Friday, October 24, 2014

Cardinal Meisner Complains that John Paul II. Was Excluded from the Synod

Emeritus Cardinal criticizes organizers of the Synod of Bishops "St. Pope John Paul II was inexplicably excluded as it were from the preparatory bodies of the Synod.  How are we to explain this?"

Cologne ( The Cardinal of Cologne Joachim Meisner has been critical of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops in Rome in a comment in the "Daily Mail", since no representatives at the Synod of the Rome ecclesiastical institute of "Saint John Paul II." were allowed to be there. This looks as though an exclusion of the holy Pope from the Synod took place. Yet many bishops have nevertheless mentioned the holy Pope John Paul II's "Theological basic data on marriage and family" in the Synod. "The continuity in the teaching and preaching was always the guarantee and the soundness of our faith," said Meisner.

Emeritus Archbishop of Cologne pointed out that faith is a "lived doctrine." "Why is it conceivable that you want to change only the practice, but not the doctrine? 'The Word was made ​​flesh and dwelt amongst us'(Jn 1:14). This is the heart word of the Christian faith."

The word and doctrine are both together from "the Word made ​​flesh, the Christian faith." "Saint Pope John Paul II. was inexplicably excluded as it were from the preparatory bodies of the Synod. How do you explain this?"

Meisner then recalled that  months before  John Paul II. was canonized there were many pilgrims from Poland  in Rome . "For the synod organizers that seems to be without meaning: Vox populi - vox Dei  The voice of the people of God was not desirable and seems to have been therefore not heard." link to the comment in the "Daily Mail": " Joachim Cardinal Meisner. excluded The Saint John Paul II . " Cardinal Meisner and John Paul II.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps we can spend too much time considering how our shepherds are governing and not enough time reflecting on how we are responding to the divine command to love as described by St Paul in his letter to the Corinthians, and as highlighted by the Archbishop of Glasgow in his intervention at the recent synod in which among other instances he relates the incident of neighbours who disagreed with one another during the recent Scottish independence referendum. The Archbishop speaks the truth with gentle strength. See the link below.

Tancred said...

Bishops don't spend enough time and care about the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

There is no Christian love without the Deposit of Faith and the moral law. These were generally conspicuous by their absence at the Synod - and as we know, without these, Christ is not acknowledged nor included, let alone God leading proceedings.

LeonG said...

Agreed: the new church spends most of its time on political issues these days. I guess that helps to explain ever-emptying churches that have been abandoned by their shepherds & the red lamp for factory-workers' rights and the red flag.

LeonG said...

When you analyse what bishops of Rome say to non-catholic audiences they veer off the name of Jesus as much as possible. When they speak to new catholics it's about how wonderful non-catholics are. This bishop of Rome actually told one of his dumb congregations that Jesus prays for us to God. With theology like that perhaps it's wiser to keep off religion altogether.

Boniface said...

It says right in the New Testament that Jesus intercedes for us at the right hand of the Father. And Jesus is recorded as praying for us in John 17.