Sunday, September 7, 2014

Cardinal Marx "Affirms" the Indissolubility of Marriage

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DBK-Chairman: Church is bound up in this question to the word of Jesus. Sacramental recognition of the second relationship after failure of the first is "excluded".  But there are "Other forms of recognition"  to be considered.

Frankfurt ( The chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Reinhard Marx (photo), has reaffirmed the Catholic understanding of the indissolubility of marriage. The Church is bound up in this question to the word of Jesus, said the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (Friday). At the same time,malif Marx admitted that the church had to face the fact that marriages fail and break up families.

"We need to overcome silence in the face of failure," Marx said. So the question arises, what does the Church have to say about a second relationship, which also could have its "own moral quality". A sacramental recognition is, however, in the words of the Cardinal "excluded". But probably there are "other forms of recognition" which have not yet been considered sufficient, says Marx. Further details were not mentioned by the Cardinal.

He did not anticipate the Synod of Bishops being convened by Pope Francis on matters of marriage and family.

In the fall, the bishops will meet in the Vatican, to discuss these issues. A second meeting is planned in the coming year.

Individual theologians refer to overlooking the handling remarried divorcees considering the practice of the Eastern Churches, in which, although no second marriage is consummated, the second relationship can blessed as a community of responsibility. Another question in this context is the admission to the sacraments. Under current understanding, the divorced and remarried are excluded from receiving communion.

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Anonymous said...

Current understanding?
It is possible that the adulterers may be admitted to receiving communion.
That is what Cardinal Kaspers theology proposes.
Cardinal Kaspers theology is highly admired by pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

I should add adulters to be admitted to communion in certain circumstances without having to reform.
Signs John Lordship

Anonymous said...

What are they talking about when they say that the Eastern Churches bless a second relationship as a community of responsibility? Redolent of the usage of weasel word-type terms and descriptions used years ago to justify priests getting married. As a divorced Catholic, I see God's Wisdom in the VI Commandment and Christ's wisdom in no remarriage. In my humble opinion, the divorced really would do better to meditate about pleasing God and accepting His love than to seek another imperfect human love. As a practical matter, 2nd marriages have a more dismal failure rate than 1st marriages.

In this age of narcissism, again my opinion, the need to feel loved becomes paramount, and the love itself documented, hence the desire for legal recognition of remarriages, gay marriages, and what not.

susan said...

When, O when dear Lord, will we be relieved of these old, flacid, limp-brained, carnal-minded, modernist heretics in red? How long O Lord?

Anonymous said...

Susan - 2017 for the Great Chastisement. This from a close reading of all the approved Catholic prophecies and apparitions of the last 400 years. Get your St. Benedict's Crosses, Holy Water and blessed beeswax candles and keep them safe at home ... three days and nights of darkness coming up.

Benedict Carter