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How Will I Manipulate the Bishops' Synod? -- Action Plan Against the Sacrament of Marriage

Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri Upon Receiving
His Red Hat
(Rome) The Vatican expert Marco Tosatti has reported a detailed plan for the manipulation of the Synod of Bishops for the purposes of Cardinal Walter Kasper's "New Mercy" approval of remarried divorcees to Communion. The definition starts from the civil aspect and is thus erroneous for the Church discussion. What  the state can call remarried divorcees, are adulterers for the Church.
Tosatti will not use the name of the senior church representative who divulged the plan in merry company. It was not  Cardinal Kasper, who would barely run with such frivolity  and would have no decision-making power in a simple Synod to perform procedural maneuvers.
Read from the context, and in light of his past and recent statements, there is some evidence for Cardinal Lorenzo Baldisseri, the Secretary General of the Synod of Bishops.  Baldisseri is one of those Church leaders who have experienced under Pope Francis, sharply rising career. Francis made him a cardinal, and put him in an important position of trust. Assuming that Pope Francis is a key player for the softening of the sacrament of marriage itself and the Synod of Bishops is the central instrument for its implementation, then the General Secretary of the Synod has a key strategic role.
Marco Tosatti published its report in the daily newspaper La Stampa on 20 September.

Synod: how do I maneuver it ...

by Marco Tosatti
The Synod of Bishops will speak about many things, but the mass media will probably speak only about one: the opportunity for  married persons who are divorced civilly, whose marriage was not annulled by the church but still got married in a civil ceremony one more time, to be admitted never the less to communion. . And there is a plan to maneuver the Synod ...
It is already happening in a number of cases where priests, and "conservatives", consider the personal situation and take the responsibility to say: go to communion, but be discreet. So it has been  since the time of John Paul II.
Cardinal Kasper, who 20 years ago had his own idea in this regard, both in the pontificates of John Paul II., and Benedict XVI it was not accepted, saw with the rise Bergoglio the opportunity to re-submit this idea. Despite the fact that from Manila to Berlin, from New York to Africa, the vast majority of his colleague Cardinals reaffirmed the Church's teaching that - oh boy - is based on the word of Jesus. One of the few cases in which the statement unambiguously, clearly and definitely seems and is not even challenged by the professional  dismemberment pericopes in question ...
In short, the cause of Kasper & Co. does not seem to develop very well. But perhaps there is a way to help him. And to prevent the annoying votes against from being too loud.
The first point consists in the requirement that the contributions to the synod must be submitted in writing at an early stage. Which has already been put into action. Whoever wants to take the floor at the Synod, had to submit his text by the 8th of September.
Second: Carefully read all the posts. In the event that some should be particularly hot, then  another speaker shall be introduced immediately before the dangerous contribution by another speaker, the reply  which was prepared in advance to all or some points that are only raised in the previous presentation.
Third, if a post seems quite problematic, it will be censured,  and  not be granted, but that for lack of time, not all of the words will be included.  Of course, with the remark that he indeed accepted in writing and thus is part of the Synod files and he will of course take it into consideration in the drafting of the final document.
In fact, the Synod will not be of so much importance, but far more the summary that is worked in small groups and will bear as a "Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation" the signature of the Pope. It is very likely that there will not be a clear and definitive text, but a "fluctuating" interpretation, so that everyone will read from it what he wants.
Humble Note of a poor chronicler: But if one has such an elaborate and ingenious plan, why then would he talk openly in front of perfect strangers in a pompous dinner?
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred


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Pope Francis is a wolf with a shepherd's stuff. Dear Jesus save us from him You are the good Shepherd

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Francis is a latin American dictator, that is how they all come. With the so called revolutions. Riding on the backs of un suspecting poor people. They all sing the same song, "Helping the poor" until the poor find out much later that they were out for self promotion