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Pius IX: "Strong and Inconvenient" Pope of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception

(Rome) The  Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is inseparable from the connected dogma of the Immaculate Conception,  which the Blessed Pope Pius IX. infallibly declared for all believers . The Pope, who was Born on May 13, 1792, Count Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti,   proclaimed the dogma on December 8, 1854, which is celebrated by the Catholic Church as a holy day of obligation. The mortal remains of Blessed Pius IX., were  translated, conserved in the Roman Basilica of San Lorenzo al Verano (also known as San Lorenzo fuori le mura) in 2011.
Pius IX., whose pontificate lasted from 1846-1878,   had a reign that was one of the longest in the history of the Church, had  expressed the wish to be buried in the ancient  narthex of the Basilica of San Lorenzo fuori le mura built by Pope Pelagius II. (579-590), while the mortal remains of the Pope were solemnly and worthily transferred to the present basilica of Pio X in 1881,  although anti-clericals engaged in several attacks  on the procession. The united Italy proclaimed in 1859-1870   was then dominated by anti-clerical and Masonic forces. In the pontificate of Pius IX.  the Papal States fell in 1870 after more than a thousand years and it was marked by the conquest of Rome by the Italian nationalist movement of the Garibaldian-Piedmontese.

"Strong and Inconvenient" Pope, Why Beatification Has Long Been Delayed

With the beatification of Pope John Paul II., in 2000, the amazing incorrupt body of Pius IX was. reburied in a glass coffin. Already at a first exploration, which took place 80 years after the death of the Pope, they were convinced that the body was completely intact. The remains of the Blessed have since been admitted to the adoring faithful,  visible under an altar. Pope Benedict XVI. visited his predecessor, to pray at the grave of the Blessed, whose beatification, after a long tug of war within the church, was made possible as a church political compromise and the Counciliar Pope John XXIII. was beatified.
As of 2011, the  faithful  were suddenly standing without notice, at the empty glass case, there was considerable excitement. The Capuchins, by whom the basilica is managed, have indicated that the body had to be removed after the last flood in Rome in October of that year.  Water   had flooded the chapel. The moisture threatened to mildew clothes of the Blessed, such as the Capuchins confirmed in their request.
Since its  is the mortal remains of Blessed Pius IX. was translated to  one of the monastery cells, he lay on the bed, "as if he were asleep." The reliquary  of the Pope was returned by February 7th 2012,  on his liturgical memorial to his place in the Basilica again.

Pope of the Marian Dogma and the Defense of the Catholic Doctrine

However, it has not been confirmed that the body is to be removed for a canonical investigation, which is required by   the eventual canonization of Pius IX. The late Pope has been generally given little attention. The homepage of the Basilica of San Lorenzo in Verano  offers only   a few lines that provide information about the pope buried in the Basilica.
Messa in Latino presented   the question as to whether we are dealing with an intentional  discounting of a "strong and inconvenient" Pope as was already evident before and around the beatification of the Saint in 2000.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Messa in Latino
Trans: Tancred
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Nicolas Bellord said...

The Immaculate Conception a holyday of obligation? Not in England it isn't and in our particular corner of the much to be celebrated (or notorious) Diocese of Arundel and Brighton they do not even have Mass to celebrate it.

Tancred said...

Mission territory.

Anonymous said...

Well of course not Nicolas since the official state Church is still that founded by a murderous swine who wanted a divorce. Some people there ought to be on their toes though because "when our Lord rests on our lady's lap then England will meet with a great mishap" Guess when the next time this occurs? A: 2016.

Saint Pio Nono, ora pro nobis.

AMDG said...

Celebrate it anyway and with much noise. I would sing Mariam hymns on the way in and out of the church and organize a procession through the streets. If there were not enough Catholics to join in I woukd do it myself.

Hurry the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

Anonymous said...

Would Pius IX wonder if Ratzinger wasn't taught Quo Primum?

Louis said...

Thanks for this post. When I visited the basilica last October, I wondered why the relics of Bl Pius IX were no longer placed under an altar, but upon a red bier where the reliquary altar once stood.