Thursday, November 13, 2014

Aachen Cathedral as Intermediate Storage for Baked Goods

Baked Goods in Aachen Cathedral
Edit: Your fathers did eat mana in the desert and are dead.
(Aachen) with a rather questionable action, the diocese of Aachen these days attracts attention. So in short, as it says  on the website of the Diocese not without pride, 1,200 tunnels of the old established bakery in Aachen "Nobis gingerbread" will rise for three weeks in the Great Cathedral in Aachen. The limited edition Dom loafs can be purchased for 20 euros by prior reservation at the feast of St. Nicholas. A quarter of the steep price, ie five euros will be donated to a children's garden. The press release of the Diocese of Aachen states: "With this money a gaming device with slide, climbing net and hanging rope will be financed, at which the tots daycare can play soon."
A representative of the Bakery "Nobis gingerbread" commented on the "publicity stunt" - the motto - as follows "attention at all costs!" "We are delighted that we do this event in the Aachen Cathedral and with the money from the Nobis initiative also do something for the children of Aachen. We also want to thank the Aachen cathedral chapter for its support, to whom we also donate 6,000 euros for the Aachen Cathedral." A little bit of money, in other words, this is reason enough for the cathedral chapter, to turn the House of God - and with such outstanding importance at that - contrary to the desire of the Lord, to make it  a den of thieves.
Canon Hans-Günther Vienken said according to an article by the Diocese of Aachen: "Not only does the Aachen Dom need help, but it also supports other like initiatives.  Ss Martin, Nicholas and Christmas immediately remind us of the solidarity parts. We remind ourselves that we are there for each other. That's also  what the Aachen Cathedral stands for. I thank the bakery combany,  'Nobis Gingerbread' for their generous support, both for the nursery as well as the cathedral."
Quite recently there were  headlines about the Vatican  when the Sistine Chapel was made ​​available to the German carmaker Porsche, for a concert. "Der Spiegel" wrote:  " The UK Telegraph 'reported that it was the first time ever that a Pope released the Sistine Chapel for the commercial event of a company. But how does this fit in Francis' promise that he wanted above all a Church that was for  the poor? Very suitable   said the Executive Director of the Vatican Museums, Monsignor Paolo Nicolini. For companies such as Porsche would be asked in return for the use of the Sistine Chapel for a donation.  This is an initiative to support the papal charities ', said Nicolini to the Telegraph'.  The service is aimed at large companies, which can thus make a contribution to charity. '"
And for the  "Süddeutsche Zeitung"   Catrin Lorch commented on the subsequent dinner at the concert in the Vatican Museums: "So far,  the code has been kept by which one keeps out the aroma of roast  from air-conditioned rooms and  uncorked champagne before masterpieces. But  even if the Vatican flouts its riches,  directors in Ghent, Duisburg and Prague are making arguments against the assaults of the accountants and exploiters. Just as the Pope, who sees himself as contemporary,  has a responsibility to treat the legacy that has fallen to his Church from a bloody, brutal history, with democratic respect, instead of silver plating it. "
Text: Benedict M. Buerger
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


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Matthew 21:12-13; Mark 11.15-17; Luke 19:45-46; John 2:14-16

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You've forgotten the Christmas concert in vatican with Patty Smith and the showers that the boR want to be settled in the toilets near Bernini be continued in suburbs....

Tancred said...

First time I've heard of that. Makes sense with the way things are going.

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Showers in the colonnade makes it easier for the homos to have sex - basically he is turning the colonnade into a degenerate hangout. Locker Room Lynch will be in seventh heaven! Not to mention the rest of the fa--ots --cut off branches fit only to be burned. [It will be funny to see if God pulls an Elijah and does burn them and then chase them into the sea to be beheaded or drowned.]

According to "card" O'Malley have to do something about Finn - not about this fairy hangin' out the rainbow flag in his diocese:

Not about Locker Room Lynch or danneels or schonborn or any of the other filthy degenerates. Personally, I don't know why people don't turn the attack dogs on these creeps.

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Diabolic. St Michael, the Archangel, protect us in battle.

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