Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drugs Discovered in Vatican Diplomatic Vehicle

Two men had used the Ford for a drug jaunt to Spain

Vatican City ( The French police have seized four kilograms of heroin and cocaine in the car of a cardinal. As the radio station RTL reports two Italians have been arrested in a Ford with Vatican diplomatic plates at a customs roadblock in Chambery, near the Italian border. Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi confirmed on Tuesday that it was the official car of the 91-year-old Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mejia, of course, who was not in the car.

There were reports that the secretary of the Cardinal some few days earlier, had brought his boss' car into Rome for repair and maintenance. Two men had then apparently used the car for a drug jaunt to Spain. The event had already occurred on Sunday. French customs officials noticed the Ford with diplomatic plates. The inspection revealed that the two occupants - men aged 40 and 31 years - had no diplomatic passes and had nothing to do with the Vatican. In the trunk, they then found a suitcase and the drugs. The two men were then arrested. It is for the police to investigate the incident, says Lombardi.

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  2. Someone at a high..high level of the Vatican, probably many someones has a serious blow problem. This is the second or third bust recently trying to smuggle these drugs in. A bad, evil place the Vatican these days.

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  3. Well, if an organisation wants to sanctify a known homosexual pope; an ecumenical pope and many a heretical de facto schismatic cleric/layperson, then why not indulge in the hedonistic lifestyles of pornography, paedophilia, money-laundering, misappropriation of funds, prostitution and systematic sacramental sacrilege. The neo-conciliar pantheist church has it all: all, except for true Roman Catholic norms, values and mores.