Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Church is "Condemned" to Religious Dialogue

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Cardinal Tauran: Religious illiteracy is worrying.

Frankfurt ( KNA) The President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue sees the Catholic Church, particularly in view of the flight of Christians from the Middle East called to a dialogue with the Islamic world. Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran has stressed that religion is not the cause of conflict, but could contribute to its solution. Accordingly, the church is "condemned" to dialogue. Tauran spoke at the inauguration of the new endowed chair "Catholic theology in the face of Islam" at the Faculty of Philosophy and Theology Sankt Georgen on Friday evening.

"Interreligious dialogue always starts with the fact that one introduces his own religious beliefs," said Tauran. But currently "religious illiteracy" in the West has reached worrying proportions. "It is important for European societies that they will find their religious and cultural roots," said Tauran. Otherwise, the younger generations will be without a heritage to bequeath.

In addition, the West finds itself in a "crisis of information". The constant mobility and overfeeding with information leads to the fact that "no one reads any longer, doesn't think and is unable to organize his knowledge," said the cardinal. Inter-religious dialogue establishes, among other things, the will to do "everything humanly possible" to understand the perspective of the other. Muslims and Christians are, according Tauran, encouraged to develop a "pedagogy of living together", resulting in changing the fear of the other in a fear for the other. Religious leaders also have a duty to their followers to suggest a civic responsibility so that no one is indifferent to injustice. 

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Anonymous said...

1) Now, if Cdl Tauran had merely cited Our Lord's commands to go out and teach all nations and\ to take up our crosses, he could have inspired ;us with a clarion call from firm ground. Obviously, he was talking to Catholics. Why did he feel the need to dilute the message? "Condemned" to dialogue? Wow, what a joyful Christian message. The protestant evangelists may be theologically shallow, but at least they aren't stupid. Is this a Franciscan messagethat reflects a theology with a nexus to jury-rigging of the recent Synod?
2) The Cdl's words suggest that he doesn't know much about Islam. If he thinks a Mohammedan will respect pusillanimous wording, he is an overeducated academic working out of his depth. Mohammedans do not fear us, Cardinal; spare us the diplomacy trope. The tenor of the
3) Why is it only Catholics loyal to the Magisterium get "challenged" by their clerics, never the liberals and non-Catholics?

Tartar said...

Back to the second point, sorry for the editing: The tenor of the cardinal's statement might have resonated with relevance from a time spanning the European colonization of the Mohammedan lands until the start of WWI, but it is totally irrelevant today. The cardinal's mindset reflects that of students of the 1950s and 1960s who in turn were taught by people who got their doctorates in the 1920s and 1930s and never updated their lecture notes. I don't want to single out the Cardinal for this, just look at the analysis of any given issue rendered your typical politician in what was once Christendom

Clinton R. said...

The Council for Interreligious Dialogue is more like Irreligious Capitulation. It has never been the mission of the Church to 'dialogue' with false religions if their conversion to the true Faith is not the end result.

Anonymous said...

there's no possible dialogue with muslims, they see us as evil to be cancelled, beheaded, nothing more, nothing less.

Tancred said...

Considering the fact that Father Botros is one of the most popular figures in the Arab world, appearing before millions of viewers on Al Jazzeera, for his discussions on Islam with various Islamic leaders, and actual history itself, that's not even remotely true.