Monday, October 20, 2014

Disappointed Synodalists Complain "Conservative Attacks Against Pope"

Cardinal Schönborn back in Vienna
(Rome) Those church representatives are disappointed by  the Synod of Bishops "disappointed"  and taking stock. The homophilic party are especially disappointed. Among them is the Primate of England, Cardinal Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster. The President of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales had expected that,  the language of the Relatio Synodii would bring "respect", "welcome" and "appreciation" for aberrosexuals. But nothing of the sort.
Cardinal Nichols had tolerated his own "Gay Masses" in London. Only the new Prefect of the Faith, Gerhard Müller brought  ​​the spectacle to an  end in 2012.  (Archbishop of Westminster Ends "Homo Masses" - intervention of the CDF ).

Cardinal Schönborn Under Pressure at Home For Failure to Break

Also disappointed with the thwarted break in the Catholic Church, was today the Vienna Archbishop Christoph Cardinal Schönborn at a press conference in Vienna.  The president of the Austrian Bishops' Conference together with his West German colleagues Reinhard Cardinal Marx, he had nurtured high expectations towards second marriage and acceptance of homosexuality in advance of the Synod of Bishops, they are now at home under  pressure to make a statement (see  "Love is Love" - Cardinal Schönborn's tribute to homosexuals and a perverse logic ).
Cardinal Schönborn credited the Kasper-line, which he supported, with a "massive wave of attacks" against Pope Francis. The simple-minded explanations of the Austrian Cardinal weaves on a myth: evil "conservative" church officials who had been "afraid" of change, prevented  the right thing by "massive attacks" on the good Pope. 

Schönborn's Apology: "Massive Attacks" Against Pope

As evidence Cardinal Schönborn named reporting in the daily newspaper Il Foglio and the book by Antonio Socci, who doubts the validity of papal elections. And again the   Archbishop of Vienna linked  the current situation with the upheaval of the Second Vatican Council. Fifty years ago it had been exactly the same. The roles of good and evil are so clear for the Cardinal. Otherwise, the Cardinal insisted in the press conference in Vienna on his position of "opening", which he repeated from his hidden formulation.

Vienna Archbishop Insists on Wrapping the Marriage Sacrament and the Catholic Moral Teaching

The Cardinal boasted about his proposal presented at the Synod of Bishops, which subsists in from the Second Vatican Council on the Catholic Church can be transferred to the sacraments (see "Subsistit in" transferred to the sacraments - Schönborns loose "conditions" for remarried divorcees ).
"Is your gaze first into the living room and not in the bedroom," Schönborn repeated  this as the watchword of the auditor charged as Family Officer of the Archdiocese of Berlin invited to Rome, Ute Eberl . A formula that is supposed to lead past the sacrament of marriage and the obligations stemming from the Church's moral teaching, obligations for believers and pastors. According to Archbishop Cardinal Schönborn, the bishops, however, should "take to heart" this motto.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Archdiocese of Vienna (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

What's most shocking is that the so-called Catholic Media is just silent about or even colluding in covering up this Great Apostasy and attacks on the Faith and morality by the Pope and many cardinals and bishops. There is only a tiny proportion of the Catholic Media telling the truth of what everyone can know about if they care to, or will admit to it.

Anonymous said...

Attack on the pope? Nonsense... This was attack of the pope on JESUS CHRIST!!!

Anonymous said...

Bingo! Thanks for the tersest and most incisive and accurate analysis yet.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the tidal wave of pornography addiction destroying Catholic marriages is not at the top of concerns. Research, by the way, has shown that porn use moves users towards a higher acceptance of deviant sexual behaviour. "Tolerance" indeed.

Clinton R. said...

These devils in red hats like Schonborn never cease to amaze with their outright heresy and apostasy. The worship at the altar of man and care not in the least about pleasing God.

LeonG said...

We can just forget all the liberal modernist ones against the papacy.

Anonymous said...

We will crush the enemies of tradition, one prelate at a time.

Anonymous said...

You bet I oppose him,and "attack" him every step of the way and publicly whenever I have the chance. You're bound as a Catholic not only to NOT listen to what this guy Bergoglio says but to ALSO to oppose him and his agenda. I forget which saint said it, either Saint Thomas Aquinas or Bellarmine?