Saturday, October 11, 2014

Censorship of the Episcopal Synod? -- Kasper Refers to Pope Francis as Strategist of "Mercy"

Cardinal Gerhard Muller Warns Against Censorship of
the Episcopal Synod
(Rome) fears were heard already ahead of the Synod of Bishops as statements of Cardinal  were loudly told in a happy round, as they intended to direct the synod in the desired Kasper-direction (see How do I manipulate a Synod of Bishops - Action plan against the Sacrament of Matrimony ). Now  Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the prefect of the Congregation, beats the alarm.  The specter of censorship and control is making concrete moves.
The Cardinal protested that the flow of information is subject to public censorship. The contributions of the synod were kept secret from the public. Thus Cardinal Müller is one of the spokesmen who defending traditional doctrine and practice, has sounded the alarm call, that a particular direction has been disadvantaged in order to provide a desired image.  
Worthless information through the Vatican Press Office
As AP reported, the German Cardinal gave free vent to his anger for a Rome Catholic television broadcaster in Rome: "All Christians have the right to be informed about the interventions of their bishops."
A significant criticism of the way the information is flowing in the Vatican was of Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi SJ and his two priest-assistants, one who handles  English and another for the Spanish-language media. What was  on offer to journalists is not really quotable and ultimately worthless (see separate report , the various synods - inadequate information policy of the Vatican ).

Kaspers proposal as "medicine is worse than the disease"

In particular, the statements by the synod, both on the doctrine of the sacrament of marriage and church practice by Cardinal Walter Kasper were defended by the German Bishops' Conference under the table. To collect their statements, one has to make the search and ask here and there.  That's impossible for a million dollar house. .   A small keyword collection. A Synod participant spoke up in the auditorium, the proposal of Kasper is a "medicine worse than the disease" itself. But during the daily briefing for the press, no word was heard of it.
They picked up just as little  from the synod participant, who pointed to an inconsistency of the term   "re-married divorcees". In fact, "we are talking about people who are married by a sacramental marriage", but this important fact will be embezzled in a distorting neologism that distracts them and steer the focus on divorce and remarriage.
 Still another countered the 'new mercy' postulated by Kasper and Pope Francis, and said that there were popes even before 2014 and you can not claim that these were not merciful.
As far as the key word of "mercy", a synod participant called to mind that everything has a place and the most important place for mercy was the confessional. There is where the  Church has always shown mercy. Whoever does not want to use this place, deprives themselves of the mercies God performs  through the Church, and can not simply demand that the Church should relocate the place of mercy to another, worse place.

Kasper Criticized Justifies Himself, In Which He References Pope Francis

Another synod participant  replied to Kasper and Marx that ought not constantly shout "Mercy, Mercy", but also make an effort and  needed to evangelize more.  There was  talk of formation and instruction of the faithful, yet this was neglected then, however, for fear they might be misunderstood. But in this way,  one is guaranteed not to understand.
Cardinal Kasper, becoming increasingly sensitive against the fierce criticism,  justified himself i and his proposal to  action on the grounds "that he had been already the one who took the initiative, but that he had previously requested it of the Pope ..." writes Vatican expert Marco Tosatti for La Stampa. The cardinal said bluntly, that the real strategist for the reversal of the  primacy of  practice before teaching and Communion for remarried divorcees is Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  Statements and gestures of the Pope since the conclave confirm Kasper's  statement. The German cardinal would hardly dare such a public statement if it were not true. 
Control over the flow of information provides the ability to guide public opinion. In this specific case, the Vatican press office seems more freely follow behind  the Kasper-party, so that it can direct the flow of information through their own channels and through direct media contacts.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Mercy, like Unity, Charity, and others, without Truth is worthless.

What is Charity without Truth? False Charity, and so false Mercy- it's the sort of Charity and Mercy that gives money to the homeless, knowing they could use it to further their sins. It's the sort of thing who does not want to offend the sinner by telling them they are wrong. It is, at its heart, cowardice unworthy of Christ, who in His courage said "Not as I will, but as You will" and who then carried His Cross until He died from blood loss, suffocation, and a heart burdened by sins which some of us cannot even acknowledge as a sin because they are so shameful!

What is Unity without Truth? Compromises with people who teach falsehoods until Truth is distorted- for example, these people who talk about being merciful merely want Jesus Christ without the Cross. In the Bible, it is Satan who wants Jesus to save humanity without the Cross, and many times does Our Lord rebuke him.

Anonymous said...

I read on another site which I won't name that the conservatives in the Synod have very much more support than Pope Francis and his cabal of worthless liberals thought. Many conservatives, including the highly esteemed Cardinal Burke, were elected by the Synod fathers to chair the commitees that summarize the speeches made in the Synod and translate them for various language groups. Burke was elected to chair the group summarizing the English version.
So many good, conservative Cardinals and Bishops were elected that the totally worthless Pope Francis quickly nominated six additional liberals and radicals to ensure that the conclusions of the Synod reached the desired liberal outcome that he is pushing. Even many of the Synod fathers were angered and appalled at this maneuver. So much so that the radio station of a particular Bishop's conference in Europe voiced it's objection and outrage of the actions of this Pope.
I believe that in this Synod we have (hopefully), the first stirrings among the Cardinals and Bishops of open and defiant opposition to Pope Francis and his gang. It seems like it may be happening. There is widespread objection to the Pope;s ruling that the Synod be secret, and that no news come from it for the outside world.......except what has come form the people he wants....the radicals.
It would be a tremendous grace from God, if a large sector of the Cardinals who elected this guy Francis, pressure and insist that he resign so that a true Catholic may be elected.
As much as I regret having to say the end this is the fault of Benedict XVI. Had he not been a coward and resigned, none of what has happed over the last nearly 2 years would have occurred. None of it!

Anonymous said...

What Cardinal "Kavorkian" proposes is euthanasia.

Clinton R. said...

It appears we are headed for a major schism. Those who adhere to the 2000 old teachings of the Catholic Church, and those you are 'addicted' to novelties and heterodoxy. Of course, it can be said this schism has existed since the Second Vatican Council.

Geremia said...

He's not a coward if he was under duress and forced to resign.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal Kasper has lost his marbles. They are bouncing in all directions and he doesn't have a clue on where to start picking them up. It's time to retire Cardinal Kasper and perhaps whisper it in the ear of Francis to retire also since you say you have his ear anyways!