Friday, October 10, 2014

Veto Against the Nobel Prize for a Pope

(Oslo) This year's Nobel Peace Prize was awarded, but again not to a Catholic Pope. Neither Pope Francis, although there were significant rumors in this direction he was the first pope in the running. Not only the Catholic Church but especially the papacy is a stumbling block some circles. This also true of the Masonic founders of the Nobel Prize, and  also counts the trustee of its Foundation.
Year after year enthusiastic Catholics  brought the application in vain for the prize committee to bestow the Nobel Peace Prize on Pope John Paul II.   It  seemed  that in comparison to other awardees, nobody was a more appropriate candidate than the Catholic Church leader. Fundamental ideological prejudices they can not bring into account. This has described the history of the Nobel Peace Prize   since its first award in 1901 and the non-observance by the Prize Committee of the peace efforts of Pope Benedict XV.  speaking clearly to end of the First World War
In 2001 a little look behind the scenes was granted. At that time Gunnar Stålsett, Member of the Prize Committee and former Lutheran Bishop of Oslo, justified his refusal of John Paul II. Giving the Nobel Peace Prize.There will be no Nobel Prize so long as a Pope of the Catholic Church will  not change their sexual teaching.
So there was a formal veto against the awarding of the Nobel Prize to John Paul II., But not only against him but in principle to a Pope, because the Catholic Church and its teachings are rejected. I Gunnar Stålsett  afforded a look at the  cards of the prize committee, as he wanted to but refrained from saying anything that explains this fundamental hostility.
Stålsett incidentally boasts of its excellent contacts with Freemasonry. His father was Worshipful Master and his older brother is a lodge member. The Norwegian Frimurerbladet (1/2014) reported on a lecture by the Lutheran bishop in the circle of  aproned brothers on "religion of peace".
The veto which was announced by  Stålsett in 2001, was not repealed for Pope Francis.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Frimurerbladet (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Good. The Church nor a true Vicar of Christ have no use for their worthless approval....

Long live Christ the King!

O, yes!


Anonymous said...

Then only "peace" prize a Catholic pope needs is the Consecration of Russia.

john said...

Maybe no "peace" prizes to anyone in the Vatican, but it's obvious plenty of "peace" pipes are being inhaled and passed around by Francis and his "peace" loving buddies, particularly the Jesuits. I guess since Ricca arrived as head of Santa Marta, he has access to all the "good" stuff, as evidenced by the 60s garbage they are promoting with renewed vigor. I'm sure Satan is smiling wide throughout this ABC (Anything But Catholic ) Sin-Od.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new under the sun. Protestants have always been tight with Freemasonry, even recycling their anti-Catholic propaganda. James Anderson, a Scottish Presbyterian minister, was one of the founding fathers of modern Freemasonry (1717) and wrote their Book of Constitutions.

Eufrosnia said...

Didn't Bl. Mother Theresa win the Nobel prize once? She was a Catholic but they seemed to have been OK with granting it to her. Or did they think after her speech that no Catholic should be allowed the prize?

But anyway, I feel that the Church should not be getting the approval of a society that vocally is against her. The only ones Church should be getting an approval from is those who evaluate her actions according to what she teaches and not according to some secular principle of "peace and harmony".