Friday, November 14, 2014

Suspicion of Sexual Abuse Against Viennese Pastor

Edit: if they have pornography, it should be a done deal.  Some will remember Father Fabian Vordermayer  who was sentenced to four years in prison. The accused priest's name isn't mentioned here.  Further inquiries will be made.

Archdiocese puts clergyman on leave from duty as "precautionary measure" till clarification

Vienna ( A priest engaged in pastoral ministry in Vienna is under investigation for sexual abuse. According to a report on it is alleged to be the result of the sexual assault of a young person. Nina Bussek, spokesman for the Vienna public prosecutor's office, confirmed the report Wednesday on APA. The man will also accused of possessing child pornography images. In a search on Friday a week ago, several media were seized, which are now be evaluated, says Bussek.

The Archdiocese of Vienna has published a statement on its website. Thus the priest was placed on leave from duty "as a precaution" pending clarification of suspicion by the state authorities. This service exemption was no prejudice. This corresponds to the guidelines of the Austrian Bishops' Conference for measures against abuse and violence, maintains the Archdiocese. It is hoped that eventually the respectability of the priest will be facilitated by governmental investigations and point out that he is presumed innocent. The priest also rejects all accusations.

All concerned have been offered professional guidance by the archdiocese, it said in the statement. The parish will be led during the leave of absence by the relevant dean and other priests. Copyright 2014 Catholic Press Agency, Vienna, Austria All rights reserved.

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Just sayin'... said...

Planting child porn on computers and such is also the standard modus operandi against innocent clergy who reject the modernist agenda. Just sayin'!

I find it hard to believe that a bunch of Homos would turn on one of their own. This man may well be innocent.

Anonymous said...

Well, if it's true expect Pope Francis to personally step in to kiss his hands and have him concelebrate mass at the Vatican before heading out to a shower rape of some poor homeless sods in the colonnade and then on home to Vienna for a hero's welcome from Schonborn... Maybe Schonborn will post the porn at his Archdiocesan museum for Christmas...

Exhibiting porn was 'risky' in 2008 -- now w/Pope Francis it's REQUIRED.