Friday, September 12, 2014

Liturgical Memorial for John XXIII. and John Paul II. Established -- Canonization of the Council?

Liturgical Memorial Established For John XXIII.
and John Paul II
(Rome) The Holy See has established the liturgical observances for the popes canonized by Pope Francis in late April. The feast of John XXIII. will be celebrated in the New Rite on 11 October, that of John Paul II. on 22 October. The Osservatore Romano has published the Decree by the Congregation for Divine Worship in today's issue with the relevant provisions. As a Memorial Day usually applies the death of a saint, as the dies natalis, which s celebrated as the actual "birthday" in heaven liturgically. Justified exceptions are provided.
In both cases, the death was not established as a memorial. It would be neither 2 April, the anniversary of the death of Pope John Paul II.,  nor 3 June, the anniversary of the death of Pope John XXIII. "occupied" by a higher ranking feast or the commemoration of a church in the world, of particularly revered saint.

Memorial  of John XXIII .: Anniversary of the Opening of the Council

As a commemoration of John Paul II. was determined as October 22,  the day of his election as Pope, as this also applies to other holy popes. John Paul II. Reigned from 1978 to 2005. As a memorial for John XXIII. was determined with the 11th of October, or the anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965), which he had convened. Thus this reinforces the impression that the canonization of Pope Angelo Roncalli, which was completed by Pope Francis, contrary to the applicable regulations, arbitrarily without miracles, not only serves as the "neutralization" of the canonization of John Paul II.  but the "canonization" of Second Vatican Council. John XXIII. reigned from 1958 to 1963.
The unexpected double canonization by Pope Francis took p[lace last April 27 in Rome. The day went down as the "Day of the four popes" in the church history, as well as Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI., took part in the solemn canonization and concelebrated with  Pope Francis.
On the 19th of October, Pope Francis will beatify Pope Paul VI. (1963-1978) another  pope of recent Church history and thus raise him to the altars.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi


susan said...

Paul VI is next.

Anonymous said...

John XXIII laid the spiritual foundations and John Paul II built the house.

I don't mean to sound like Pythagoras here but these numbers have interesting numerological significations. 11 and 22 are master numbers. 11 gives the ideas and 22 makes those ideas a reality. I don't think these dates were coincidental, in my fallible opinion. Whether or not they were guided by the hand of God or the hidden hand of Freemasonry is, well, I don't know. It's just something interesting I observed. John XXIII birthed the idea of Vatican II and John Paul II made that idea into a reality, that's all there is to it.

I usually err on the side of coincidence but after finding out things about Francis, this kinda freaked me out. I think the Freemasons/Commies/Queers/etc. wanted Francis elected, his personal "numbers" indicate he will be extremely successful in whatever he wants to do in the next 4 years. He was the liberal candidate of choice in the 2005 elections (he came in 2nd) and all the queers (i.e Mahony, Kung, et. al.) praise him as Pope.

I was into the occult when I wasn't Catholic, that's how I know these things. Freemasons mark their territory like dogs do on fire hydrants. Everything coming out of the Vatican since March 2013 smells like a septic tank, and this scares me.

If the moderator thinks this comment is sinful, please delete it without hesitation.

Anonymous said...

Paul VI was objectively not a saint or a blessed. If he gets beatified then there is something very very wrong. People may have been scandalized by Josemaria Escriva, Mother Teresa, John XXIII, and John Paul II, but Paul VI? Wow, this is starting to get apocalyptic.

In the early 1950’s, Fr. Villa was informed by Padre Pio that he had been personally chosen by our Lord to “defend the Church of Christ from the work of Freemasonry, especially the ecclesiastical Freemasonry”. Padre Pio discussed this divine mission with Fr. Villa in three separate meetings that occurred over the course of fifteen years. This mission was approved by Pius XII, who provided Fr. Villa with a Papal Mandate to carry out the work. During a meeting with Padre Pio that took place in 1963, the Saint said to Fr. Villa: “Courage, courage, courage! For the Church is already invaded by Freemasonry”, and then said: “Freemasonry has already reached the Pope’s slippers”.

Amos said...

All of this proves the existence Canonization Abuse - political abuse of the canonization process.

All canonization candidates should have their causes frozen until the process is reformed.

John XXIII's canonization with no cult, no final miracle, and a feast day on the opening of the council is clearly a political maneuver.

JPII's feast day is on the day he was elected Pope yet we are told over and over the canonization is not about his Papacy or his governance but about "personal heroic virtue."

Anonymous said...

John XXIII: October 11th. What irony that it is feast of the Maternity of Our Lady. He's the Pope who ignored Fatima. His successor, the soon to be canonized Paul VI, removed the feast from the calendar.

Heaven has a sense of humor -- I hope!


Anonymous said...

The one good thing is that which one lunatic, wacko, nutjob Pope can create (Pope Francis), his successor on down the line can downgrade or suppress. This goes for the Novus Ordo too...which ill happen one day not to far off.

LeonG said...

CONanisation post conciliar style! Benedict and Francis will be to follow once the gay lord wreckovator has been conanised. After all, Fr Luigi Villa had to pass away sometime.

LeonG said...

1983 - the year of the infamous politicisation of conanisations made possible by none other then the chief papal beneficiary of it. You have to hand it to liberal modernists as they enjoy being in your face.

LeonG said...

A complete and utter revolutionary with a massive sexual problem.

NonP said...

I hope everyone realizes that the defenders of JPII's canonization always cry "its about personal holiness! None of the things he did should count against him, he was only doing them with the best intentions because being a Saint is about inward personal holiness and heroic virtue not mistakes you do externally."

The same argument can be made to canonize Lefebvre (which I am not saying I support). After all, its about personal holiness, not about your actions right (e.g. consecrating bishops without Papal approval)?

Anonymous said...

I hate Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

All good traditional and faithful Catholics, when seeing the wreckage of the Catholic Faith that Vatican II engendered, should hate Vatican II and all that came from it.
To rationalize all of the disasters away as labeling them as "abuses" is a violation of valid judgement, for the changes and alterations to the Holy Mass and other elements of the Catholic Faith that the Second Vatican Council did allow for likewise produced evil and rotten fruit.
A good Council, inspired by the Holy Spirit and the Willof God produces magnificent fruit that sustains the Church for hundreds of years....just think of the Council of Trent and its great flowering of Faith.
The stark difference between the great rebirth of Faith and devotion after the Council of Trent which touched every aspect of Catholic Faith and even influenced the arts such as architecture, painting,sculpture and music, and the absolute destruction of the Catholic Faith in all elements-which began almost exactly as Vatican II came to and end and has continued for 50 years, should definitively close any argument that Vatican II and its reforms and objectives were basically well intentioned and good.
Looking at the statistics alone, for anyone to declare that Vatican II was good for the Church is pathetic and laughable. They are not dealing with reality but live in fantasy land. That goes for any Pope, past or present who has the courage to label Vatican II a "New Springtime" !! LOL!

Michael said...

I wrote a bergoglio-joke-of-the-day touching on this theme of "canonizing the council".

Below are some highlights. Click on the link above to see the full post.


bergoglio's top ten reasons why Pope Paul VI should be beatified.

8. He didn't totally destroy the Church. That's a miracle, right? Am I right? Yes?


Well before he gets beatified everyone says its not because of Vatican II... and then after he gets beatified everyone will change their mind and say it IS because of Vatican II

I don't get it .... I'm still confused .... too much "pastoral language" .... oops, I think I just stepped on something "pastoral" ...