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The Revenge of the Bugnini Clique -- Will Piero Marini Become Highest Liturgist and a Cardinal?

Revenge of the Bugnini Clique:  Will Marini Be the Highest
Liturgist and Cardinal?

(Rome) After the posting away of Cardinal Prefect Antonio Cañizares and the defenestration of the liturgical Ratzingerians Father Anthony Ward and Msgr. Juan Miguel Ferrer-Grenesche as Under Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacrament, voices have been intensifying in Rome that Archbishop Piero Marini could become the top liturgist of the Vatican and a future Cardinal.

The evidence is compelling, Msgr. Piero Marini, the former master of ceremonies of John Paul II., not to be confused with Msgr. Guido Marini, the master of ceremonies of Benedict XVI., and will again be master of ceremonies of Pope Francis. He formerly held the office from 1987 to 2007. The latter since 2007. The two unrelated Marinis also differ because Piero Marini has been an Archbishop since 1998 and since 2003 Bishop Titular Archbishop, while Guido Marini has only been "created" an honorary papal prelate. More fundamental, however, is the different liturgical understanding that distinguishes the two Marinis.

The question here is that Archbishop Piero Marini, a month after the conclave praised Pope Francis in El Pais and disparaged Benedict XVI.: "You breathe fresh air. He is a window which opens the spring and hope. So far we have bad to breathe stuffy swampy water."

The rumors have a ring of truth

Three weeks after his election, Pope Francis surprisingly received Piero Marini in audience. Numerous senior level curia representatives had still not been received by the new pope at that time. The preference of the liturgical "designer" of John Paul II immediately led to speculation that did not cease since then (see Guido Marini Again instead of New (Old) Master of Ceremonies - Piero Marini in Audience with Pope Francis ).

Initially it was thought that Francis was much more closely  related liturgically to Piero Marini, would replace Guido Marini as Papal Master of Ceremonies. Such a return to the same office would be uncommon in the Church and would also allow obvious conclusions.

At June's End, whispers grew louder, Piero Marini might rise even higher and be put in the place held by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares, as the new Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and thus a candidate for the Cardinal dignity (see Piero Marini next Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship? rumors about personnel changes at the Vatican? ). The purge in the Vatican of Ratzingerians will be made ​​in stages. Cardinal Cañizares was sent back by Pope Francis to be archbishop of Valencia in Spain in late summer 2014. The inauguration took place on October 4, one day before the start of the Synod of Bishops on the Family in Rome, which Msgr. Cañizares would have addressed as Cardinal Prefect. The same now applies also for the despatched Cardinal Burke. You could read it on the Synod of Bishops as the depletion of a particular camp.

"Brutal" Recoloring of a Congregation?

Il Timone wrote of the successor of Cardinal Cañizares on 22 September: "The decision has been made ​​on him. It lacks only the notice. " "Him," said Archbishop Piero Marini. This announcement has not yet occurred, but the appointment of Father Corrado Maggioni on November 5, is interpreted as the new Under Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship in this direction. The dismissal of the two previous sub-secretaries is considered particularly "brutal" ( Riposte Catholique ), because they had to learn of with the public from the Bulletin of the Holy See at the same time.

Since the chair of the Cardinal Prefect is vacant, the Congregation is currently headed by a moderate "progressive" secretary, Archbishop Arthur Roche, and thoroughgoing Bugninist, Under-Secretary Father Maggioni.

Father Maggioni is a close friend of Msgr. Piero Marini, the president since 2007 of the Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses, and taught liturgical sciences at the Benedictine University of Saint Anselm. Piero Marini was already during the Second Vatican Council, the closest collaborator of Msgr. Annibale Bugnini, the "architect" of the Catholic liturgical reform.

Will Piero Marini Receive That Which Annibale Bugnini was Denied?

The realization of Piero Marini's dream, to be chief liturgist of the Vatican, seems a step ever closer and he thus would achieve what is his teacher and mentor, Annibale Bugnini failed at. Msgr. Bugnini, although he was from 1969-1975 to the Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship, the office of the prefect and the dignity of Cardinal were denied him. Instead, he finally fell out with Paul VI. in disgrace. His pupil Piero Marini can now make this last step.

Roman observers believe, along with the occurrence of contrary rumors in spring 2013, that Archbishop Piero Marini, born in 1942, was already too old for such an appointment. After only three years in office, he would be 75. But Pope Francis just established tougher retirement provisions, which enabled the personnel shuffle against Cardinal Burke, can also be read differently. The Pope has ultimately strengthened especially his right. He will force Curia staff (except the Cardinal Prefects) who are 75 years, to offer their resignations. However, nothing prevents the Pope from rejecting the offer.

Pope Not Shy to Give Offense - Intention of AvengingBugnini Clique's

Other observers thought they might assume that the head of the Church would not allow such a provocation, such as the appointment of Piero Marini appointed as Cardinal Prefect. The exile of Cardinal Burke has made it clear that the Argentine Pope decides and enforces his will without regard to losses.

The "smarter" version, holds that a "moderate" prefect will be nominated to find the balance, but seems to be eclipsed by an overweening desire to avenge the Bugninists. They, above all Piero Marini, have never gotten over the penetration of the "reformers of the reform" into the "holy temple" of the liturgical reform. Their sensitivity to the recovery of the sacred and its openness to the traditional rite was an intolerable affront to the Bugninists. Don Nicola Bux had presented in 2012, together with Canon Raffaele Coppola the book "The Empty Dance Around the Golden Calf" on the topic secularized liturgy and Ius divinum. The introduction was contributed by the way by none other than Cardinal Raymond Burke (see "The Empty Dance Around the Golden Calf" - Liturgy and Ius divinum - Book Publishing ). The appointment of Piero Marini would visibly complete the revenge.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

image: Riposte Catholique

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com

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CathoNet Surfer Dude said...

How old is this Abp Piero Marini? 75, maybe, if he exfoliates? Come on, (to be charitable) dude, move over for a younger, third world, straight heterosexual of color.

Cathonet Surfer Dude said...

And the more I look at it, Cdls Canizares & Burke, and the others might have been done a favor by the Lord, in the sense that maybe it is good not to be located in Rome right now. It seems the dwindling, dying off ecclesi-loons are being concentrated there, except for maybe Chicago and much of South America.

susan said...

Cdnl. Burke WILL BE in Rome.

LeonG said...

Frankly speaking, I do not care what the liberal modernists do with their invalid anthropocentric protestantised travesty of a liturgy. The dominant language of it has already been anathematised by an earlier church council on doctrinal grounds and by Pope St Pius V. It is a fabricated vehicle for incessant abuse and has done absolutely nothing to evangelise the authentic Faith of The Church.

On the contrary, even church surveys themselves recognise the laity who remain as attendees on Sunday are illiterate where Roman Catholicism is concerned.

Cardinal Burke has mainly said this appalling vernacular rite in his clerical career, while making a few concessionary celebrations of The Latin Mass 1962 version. Suddenly, he is presented to us a fully blown traditional cardinal defending Sacred Tradition. He certainly is not. If he were, he would welcome the ostracism of a man who daily defiles The Roman Catholic faith by word of mouth; by extravagant contentious public gesture and by the grotesque Talmudic friends he keeps.

If Cardinal Burke were a true traditional he would rebuke this Bishop of Rome for the heresies he has uttered in the public domain. Instead, he is only offended because he has been shifted sideways and out of the way. Considering the disgrace & liberal modernist opprobrium that was poured unceassingly on the beautiful heads of real genuine Roman Catholic clergy such as Abbe George de Nantes, Archbishop Lefebvre and Fr Gomar de Pauw, for example, then Cardinal Burke is but a very pale shadow.

Tancred said...

You don't get to decide any of these things. As I remind you, you're just a layman.

Aged parent said...

Piero Marini said: "You breathe fresh air. He is a window which opens the spring and hope. So far we have bad to breathe stuffy swampy water."

Would that he were breathing "stuffy, swampy water" just now. About 15 feet of it.

john said...

Piero was wrong in that this isn't fresh air, but it will hasten the arrival of fresh air. The continued promotion of all of these old failures and heretical hierarchy only serves to expose more clearly their diabolical lies and the failures they reap. They are leading to a new generation who long for Tradition and are willing to defend it. These anti Catholic failures led by Francis are trying desperately to leave their mark before they soon die off. His weak minions such as Wuerl and Dolan and the like will be crushed, as they do not have the spine to stand up forcefully on their own for their false religion.

STEPHEN - Roodepoort said...

why do we bother about these idiots

Anonymous said...

Piero Marini will be 73 in January. I hope this time next year, he's still not Prefect, and also still not a Cardinal.

Who knows, this time next year, Francis might be gone . Wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

Still, well said, LeonG. And, let's not forget Fr. Feeney, who still makes these guys tremble.

Tancred said...

If what went on in Rome didn't matter, Father Leonard wouldn't have bothered with the Crusade.

Anonymous said...

People were saying the same things about Good Pope John. Guess what? His reign was 5 years and in that short period of time he changed the Catholic Church radically. People were expecting Cardinal Siri to be elected after the reign of John - he wasn't - instead another liberal got elected (Montini) and he sowed the seeds of John XXIII for two decades.

Be careful what you wish for. The popes are only going to get more and more liberal, unless divine intervention from God converts one of them.

After Francis dies (or retires) diocesan trads will look back at him as a courageous conservative, just like they currently do with St. John Paul The Great and Benedict XVI (Doctor of the Church). "Remember the good olde days of St. Francis The Humble?" they'll say, "St. Francis The Humble would never stand for what Pope Teilhard is doing by allowing *insert heresy here* to happen!" they'll cry.

St. Paul VI Pray for us! St. John Paul II Pray for us! St. John XXIII pray for us! St. Josemaria Escriva pray for us!

Tancred said...

Liberalism has been amply manifest in the Church for many centuries now and the battle continues.

LeonG said...

I don't need to decide anything Tancred, Pope St Pius X, Pope St Pius V and the Trent Councils have said it all before.

LeonG said...

A massive problem for neo-conservatives is running with the hare and hunting with the hounds. yes yes..no no.

LeonG said...

The difference is that today liberal modernism now runs the church; is the basis of the new paradigm for liturgy, pastoral process and biblical interpretation, while it is also a useful conduit for the dominance of Talmudic Jewish influences and clandestine masonic management. This is the current systemically degenerate state of the church which is managed by a man who does not want to be pope and who is semi-literate not knowing its official language abandoned 50 years ago. Indeed, a man who decides interpretation of faith based on extravagant public gesture, the latest politically correct socio-economic philosophy, off-the-cuff comments and hyper-ecumenical behaviours.

Tancred said...

You opinion of what they wrote. I care about what's happening in the Catholic Church, not what a various warring tribes of malignant sedevacantists think about almost anything.

Tancred said...

God runs the Church.

LeonG said...

Yes he runs it through human agency but you haven't noticed. That agent has free will to ignore His directives and do the opposite but He never left us orphans as His Son indicated. We have the Apostolic succession & The Comforter. Sacred Tradition and authoritative interpretation of Holy Scripture for us to be able to discern and avoid what is obviously wrong as well as de facto schismatic. The modern liturgy is what it was called several years ago a "bastard rite". It stands out a mile, it disembodies the faith; it is easy to abuse and it has been stripped of everything Catholic by intention - including the sacrificial element. This is why Lutherans, Anglican and other sectarians can attend it - in fact it mimics their liturgies. It is purposely ecumenical and totally anthropocentric. The red lamp has gone out and the protestant temple is desolate in the face of serial abominations. This is why the liberal presbyterate (its proper name) is collapsing everywhere and why churches are closing by the score. new ones built resemble masonic temples and places of empty despair.

The enemy Pope St Pius X wisely intimated & admonished now runs this phony church. The very same one which the Trent Councils sought to forestall during the protestant deformation. However, at that time it was without the church. Now it is firmly established within and self-destroying as Paul VI stated because Satan is in the sanctuary. He should have known since it was he that let him in.

LeonG said...

This has nothing to do with sedevacantism. It has to do with a man and his predecessor who claimed themselves publicly they have no authority over their presbyters and what they do outside of Vatican City. Now if that is not a self-proclamation of sedevacantism outside of The Vatican what is? precisely, they denounce papal authority themselves. they don't need sedevacantists to do it for them. This is another manner of caring about The catholioc Church because at the moment this is not it - it is another model based on an illicit liberal modernist paradigm. This is an erroneous foundation & not the one Christ established. His church is a remnant under persecution by the predominant enemy ruling within it.

This is why we need a true restoration which no liberal papacy could ever give us.

Tancred said...

If the Catholic Church has defected, then this whole thing, including Christianity, is just what the modernists say it is.

Furthermore, if you don't care about what Catholic churchmen are doing, I don't understand why you read the blog.