Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Initiative Against Sex Education in Poland Defeated

The bill called for imprisonment up to two years for "public promotion or endorsement" of sexual behavior in the presence of children under 15 years.

Warsaw (kath.net/KNA) In Poland, a popular initiative against sex education in schools has failed. The Members of Parliament voted on a bill from citizen committees last Friday at 264 to 169, to "Stop pedophilia." The bill called for up to 2 years imprisonment for the "public promotion or endorsement" of sexual behavior in the presence of children under 15 years.

The initiative "Stop pedophilia" accuses the government to taking away student's sense of shame by sex education and make them vulnerable to sexual predators. The popular initiative had been signed by around 250,000 citizens. While the conservative opposition party "Law and Justice" called for the bill, the ruling right-wing liberals and the left opposition opposed it vehemently.

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  1. Then they should go on the offensive by teaching the young people to reject such programs EN MASSE. They can't arrest everyone. Also, those promote such programs or stand by silently should be treated as pariahs and shunned in their communities.

    Children can and do say NO! I had to when I was in public school many, many years ago. My parents warned me to look out for such things as prying questions, atheist and anti-Catholic rhetoric from teachers, overly personal topics like sex and other things that should be left to parents. They taught me to refuse to respond to questions and questionnaires and to leave the room and the building if necessary. Teachers fresh out of college were quick to promote the poison they had ingested in their educational indoctrination. Some of us were just as quick to throw the poison right back at them.

    That was a good and bold initiative on the part of Poland's good people. They need to proceed ever more boldly and do what it takes to purge their parliament of devils. Start hammering them daily with the 55 caliber rosary (that's 55...not 61!) as the weapon given us by the Mother of God.

  2. Yes, must go on the offensive against evil, not the defensive. The defensive on so many moral fronts has meant abject failure. And this is not education (which involves drawing out the recognition/ knowledge of objective truth) but the degradation of minds, of intellects by the imposition of egregious moral falsehoods. And it is mother and father, backed up by priest and Church, that ought to teach their child objective moral and factual truth about sex and sexual relations between man and woman.