Friday, September 5, 2014

Pope's Turkey Trip and An Absurd Attack on Pope Francis

Absurd accusation from Turkey: Head of state religion Office raises Francis before, not doing enough to defend the Islam

Rome / Istanbul (CBA) Reportedly, later this year Pope Francis wants to undertake a visit to Turkey and participate in Constantinople on Orthodox on the Patronal Feast of St. Andrew. Various media reports were not unfounded, it said on Friday from the Roman Church circles. A month ago there had been evidence of the Pope's participation from the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the celebrations on 30 November at the Phanar, the official residence of the Patriarch. Originally, it was named for 2015 as a possible date for the Pope's visit for the Feast of St. Andrew's.

As already his predecessor John Paul II. in 1979 and Benedict XVI. in 2006 Francis should start with a protocol-related Turkey visit to the capital Ankara. Benedict XVI. had also made ​​a trip to the tomb of Mary at Ephesus, above the port city of Izmir in his three-day visit to Turkey. At that time, the trip took place after the discussion of the Regensburg speech of the Pope where misleading quotes on Islam and violence contributed to more objectivity.

Currently, statements by Mehmet Görmez have made headlines in Turkey. The head of the National Religion Office, who reports directly to the Turkish Prime Minister, accused Francis mid-week, of not doing enough in defense of Islam.

There were attempts to reinterpret the existence of Islam in question to making it a "security and legitimacy problem", Görmez said. Among other things, Görmez pointed to the increasing number of attacks after his presentation on mosques in Germany. In the years 2001 to 2012 there were an annual average of 22 mosques that have been attacked in the Federal Republic. In 2013 there were 36, while this year the number had increased to 70. In contrast, not only the Islamic world should fight back, but "all religious institutions, especially the Vatican."

 It is not enough, "to wash the feet of a young girl or to organize an interfaith football tournament." Görmez played on the washing of the feet by the Pope on Holy Thursday and on the "football match for peace" last Monday in Rome.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't this what Benedict warned us about? Will the Bishop of Rome acknowledge these non-GLBT etc., non-Jewish, non-Protestant angsts? BTW, H/T to Effendi Gormez: he lied, I surmise, about the mosques in Germany being attacked (at least not by Christians), but he brought home the essential point. 'It is not enough, "to wash the feet of a young girl or to organize an interfaith football tournament."' Are our Wuerls, O'Malleys, Dolans, et. alia listening to the question, aware, aware or both the dangers to the Church and their responsibility to be more than hirelings?

"Helllllllllooooooo" as the gays (too many "Catholic" clerics among them) like to say. Paddy, yer entertainin' in the way of your grandparenbs, but it is Christ I seek in this day and age.

BTW was at Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, MI this AM. Lovely. Altar Girls at the Mass, they did a great job, as did the female Eucharistic Ministers. Was that a deacon or a concelebrating priest at the Mass? Who knows? You're mean and anal and full of psychiatric problems if you care. Maybe a study at some state-funded college allows us to draw that conclusion.

i tried praying the Rosary after Mass, in what I think they call the chapel, but, distracted by all the noise and chatter from the Sacristy. As I am trying to concetrate on me Rosary, some Oakland County, Michigan Scholar, with interesting vocal inflections, saying "The Church IN ALL HER WISDOM co-opted singing blah blah blah... Well I can tell you some more about the total lack of respect after Mass, but I suppose in this, modern, affluent, aging white, motorcycled, permissive in the government-allowed things, suburban America, it is my problem. These people are wiser than the first saints, Jerome and Augustine, I suppose, but I cannot recognize it; please, oh please, instruct me, o affluent and aging first world Michiganders, in your wisdom, the history and logic of that wisdom, and what the reasons are that any serious follower of Christ would come to you for example and instruction. Dare I say "Amen?" Not to single out R O Shrine of the Little Flower, it seems my fellow Americans just can't quietly vacate the premises after Mass. Elocutio, ergo sum?

LeonG said...

John Paul II was a fitting proponent of pro-Islamic sentiments not only embracing a blasphemous book of falsehoods but also invoking the protection of St John over this diabolical pagano-centric political movement. A liberal modernist to the core and an anthropological phenomenologist to his philosophical foundations, JPII is the very post-conciliar pope who should shoulder all the responsibility for ecumenical and interconfessional indifferentism. Thus, these popes get exactly what they deserve, foisted with their own petards, they have shamelessly personalised the faith beyond all orthodoxy.

Anonymous said...

Church of Vac II never stops it slide in to heresy.

Anonymous said...

Please watch the proper reaction to a Turkish demand for respect, by an Austrian minister of parliament.

Bravo, Herr Minister.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when one compromises with Evil in its various manifestations, such as Islam. You are one of the Remnant. Keep true to Faith and reason and offer up your suffering in reparation. God bless you, my brother in Christ.