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Benedict XVI Reworks Essay of 1972 and Positions Himself as "Anti-Pope"

Pope Francis
 "From Saul to Paul?" Asks the Regensburg weekly.The Süddeutsche Zeitung has its pejorative judgment already at hand: " The Anti-Pope ". The reason for the excitement? Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. has given word again from his internal exile. He revised an essay on the sacrament of marriage and the indissolubility of marriage in 1972 and published it again. The revisions are the ones which provide for politico-ecclesiastical  dynamite.
Joseph Ratzinger had published the essay in his time as a professor of theology in Regensburg. Now, it has appeared   in the Collected Works, issued by the Pope-Benedict Institute under the direction of Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg.

1972: The Proximity to the Position of Cardinal Kasper

In 1972 Joseph Ratzinger had written something similar, as Cardinal Walter Kasper has represented at  the Cardinal Consistory and at the Synod of Bishops on the Family. It was about  civil remarriage, which should find some recognition in the Church. There was talk that "the opening of Communion in the community after a period of probation of not less than the time fairly and fully in line with the Church's tradition."   Of course, if  "successful, a second marriage for a long time  proves its moral significance" and had been "lived in the spirit of faith" and if "there are moral obligations towards children and wife" in the new civil marriage.   This was the original Ratzinger essay, as it was cited by  the Süddeutsche Zeitung, whose difference is now noted.

2014: The Distancing of Cardinal Kasper

Now Pope Benedict XVI. no longer shares the view he held in 1972. For this reason he underwent a major rewriting of the essay prior to its publication in the collected writings. The conclusion that Benedict XVI. draws in 2014, is completely different than the theologian Joseph Ratzinger in 1972 drew. Not to recognize  the second marriage and grant admission to Communion, but to check the condition of  nullity on the marriage and streamline the process.  This is a position he had already proposed as Pope during his reign.
The revised version is binding and thus Benedict XVI. has distanced himself to Cardinal Kasper and the attempts undertaken in this year  within the Church to enforce the recognition of  a second marriage and the Communion for remarried divorcees. Instead  Benedict XVI. strengthens the position of those cardinals who are  attempting to confront this,   Cardinal Prefect Gerhard Müller, Cardinal Raymond Burke, Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, Cardinal George Pell and others.

Benedict XVI. take sides as "Counter-Pope" of Pope Francis

The date of revision can hardly be considered random. Thus, the retired head of the Church took an active part in the ongoing discussion and clearly sided with one party. According to Church tradition that would negate the demand. However, the facts speak for themselves. Also, that the "against" of Benedict XVI., which  the Süddeutsche Zeitung attributed him as "The Contrast-Pope"  with their word game, is actually directed against  Pope Francis and Benedict XVI. in the latest and most heated inner-Church debate, is positioned  as "anti-pope".
So it would never be said  in the Vatican. The battle takes place at a distance and without naming the counterparts. However, the picture is clear, Benedict XVI. defends the teaching of the Catholic Church. His position is not directed against anyone, but takes the side of the deposit of faith, which he sees clearly at risk. In other words: He takes position against all who oppose the Church's teaching  whether it be Cardinal Walter Kasper and be it even Pope Francis.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Clinton R. said...

This gives further credence to the notion Benedict XVI was forced out. The progressives/heretics wanted a new man who would go along with their ways, ie remaking the Church in their image, and they got him in Jorge Bergoglio. This would not be the first time, obviously the Church would have more than one claimant to the Chair of St. Peter.

Genty said...

Perhaps not directly forced out, but by a more subtle campaign of thwarting Benedict at every turn so that he could not go on through sheer weariness. I am sure that his enemies would be highly skilled at psychological undermining as we currently witness with the use of innuendo against the FFI and traditionally-minded hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can spend too much time considering the rules/teaching and as to how our shepherds are governing and not enough time reflecting on how we are responding to the divine command to love as described by St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, and as highlighted by the Archbishop of Glasgow in his intervention at the recent synod in which among other instances he relates the incident of neighbours who disagreed with one another during the recent Scottish independence referendum. While his emphasis was on the nuclear family it relates very well to the church family, The Archbishop speaks the truth with gentle strength. See the link below.

Tancred said...

Did it ever occur to you that fraternal correction is a spiritual work of mercy, and therefore very much living out those spiritual counsels you're holding out?

No? Probably not.

Anonymous said...


GentyNovember 19, 2014 at 12:57 AM

Perhaps not directly forced out, but by a more subtle campaign of thwarting Benedict at every turn so that he could not go on through sheer weariness. "

This is probably true. The very ironic and even humerous thing about it however, is that more and more the faithful Catholics are turning to Benedict XVI, and away from the agenda and driving force of the heretic Francis.
The decree of the Polish Bishops, and the courageous bishops of Ghana are just two recent indications that Francis and his shadowy clique of radical lackeys are being rejected. Another example is that Archbishop Bruno Forte, the protégé of radical Francis and the champion of homosexuals was soundly defeated for a post in the Italian Bishops Conference........a humiliating defeat for Forte, and by extension an overwhelming rejection of Francis.
I read recently that even the more moderate Italian bishops, (not just the traditional ones), are fed up with Pope Francis' radical agenda, with Bruno Forte, with the disaster of the Synod, and with the treatment of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate and good Catholic traditionalists in general.
This is a very important and great thing.....pray that the momemntum against Francis grows. He is scheduled to go to the USA I in 2015 for a congress on the Family which will support traditional values. He is a hypocrite to want to go, considering his recent Synod. Let us hope that the turnout to see him in Philadelphia is very small, considering that he is the Pope.
I hope the tide strongly turns against Francis and his entire agenda.
Benedict XVI is still the real Pope in my book!!

Anonymous said...

Where is the care for the valid marriage? The real wife or husband, and the children of the true marriage? Adultery can never be tolerated. Nor abandonment of proper duties to one's wife or husband.

Tancred said...

You mean in the part where Benedict reaffirms that couples living in sin shouldn't go to Holy Communion?

Anonymous said...

What a horrible meltdown! O God, save us from Pope Francis!

Anonymous said...

So uh...who is going to be knowing about this recanting of his previous errors unless they come here and read of it? At least this will give the bishops and priests objecting to the Kasper-Francis sin promotions some ammunition if they choose to fight.

Tancred said...

It's already all over the German press, but you can see how they're playing it.

Deacon Augustine said...

I have been invited to attend this congress by my superior, but unfortunately I am otherwise engaged. I wonder if many others will have previous engagements too?

Deacon Augustine said...

Do you know how recently this essay was revised, because Kasper has quoted the 1972 version in the last few weeks in support of his position?

Benedict must have changed it so that Kasper can no longer rely on it.

Anonymous said...

Now if only Benedict XVI would come to the rescue of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, and state unequivocally in favor of the Tridentine Latin Mass and Catholic tradition, and to persecute this Mass and those who attend it and Catholic tradition is wrong and those who do are in error.....Francis etc.

M. Prodigal said...

The Pope-Emeritus acts as a Pope should: he defends the truths of the faith with clearness so that there is no confusion.

Anonymous said...

You all are being played--and mainly because you WANT to be played! In 1972: Pharisee1 proposes communion for divorced and remarried. +25 years: Pharisee1 becomes High Priest (no one supposedly in his church mentions that Pharisee1 proposed communion for D&R in 1972 and is a heretic on many other tenets of the faith, i.e. worshiping w/Jews & Muslims, denying bodily resurrection etc. but Pharisee1 is spun as a great High Priest because he permits priests under certain conditions to say a 1/2 mass (1962) not that he himself ever does. +6 years, Pharisee1 resigns the High Priesthood (something never done before in the way he does it (becoming a High Priest Emeritus & prancing around in a white cassock like Annas when the high priesthood used to be for life). All faithful Catjholics ignore Pharisee1's numerous writings about revising 'the petrine ministry' and his declarations that no-one knows what the papacy will look like in a certain amount of years. Pharisee2 becomes High Priest. Pharisee2 declares he is going to give communion to D&R as well as habitual fornicators (to include homosexuals). All faithful Catholics ignore that Rudi Giulliani and Ted Kennedy got communion at Pharisee1's 2008 masses in the U.S. They ignore Andrew Cuomo receiving communion w/his whore (and numerous French prez as well as our own relatives -- hell my niece goes up and gets communion every Sunday that she goes to mass and this has been going on across 3 parishes where her (2) kids have been baptized and rec'd 1st holy communion -- could be no priest ever asked her if she and father of her kids were married in church or on a beach in HI due to fact she already has a husband that she married in Catholic Church, could be she lied, could be she told the truth and the priest told her all are welcome here! All faithful Catholics ignore all this and get very excited!!!!! Who is Pharisee2 and what is he doing? At same time Pharisee2 appoints a commission to streamline the "annulment process". Again all faithful Catholics ignore the explosion in annulments that has taken place since VCII. Faithful Catholics seem to have no problem w/'streamlining'. Many seem to have no problem w/ 'pastoral practice' as long as the RULE does not change (see Kennedy, Giuliani, Cuomo, French presidents, own family members, protestants (Pharisee1 gave a protestant communion)! Suddenly Pharisee1 revises his 1972 statement and states that the annulment process should be streamlined (which is what Pharisee2 has said and is doing) and all bloggers announce Pharisee! is great. He is traditional! He is the 'antipope'! Do you see WHO Jesus and John the Baptist were up against? It is you who are playing the game of Annas and Caiphas -- who are in fact related and working together for themselves to lead you and your children to hell for all eternity -- you so called faithful Catholics who are twisting yourselves and the law of God into pretzels to play along with perverts, thieves and pedophiles.

What does streamlining the annulment process mean? You cannot look to the length of a 2nd marriage to determine that the first marriage should be annulled -- that is just plain crazy! But you all will accept any fig leaf to keep schlepping along to hell. [Is it like forgiving abortion in street confessionals at WYD in Spain? And then 3 years later the Hierarchy in Spain telling Catholics not to protest abortion except on a level of 2 -- i.e. wink and nod at baby murder?]

This is the result of the Laurel and Hardy Show in my family. Niece up above. Brother who for nine years has not filed for an annulment last week said he was never filing for an annulment because it is a joke -- church declarations mean nothing. Friend, long time Catholic, emailed me her sister has scheduled her "wedding" for right after thanksgiving -- it is her 2nd and her husband's third (though one of his wives died).

Woody said...

I hope and pray that our beloved Pope Benedict will be kept safe during this time of trial; his staff should watch out for a "crazed" Swiss Guard carrying firearms.

Anonymous said...

This is important. Nothing has changed today in human sexual behavior that was not present at the time of Christ.

“Thou shall not commit Adultery” – GOD’s Commandment
Ex 20:14 ; Deut 5:18.
“Thou shall not covet thy Neighbor’s wife” – GOD’s Commandment
Ex 20:17 ; Deut 5.20.
Teachings of JESUS about divorce and remarriage –
Mk 10:6-12; Mt 5:32.
Teaching of JESUS about adultery, mercy, and required repentance – “Go and SIN NO MORE” Jn 8:11.

About homosexual acts:
Gen 19:1-29; Rom 1:24-27; 1 Cor 6:10; 1 Tim 1:10; Jude 1:7

St Paul – 1 Cor 11:27-30 about condemnation for receiving Holy Communion unworthily.

CCC: ” 81 Sacred Scripture is the speech of God as it is put down in writing under the breath of the Holy Spirit.
And [Holy] Tradition transmits in its ENTIRETY the Word of God which has been entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit.
It transmits it to the successors of the apostles so that, enlightened by the Spirit of truth, they may faithfully preserve, expound and spread it abroad by their preaching. “

Let us remember that Cardinal Ratzinger helped author the "Catechism of the Catholic Church, second Edition" (1997) which is very clear about the mortal sins of adultery, homosexual acts, and fornication.

Anonymous said...

"CATECHISM of the CATHOLIC CHURCH, second edition" (CCC of 1997; has a dark green cover):

Regarding DIVORCE and REMARRIAGE: CCC: 1650, 1651.
(See entire section on the Sacrament of Matrimony: CCC: 1601 - 1666)

Regarding HOMOSEXUAL ACTS: 2357, 2358, 2359, 2396.

Regarding receiving HOLY COMMUNION while in the state of MORTAL Sin:
SACRILEGE against the Body and Blood of Our Lord (CCC 1415; 2120);

SCANDAL (CCC 2284, 2285, 2286, 2287)


Anonymous said...

Catholics who are divorced and civilly remarried have 3 choices.

- - - 1. If they believe that their first marriage was NOT VALID, they should contact their Diocese office of Marriage Tribunal for further information and needed forms.
(Remembering that truthfulness is important because we can deceive other human beings, but not Jesus at our particular judgment.)

- - - 2. They can repent and live as brother and sister, and receive the Sacraments. (CCC #1650)

- - - 3. They can choose not to repent, and continue committing adultery with someone else’s valid spouse,
and NOT receive the Sacraments, but must raise their children in the Catholic Faith. (CCC # 1651)

Receiving Holy Communion while in the state of Mortal Sin –
- - - 1. Sacrilege against the Body and Blood of our Lord.
- - - 2. Scandal for others which can be an additional mortal sin. CCC 2284, 2285, 2286, 2326.
- - - 3. Teaching of St. Paul * 1 Cor 11:27-30 * regarding condemnation for receiving unworthily.

Anonymous said...

3 of the SPIRITUAL WORKS of MERCY are: Admonishing sinners; Instructing the Uninformed; and Counselling the Doubtful.

It is not Pastoral, Merciful, or Charitable to affirm, confirm or approve anyone in any kind of Mortal Sin.
In fact one becomes participants in the sin(s) when they do this.

Anonymous said...

The hierarchy of the Catholic Church is a disgusting mess, witness the majority of Synod fathers wanting to consider the language supporting the "positives" of homosexual relationships. I say out the door and now to any sane believer.

Aged parent said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aged parent said...

Regarding Benedict's new view regarding "streamlining" the annulment process I am trying to imagine just how much more streamlining the process could take. It is already a somewhat ridiculous farce, at least here in the US, and is being rightly termed "Catholic divorce", which of course it is. Instead of streamlining it just exactly the opposite should be considered and the process should be made much more difficult. Such a move might start to convince lousy Catholics that getting married is a rather serious business. It might also begin at long last to convince Catholics (and others) to take Christ's words about marriage seriously.

Tancred said...

Maybe tightening up and making it more efficient would have been a better translation.

He was already making annulments harder to obtain.

Anonymous said...

LOOK what I stumbled on.

It's a Catholic Archbishop in a tv interview who speaks of Francisco as mason whom he wrote a letter to
http://www.a9.com.tr/oku/169422/Adnan-Oktarin-Sohbet-programlari/Sayin-Adnan-Oktarin-Italyadan-Baspiskopos-ve-Mason-misafirleriyle-A9-TVdeki-canli-sohbeti-(13-Eylul-2013-2000)PLEASE read

Anonymous said...

At time of Christ seems a lot of sexual immorality was going on as well as other types of immorality. Jesus accuses Pharisees of loving money. The end result of what the priests were doing led by their high priests Caiphas and Annas was that their Temple was destroyed and no more sacrifices/worship for 2000+ years.

When I look at what the Priests and Pharisees are doing in the Catholic Church today I see many similarities. And the enemies I see are the ones the so-called conservatives bloggers are labeling good guys: Burke, Pell, Ratzinger. For instance, Pell states, murder is against the ten commandments, therefore euthanasia is wrong. BUT if you sedate someone into a coma w/morphine because they are in PAIN it's okay to kill them, i.e. don't say you are killing your parent because you don't want to pay their nursing home bill or have them come live w/you, say they were in pain (and if you can get an untreated bedsore on them boy will they be in pain!). Another way you can kill your parent is to get the nursing home to say, "they are choking." What you do is put two fingers across their throat while they are swallowing something and then declare authoritatively, "They are choking; I can feel it." Then the resident can no longer be given anything to eat or drink and they are dead in 7 days (if not less because the family decides to give them morphine (which Hospice has) so they aren't in any pain and don't ask for food for these 7 days)! This is very like the law of Korban which the Pharisees said meant you didn't have to take care of your parents any more. Just say it's Korban.

Abortion is also murder. But since it is so common, abortion can be forgiven by any priest--at Ratzinger's order it can be forgiven to 'youth(!)' in street booth confessionals by a priest that never saw you before and will never see you again!

Wedding vows are oaths sworn before God. Now annulments will be streamlined so that a priest can issue one. Maybe the persons themselves will just change their minds after 42 years like Ratzinger did! Pharisees and high priests had no problemo w/Herod being married to his brother's wife. He could commit incest w/his niece and step daughter for all they cared as long as Herod kept giving money to the temple. This is the exact same thing going on today w/Pell and his brethren.

Burke keeps saying it's wrong to give communion to the divorced and remarried, but apparently there's no problem when "our Eastern brethren" do it. You can watch the video from Austria - last 10 minutes.


Chaput has declared that Catholics and non-Catholics will welcome Francis to Philadelphia (the city of brotherly love -- though he didn't mention homos would be welcoming him too). Get rid of the prohibition against divorce and not one protestant couldn't come into the catholic church w/all their mega churches and filthy lucre (even Joyce Meyer and John Hagee).

"Pope Francis' presence will bring all of us - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - together in tremendously unifying and healing ways"

But like the Jews who haven't had God, a priesthood, a sacrifice or a temple in 2000+ years, make meaningless the oaths (or (the) WORD(s)) that we are swearing (s(pr)aying) before God, and God will just go away (which I believe He already did from the N.O.).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cardinal Burke in his essay in Remaining in the Truth of Christ, outlines all the necessary elements to come to a reliable, just and true finding in an anulment case. There can be no shortcuts in determining something so important for all Catholics, and even beyond (as what the Catholic Church does affects wider society too).

Deacon Augustine said...

Considering that the US church comprises just 5% of the world's Catholics, yet it produces over 50% of the world's annulments, then I think it unlikely that BXVI had the US in mind when he wrote about streamlining the process.

Anonymous said...


AnonymousNovember 19, 2014 at 3:40 PM

LOOK what I stumbled on.

It's a Catholic Archbishop in a tv interview who speaks of Francisco as mason whom he wrote a letter to
http://www.a9.com.tr/oku/169422/Adnan-Oktarin-Sohbet-programlari/Sayin-Adnan-Oktarin-Italyadan-Baspiskopos-ve-Mason-misafirleriyle-A9-TVdeki-canli-sohbeti-(13-Eylul-2013-2000)PLEASE read"

Dear Anonymous,

I went to the website you posted to read this. Excuse me, but it's all in Turkish.....and though I am a young Japanese American and can speak 7 languages, I can only make out 25% of what is being said. If I get some of it, the responses from this Archbishop is that he know that Pope Francis is a Mason.
If this is true, this is more explosive as all the rumors that crop up form time to time that the late Pope Paul VI was an active homosexual in his earlier years as a priest and monsignor.
If this article about Pope Francis is true....I hope there is documented proof....it is a real smoking gun. The claim that Francis is a Mason will absolutely destroy his papacy, ruin him, and his associates.

It's the end for Francis if it's true. His papacy will not survive this revelation. Good riddance if true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. It did a decent job showing the hypocrisy and pharisee-ism of Benedict XVI.

According to the Discernment of Spirits the devil blinds people by making them have sinful attractions to a person (e.g. personality cults, desiring a married person, etc.) and I have no doubt that the devil is blinding those who celebrate Benedict XVI as a super-secret traditionalist.

The love for Benedict XVI isn't based on logic, reason, or facts. The Mao-like personality cult surrounding Benedict XVI is based on fantasy and emotion.

Diocesan trads (e.g. FSSP) are, generally speaking, in desperate need of an earthly Messiah who will save the Church from the modernists. The Germans wanted a Messiah, they got Hitler who temporarily brought back German glory and economic recovery, only to be utterly razed to the ground in WW2, their millennial Reich was only 12 years. Likewise diocesan trads want an earthly Messiah that will fix the Church, they didn't get one so they transformed a flaming modernist like Benedict XVI into a traditionalist Messiah. Similar to Nazism, the restoration of glory was superficial and in under a decade Benedict XVI proved himself to be a modernist by ending his papacy with one of the most revolutionary acts in Church history. Now we have Francis, whose carpet bombing the institutional Church like the allies bombed Dresden.

It is an object fact that Benedict XVI is a modernist. Cardinal Primate Stephan Wyszyński banned "Introduction to Christianity" for heresy, that book is now celebrated and lauded by FSSP priests. Nobody blinked an eye when Benedict XVI quoted Teilhard De Chardin or used Teilhard-isms in his speeches. Today's heresies are tomorrow's dogmas. Welcome to Vatican II and the New Order.

The Church doesn't need "Peter Pan traditionalists" like Benedict XVI, it needs Jesus and Mary. If you keep idolizing popes, God will give you dopes. If Francis makes you depressed or sad then you severely lack trust in the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Catholics deserve Francis, especially the Ratzingerians.

Geremia said...

This is something sedevacantists seem to fail to acknowledge: Benedict XVI's views today are becoming less and less the views Josef Ratzinger at Vatican II or its immediate aftermath (Assisi III being a notable exception).

Anonymous said...

Message 4061 from Our Lady to Pedro Regis, given on 11/18/2014

Dear Sons and Daughters, the secret of a man will be revealed and there will be great confusion and division in the Palace (Vatican). Bend your knees in prayer. You are walking towards a painful future. Do not permit that the flame of faith go out within you. Whatever happens, remain firmly in the truth. Do not permit that the lessons of the past be buried. Love and defend the truth. Whoever remains faithful will be saved. Forward without fear...

The truth will be revealed soon regarding Pope emeritus's forced resignation.

Anonymous said...

Well, to make things even more interesting, Wyszynski himself was no paragon of orthodoxy. He sided with the progressives at V2, calling Mindszenty a "pauvre imbecile" (poor imbecile). He also rejected the concept of a Church Militant for the most specious of reasons.


Anonymous said...

You may like it or not like it, but Benedict is/was the last catholic pope of RCC, the rest is silence or gossip.....IMO BXVI is the only one in CC who knows very well the way things are and it's up to him the last, definitive word about this time of destruction, we cannot know what's in God's mind, we just can pray and wait the Master to come back,. God bless+

Jacobi said...

Benedict like so many others considered what we now clearly see as heretical ideas in the 70s under the enormous pressure of the flood of Modernism then. He never actually decided. Now he is decrying even his temporary doubts.

Nothing wrong with that.

Incidently the thesis that he was "forced" out is steadily gaining in credibility and it is likely that his enemies, Modernist and political, particularly in the EU, used financial levers, capable of destroying the Vatican State, against him.

I presume those threats are still in place, which might explain some of the odd behaviour of the present Holy Father?

Dom Harold said...

Quite simply I see no problem. The Pope Emeritus is NOT H. H. Pope Francis. He simply made a correction to a position that he held sometime ago but I believe it should not have been deleted from his Opera but a foot note could have been attached. His works then become with the deletion simply an abridged version of his thought. We must NOT forget that the Pope Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI is NO longer Pope but simply more or less a bishop. The Press and Media in general lies to make much of these things but its publication now is but a mere coincidence. Many many time Benedict said that H.H. Pope Francis was the 'best think that has happened to the Church with a fresh breath of wind renewing Her'. Surely, this is anything but criticism ! Long Our Beloved Pope Francis have a long and fruitful Pontifcate, ad multos annos, ad multos annos, ad multos annos.

Tancred said...

I suspect there were threats against his family.

Siri was probably threatened with something if he agreed to become Pope.

Ever notice how the world is always concerned that the Church is what it is, and often complains when things are not in line with Vatican II and their all important spirit of dialog?

LeonG said...

That would be a novelty for him - he specialised in mellifluous ambivalence for most of his liberal modernist career..

Tancred said...

Thanks for your post anon 602, it shows the inanity of the Sede position.

Tancred said...

Of course, he's said as much.

LeonG said...

Indeed, I keep saying it with regard to Fr Ratzinger-cum-Cardinal Ratzinger-cum-Pope Benedict XVI-cum-Pope Emeritus, do not confuse the use of dalmatics for a traditionalist. He never was, is or will be. He is the man who made JP II a "santo subito" neo-saint and he wanted a hybrid liturgy to save the NO from total extinction which will happen eventually when the neo-churches are almost empty and no more money is coming in while presbyterial vocations become ever more a rarity. He was as ecumenical as his predecessor and engaged in years of clerical cover-ups until the lid could no longer be kept on a boiling pot.

LeonG said...

Let us remember that traditional church teachings have always been very clear about such issues long before the New catechism of The new Catholic Church which waxes ambivalent on pagan and polytheistic religions. It also contains the seeds for universal salvation among other pet erroneous liberal modernist hypotheses.

Tancred said...

It means he's intervening as he has on other occasions, but you can believe anything you want.

Tancred said...

And people need to be reminded.

Anonymous said...

I trust in Jesus and His Church and fear not anything. Calumny is what I have read here from blog to comments, like vipers.

susan said...

Grow up you idiot...and for God's sake and the sake of your own soul, open your eyes and start defending Jesus and His Church against the real vipers......or keep those eyes tightly shut and keep pretending that "all is well, nuthin' to see here"....your call, but please save your stupid, misplaced, self-righteous condemnation for those who actually care what your quietistic opinions are in regard to informed commentary.

susan said...

here's a little something to get you started in informing yourself as to what the viper in the garden is doing....


This is truly EVIL, and sticking your smug, self-righteous head in the sand isn't gonna be an easy thing to defend at judgement.

Anonymous said...

It may be in Turkish BUT there is a transcript

Anonymous said...

Not sure a threat on family would be the most actionable and effective.

A threat on the Church would be very powerful for a personality such as Benedict, an appeal to a self-sacrifice to preserve the Church. How ? Soft way : smart, persistent psychological pressure. Hard way : some sort of blackmailing : threat to reveal some very embarassing piece of information that would heavily destroy the Church reputation, and that the press would love to exploit. Typically a sexual or financial scandal involving the pope's family or inner circle, or a group of prelates. Given the human nature I would be surprised nothing could be found by experienced, determined and well-connected agents. Then the story is quite simple : it is better for the Church that you leave, in order to avoid wounding the Church, if you stay, we will not be able to stop the bad guys from releasing the information. So you must sacrifice yourself. And that's also by the way good for you as you get older and you are not strong enough to face constant opposition and new challenges, and good for the Church that needs fresh energy...

Tancred said...

Lots of possible avenues for extortion.

Tancred said...

Sounds like a lot of insecurity.

Unknown said...

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Geremia said...

Has the full-text of Benedict XVI's reworked essay been released yet?