Thursday, September 4, 2014

Swiss Bishops' Conference Insults Bishop of Chur

Diocese of Chur in Pressecommunique: "The diocese hopes that the Bishop of Chur will not be the matter of the subject of discussions of the SBK Bureau, but be one of the participants."

Bishop Vitus Huonder at Pontifical High Mass
Givisiez ( Scandal in the Catholic Church of Switzerland. The Secretariat of the Swiss Bishops Conference has publicly snubbed the Bishop of Chur, Vitus Huonder. A conversation between a delegation of the anti-Rome-grouping "It's Enough!", which has constantly criticized the Bishop of Chur Vitus Huonder, and the Bureau of the Swiss Bishops Conference (SBK) a few days ago has been interpreted in Chur as a snub. Reason: Bishop Huonder had not been invited to participate. In a pressecommunique presented by Giuseppe Gracia, media relations officer of the diocese of Chur, read that the Diocese hopes "that the bishop of Chur will not be the subject of  the discussions at the SBK Bureau, but one of the participants. The bishop recalled  a communique dated the 5th of March, in which he noted that all Swiss bishops are united in faith."  [Obviously, they don't.]

On the other hand, there should be enough disagreement "from the initiators of 'It's Enough' to show fundamental disunity in essential elements of the faith. Therefore, a meeting will also take place with representatives of the Alliance in Chur. The goal will be a dialogue that does not stop at persons, but is creating clarity about where the initiators expect something different than what is the official teaching of the Church. 

Recently, a disagreement between the initiators and the Episcopal Conference was demonstrated again. The Bishop of Chur has said he was "confident that the way a factual work-up can demonstrate that it is not about people or on questions of communication style, but specific to the rejection of concrete beliefs".  Bishop Huonder is planning a meeting in Chur, which will serve the debate on these issues.
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

What is all this about?

All Swiss catholic dioceses uphold the same doctrine.

Personal episcopal differences as reported on this blog seem to be rather trivial or am I missing something?

Tancred said...

The Diocese of Chur is expressing itself, not this blog.

It's that whole inverted commas thing that makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

This is just arguing about trivialities.
Either that or the bishop of Chur is backing himself into a corner.
Also it is unrealistic for the said bishop to be involved in every conversation
that the SBK might have with interested parties.
Accordingly on that score I do see why the bishop feels snubbed.
He might be entitled to feel irritated at the SBK I'll advised comment but a a more mature prelate would have overlooked such an error.

Tancred said...

Except the Bishop of Chur has been consistently attacked both from within his Diocese and without, especially owing to his steadfast defense of and attempt to disseminate, the Catholic Faith.

The Bishop of Chur is just doing the job of a Bishop.

Anonymous said...

Good for the Bishop of Chur.
Outspoken bishops are a rarity these days.

He needs to keep his fellow bishops on side and getting miffed over some meeting he was not asked to or over some careless remark by an SBK spokesperson represents a lack of tact .