Wednesday, September 24, 2014

East Ukraine: Russian Orthodox Firing on Protestants

Christians from Germany visited oppressed evangelical churches

Slavjansk / Schorndorf ( idea ) National Russian Orthodox circles have also become involved in the fighting in eastern Ukraine. They have attacked targeted Protestants. This was reported by former entrepreneur Karl Schock (Schorndorf near Stuttgart) after a trip to the region. The 80-year-old visited, together with the Eastern European missionary, Hugo Kleinknecht (Tostedt near Hamburg) and a translator to six municipalities in Slavjansk and Kramatorsk belonging to the Ukrainian Pentecostal union. In eastern Ukraine, since September 5, a ceasefire has been in effect. "We wanted to be the first Christian group immediately after the armed conflict, after the liberation of the oppressed communities, to convey our support and assistance," said Schock to the Protestant News Agency, idea. The separatists, who had attacked Slavjansk, have been composed, among others, of Russian Orthodox radicals and regular Russian soldiers.

An Orthodox priest allowed shooting from his church

An Orthodox priest named Vitaly had set up an ammunition dump in his church and allowed firing at houses. In addition, he had caused the destruction of two factories of Protestant entrepreneurs. Here people were severely injured. On the same evening Russian television had accused the Ukrainian army, of being responsible for the attacks. The troops were not even involved at this point in the fighting.

All evangelical pastors and church leaders had to flee or fear for their lives and had been robbed in part. In the battles alone, 200 civilians were killed. The occasion for the solidarity trip was the murder of four Ukrainian Christians by radical nationalist, Russian Orthodox separatists on 8 June.

The victims are the deacons, Vladimir Velitschko (father of eight children) and Viktor Barodinsky (three children) and two sons of the church leader Alexander Pavenko, Ruben (three children) and Albert (single). They have been exhumed said Schock, later with 15 other victims from a mass grave and buried at the memorial of the Revolution in the center of Slavjansk.

The wife of the President of Ukraine, Marina Poroshenko, have laid down flowers there a few weeks ago with a silent prayer flowers for the martyrs [sic]. Germans can afford to contribute to the reconciliation in view of the conflict Schock said: "The long history of unholy alliances between nationalist power politics and regime-supporting ideology - where here the Russian Orthodox claim to be the sole representation - repeats itself tragically. Germany has to make an important contribution to reconciliation through its experience with totalitarian regimes here."

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Anonymous said...

This is how to deal with Protestants. Not with dialogue, but with action.

Certainly, there is less room for deceit with words when it is clear that the opposition must be vanquished and buried.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis better get over there w/his East European fairy fundraising entourage uncle teddy, woelki stiltskin and bladder J. cupich and his evangelical and Pentecostal friends to pray for peace (like before the synod)!

If you translate the page:
The U.S. bishops, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick (83) and bladder J. Cupich (64) of the 20-year work of the Agency, praise and recognition have spoken.Both emphasized the good cooperation between the Solidariätsaktion founded in 1993 the German Catholics with the people of Central and Eastern Europe and the US's Fund "Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe", whose co-founder McCarrick, Archbishop Emeritus of Washington is. Bishop Cupich of Spokane is his successor as Chairman of the competent Commission in the U.S. Bishops' Conference since 2008.

Anonymous said...

Heresy is worse than murder, rape, bestiality, and cannibalism combined. If these sorts of crimes against the body get the death penalty in most parts of the world, then people shouldn't get all prissy about public execution for the eternal murder of souls.

Protestantism is in itself diabolic and Satanic to the core. The Russian Orthodox may be in schism, but, they still have the same sacraments as the Catholic Churches, their uneducated and ignorant laymen still have an opportunity for salvation due to their ignorance and access to Confession (especially important if you committed mortal sin after Baptism) and the Eucharist, which Christ Himself instituted in the Holy Gospels. The protestant spit on Christ and His Holy Word, they eliminated and blaspheme the Eucharist which Jesus said (John Chapter 6) is His true body and true blood, and which is needed for eternal life and salvation.

The rejection of John Chapter 6 by the protestants is the Achilles heel to their diabolical sects. It proves that they value the traditions of men more than Scripture itself, where Jesus clearly states the Eucharist is His body and blood. If you read it in Greek, Jesus even increases the literalness of the word "eat" (trogo instead of phago) after the Jews challenge Him (how can this man give us his flesh to eat?)

St. Francis de Sales pray for us.