew , because of what I saw, that I was wrong. The Mass was not preserved was made up every day from scratch. What we were taught was all "in light of Vatican II". it was as if there was no Catholic Faith until 1965.
I have gone to other Churches. I love the Greek Orthodox Church and its rich traditions. Sitting in that Church and listening to the chants, I can actually believe that it was the exact same way 1,500 years ago. And that is an awesome feeling. Nothing there is "make it up as we go along:."
There is an Episcopal Church near my home that I often visit.....not for services....just to look inside, because it dates from before the American Revolution (church built, 1715). The graveyard has stones of people dead 200+ years. It is fascinating to think what the neighborhood, and the Church must have looked like then. When I do think about that, I think :Yes, but back then, we Catholics still had a real Mass, and a real Pope". We didn't have a Pope so uncultured or uncouth as to talk about punching people, or naming comments like "Catholics shouldn't breed like rabbits!"( Pope Francis in Manila).. It visiting the Episcopal Church, I picked up their prayer book that they use for Sunday services. They don't have the option of going to Mass on Saturday, so you don't have to bother on Sunday. I knew that their services were in English. I also knew that their services for 400+ years were considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Faith. But I was shocked that the English they use is so beautiful, so majestic, with many "Thees and Thous", and classic language. Not the modern, common, every day language of the Catholic Mass. Even the improved Mass texts still sound like common every day speech......they don't have a "holy" sound to them.
So, if under this "pope" and his people, there is an increase of women theologians, feminism, the promotion of the idea of women priests and the discarding of the holy tradition of priestly celibacy, I think I will finally say "enough is enough" with the Catholic Church.....and go to the Greek Orthodox Church full time. Not convert, just attend.
And I'll wait until we have a Catholic Pope again to come back.

susan said...

I didn't realize how bad this Lazzati guy was. It makes all kind of sense that francis would make him a Servant of God....(his kinda servant to his 'god of surprises'). I still find it utterly inconceivable that Paul VI will soon be named "Blessed".....what an affront against all that is holy.

My goodness but we've got some real vipers loose in the garden don't we? Ravasi, Kasper, Marx, Forte, feminist theologians (of both sexes)...and one of the most poisonous vipers on the very throne of Peter....inconceivable. All I can envision is the scene in the underground chamber from Raiders of the Lost Ark with the myriad poisonous asps all writhing together in an orgiastic ball of sick.

Perhaps it's a good thing that francis refuses to wear the mozzetta.

And Anon at 4:16....don't leave the Faith. The SSPX was allowed to flourish for those such as you. If you go Orthodox you're outside of the Ark by your own choosing. Don't endanger your soul when you've got a viable option.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the SSPX is there, and we thank God for it. It is the only place the Catholic Church survives.
But I am disappointed in the SSPX for their negotiations and trusting this Pope Francis. Also, I am disappointed that except for afew Orders, the SSPX has not put much of an effort towards establishing traditionalist branches of great Orders of priests and nuns which, thanks to the disaster of Vatican II and the terrible leadership of Popes such as Francis, that they will not survive. They would achieve great results if they helped establish traditional branches of the Jesuits, Trappists, Daughters of Charity, Sisters of Mercy, Maryknoll Missionaries, etc, etc.
Also, I would not officially convert to another Faith, but I would attend the Greek Orthodox Church. To convert to something else I think is what you are referring to. I would not convert, just attend. And wait until this Francis and his people are gone in afew years.......or perhaps, shorter than that.
When Francis arrived in Sri Lanka, he and his aids quickly canceled a meeting he was scheduled to have because he suddenly didn't feel well. They said exhaustion, etc. It passed, but it is a sign that Francis will not be here for long.
Don't be surprised anyone, if we flip on our TV's one moring, and find out that he died suddenly.

susan said...

Anon....why would you practice with the Orthodox (who have WAY more problems theologically than the minor 'gripes' you have with the SSPX), when you can attend Catholic Masses and services with those (SSPX) who have stayed in the Ark and preserved its beauty, Truth, and Tradition? The Holy Spirit will use them for great good, and if I wasn't in one of the FEW good diocese left in this country, I would have been worshipping with the SSPX a year and a half ago. I still anticipate I probably will after the probable schism/dissent fest of a synod this fall. Time will tell, but for Heaven's sake, stay in the have a good option. To shun them because they recognize Peter (while fully recognizing his problems and the problems of the council) is to embrace protestantism. And quite frankly, that's what Orthodoxy is....protestantism with beautiful vestments, holding Christ hostage.

Thought this was beautiful; good for Rorate for posting it.

These guys just SO get it; and men like Fr. Nicholson are blinded and disoriented.

Anonymous said...

Abolish celibacy - but don't breed like rabbits!

Don't obsess about abortion --"allow" women to be rectors of seminaries, priests, heads of CRS and Catholic Charities USA , Justices of the Supreme Court, and Speaker of the House so they have something else to obsess about than the bloody sacrifice of 100,000 babies a day fueling this imaginary "equality"! How obsessed these women are with power and how obsessed these sodomites are for perverted sex with children.

Anonymous said...

Sir I attend an independent catholic church.We celebrate the mass of Council of Trent.Our sacraments are council of Trent, and men must wear dress clothes with tie, and women must wear dresses & chapel veils.We recognize the Papacy just not the men since 1951.The true catholic faith is alive and well,believe me.Stay away from the orthodox,as they are protestants with good music.Pray to the Holy spirit that you have grace to find a true catholic community.It works because I did this and my prayers were answered. Please do not delete this comment, he needs to see this comment.Thank You.

Anonymous said...

This statement by you just reinforces my sedevacantist lifestyle.We are blessed to have a true church 30 minutes away.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Benedict sponsered Assisi 3 complete with false religions and a feminist agnostic rant which received applause in a former catholic church.