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Pope Francis Recommends Charismatics Suenens and Helder Camara as Models?

Camara and Suenens as Models for Charismatsm
(Rome) Pope Francis took part on Sunday, June 1st, at the 37th annual meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Italy, which is organized asby the Community Rinovemento nello Spirito Santo (RnS, renewal in the Holy Spirit). It was the first time that a pope took part in such a meeting. In the Olympic Stadium of Rome there were also 50,000 participants from worldwide, managed by the Charismatic Renewal. The charismatic movement is represented in all countries of the world. According to their own information it  includes 100 million Catholics. Pope Francis has recommended  two models for Charismatics: Leo Cardinal Suenens and Helder Camara. In which camp does the Pope want to drive the Charismatic Renewal?
The speech of the Pope in the Stadio Olimpico garnered new attention according to the official and unofficial reports, meeting with evangelical delegations in June and his "private visit" with the evangelical pastor Giovanni Traettino on July 28th in Caserta. Jorge Mario Bergoglio was already supportive as Archbishop of Buenos Aires in the Argentine Episcopal Conference for the charismatic movement.
Salvatore Martinez, President of the RnS  since 1997  said in greeting: "We were born under Paul VI, we have grown and matured under John Paul II and with them now begins this extraordinary missionary season..." Benedict XVI. was apparently for the charismatic movement, no offense, certainly not worth mentioning.
Some excerpts from the Pope's speech:
"In the Mechlin documents you have a guideline, a safe way, so as not to go astray. The first document is a theological and pastoral orientation. The second - 'Charismatic Renewal and Ecumenical Movement '- is from the pen of Cardinal Suenens, the great protagonist of the Second Vatican Council. The third is: Renewal in the Spirit and Human Service ', by Cardinal Suenens and Bishop Helder Camara."
"I expect from you that you are in the grace of the 'Spirit-baptism', the baptism with which the Holy Spirit shares with everyone in the Church - an expression that is found in Acts (cf. 1.5,. 11:16)."
"You shall bear witness to a spiritual ecumenism with all those brothers and sisters of other churches and ecclesial communities who believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior."
"Remember: The Charismatic Renewal is ecumenical in nature ... The Catholic renewal movement would be about what the Holy Spirit works in the other churches' (1 Mechelen 5.3)."
"This is great. I would also like to thank, because they are already organizing the great jubilee of 2017."
"And I expect you to celebrate all their charismatics in the world together with the Pope your big anniversary at Pentecost 2017 on St. Peter's Square! Thank you! "

Two Modernists as Role Models? - Suenens: "Be apostles Like Camara and Mohammed"

Pope Francis with RnS-Chairman Martinez (left). The Pope greets the audience as a politician who does not bless them, however, as did his predecessor.
Pope Francis said in 1974 at the suggestion of Archbishop Leon-Joseph Cardinal Suenens of Mechelen-Brussels that have been made "Mecheln Document". He called upon, as patrons for charismatic Catholics, the Belgian Cardinal Suenens (1904-1996) and the left-wing Brazilian liberation theologian Archbishop Helder Camara of Recife and Olindo (1909-1999), who are two controversial religious leaders of  recent Church history. Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre described them in a 1986 open letter as  "Confused Catholics".
Both belong to that part of the Neo-Modernist group which was more committed to an ominous "Spirit of the Council" than the Council itself. Suenens was one of the leading presenters of the Council and behind the scenes one of the main strategists of the opinion-making progressive Rhenish Alliance. Suenens turn said of his "great friend" Camara, that he had "played a key role behind the scenes, even though he never took the floor during the Council sessions"  at the Council (Suenens: Remembrance & Hope, 2000).
Cardinal Suenens as an advocate of a "theological pluralism"  described the Second Vatican Council as "French Revolution in the Church." In the summer of 1982, Cardinal Suenens said at an episcopal consecration of a new bishop: "Be an apostle like Gandhi, Helder Camara and Mohammed!"

Helder Camara Agitation Potential: From Fascist to Marxist

Helder Camara was in the 1930s, although already a priest, one of the leaders of the Brazilian Fascism, which was against the wishes of his bishop  when he became the General Secretary of Ação Integra Lista Brasileira (AIB), the Fascist Party of Brazil.  It was a curiosity that appeared nowhere else worldwide. A chapter, that he later avoided and most of his biographers ignored or minimized. In 1937  Brazilian fascism came to an end  by a ban, and a failed subsequent coup attempt in 1938. But Camara was able to quickly reinvent himself due to his charismatic abilities, even within the Church. His fascist past may explain his rapid swing to Marxism. His potential for extremes were given ​​sufficient proof by his agitation.
The Brazilian Catholic, Plinio Correa de Oliveira wrote on Camara: The Brazilian episcopacy had "proven up in 1948 as a staunch opponent of Marxism. But then  the episcopate came to a left turn,  with the formation of an ominous "Brazilian National Conference of Bishops" in 1952 and which was reinforced by  the choice of Helder Camara for their first General Secretary. The fruits of this U-turn were not long in coming: Priests during demonstrations, religious sisters in miniskirts and leading leftist Catholics who were in favor of the Communist agitation.  "Because of his leaning to the left, Camara was in the West, however, quick to be an uncritically celebrated demigod. His fascist past, usually not known anyway, he had washed clean by his Marxism.
Camara made, as Chaplain of Catholic Action  in 1948 and established at a time when there were no bishops' conferences, a "Brazilian National Bishops' Conference " (CNBB) and became its general secretary. Although the CNBB ultimately consisted only of his person and  the then Nuncio and eight of more than 150 bishops,  Camara was in the media played to convey the impression that opinions, suggestions, program projects of the CNBB, were the opinion of the Brazilian Bishops. Paul VI. dissolved the CNBB in 1964, but then made Camara the Archbishop of Olinda and Recife.

Camara's Subversive Council Influence

Camara, a gifted agitator, kept in the wings, while representatives of the Rhenish Alliance worked in public. Two days after the beginning of the first session of the Council  Camara presented against the texts prepared by John XXIII., a  "spirit of the Council". After the Council he would do the same against the Conciliar documents.
In the background it was his formulations, through the Information Service International Documentation on the Catholic Church (IDOC)  by which he significantly influenced how the media perceived the Council. And it was through the media in turn, which not insignificantly influenced the Council. Camara created a kind of subversive means to influence the Council. He coordinated coverage of  privileged media contacts, organized voices for voting in the Council sessions and developed their own encodings, because you never know who else is listening on the phone. Cardinal Suenens then was always called by the code name "Father Miguel".

Camaras Opus Angeli - Modernist Think Tank

These dark institutions which Camara formed are still influential today, such as the ominous Opus Angeli , as a think tank of modernism, whose Secretary is  Elisabeth Hollants, who was also Camara's personal secretary. About Opus, circled figures like Hans Küng, the Italian priest and politician Giuseppe Dossetti, the German moral theologian Bernard Haring, the Austrian theologian Ivan Illich. All figures of the so-called "democratic Catholicism '. The most ideas developed in the workshop of Opus Angeli  (for collegiality, Bishops' Curial Reform, election of the pope by the Synod of Bishops, relations with other religions, ecumenism, Women Deacons, then women priests, the abolition of priestly celibacy) were so radical that they were not enforceable on the Council.

Instant "with preparation of the Third Vatican begin"

The appointment of Camaras as a cardinal that was already referred to in 1965 by his friends as "necessary, indeed indispensable," would never be reality. This, although an "old Austrian archbishop" had told him: "It was just revealed to me that you will be Cardinal."
The largest defeat, according to his own admission, Camara saw the refusal of Pope Paul VI., to allow the Council to comment on the subject of contraception. A refusal already anticipated in the Encyclical Humanae Vitae. No sooner was the Council of Paul VI. completed, than Camara asked in a secret circular of his friends and colleagues to immediately "begin the preparation of the Third Vatican Council." Since his followers ascribed a  "prophetic charism" to him, he met already on 13 October 1965 with senior representatives of the Jesuit order, to talk about the Third Vatican Council. He said to them: "If you call me a prophet, you must be my teacher: So tell me please, is there any really decisive argument that women are not permitted access to the priesthood, or is it just a male prejudice that can be smashed by the Third Vatican Council? "

Camara's Delusion of "Artificial Life" and His War Against Humanae Vitae

On the same occasion  the "prophet" predicted that man will penetrate space within ten years, with all the surprises: "I do not believe in a jealous God, who is afraid of his own shadow, afraid of the power he has granted his co-creator.  I think that man is creating artificial life that he will succeed in the resurrection of the dead and he will realize the old dream of Voronoff ". 1
The encyclical Humanae vitae criticized Camara as "error" and "on her way as a new condemnation of Galileo", even "murder of the Council", as "practical denial of collegiality", as "de facto cancellation of ecumenism". Camara wrote a satirical poem against the Catholic teaching on women as "victims" of the same, because they are "forced" to be, to bring children into the world. The mockery begins with the verse:
"Children, children, children ...
If it is the joy that you want
(but what choice have you the poor?)
you have to testify,
you must bear witness! "
The "poetic" work by Camara ends with an invocation of the Blessed Mother to pray to God the Father, "not to participate in the birth of monsters." 
It shows mocking rhymes of "the most prolific Brazilian Church representative of the 20th century", who had formed  deeper and more radical contradictions within the  Church  against Humanae Vitae.

Unlike most of his fellow progressive European Bishops, Camara believed in the messages of Fatima (1917).  However, he interpreted them in his way. The mention of the Mother of God for the conversion of Russia, he understood not as the end of the Soviet Union, but only as the end of the atheistic, but not the communist Soviet Union. Camara wrote: "The Communist masses will rejoice on the day on which they will realize that they do not have to deny God and eternal life, to love people and to defend the righteousness in this life." Quotations from Camara are the essay  "Come i progressisti non vinsero al Concilio "(For Progressives, the Council Did Not Win) cited by  sociologist Massimo Introvigne.

Pope Francis and Gioacchino da Fiore

The fact is that Leo Suenens and Helder Camara are those two participants in the Second Vatican Council, who most commonly spoke of "charismatic", "Pentecostalism" and "new Pentecost." A direction that adheres, unsettlingly close to heresy of Joachim da Fiore (see separate report , the new age of the Spirit - Father Cantalamessa, Pope Francis and Joachim da Fiore . Suenens and Camara were in Pope Francis' role call as models for Charismatic Catholics. 
The "Anniversary" in 2017, for which the Pope was already grateful for its preparation, refers to 50 years of Catholic Charismatism. In 1967 that initial spark flashed at a meeting at the University Duquesne in Pennsylvania, the establishing of the resultant Charismatic movement under Protestant guidance in the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons (assembly)
Trans: Tancred


M. Prodigal said...

It just keeps coming. Has this pope appointed any faithful, orthodox prelates anywhere? He praises protestants, muslims, heretics, modernists, communists, etc. and seems to call traditional Catholic by a variety of unflattering names. Sigh. how long?

Anonymous said...

He does not bless them. That would be traditional.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis is nothing if not consistent.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but this Pope Francis has got to GO!

Anonymous said...

Well these 2 are nut cases and the buffoon lauds his fellow travels These are not the best times for traditional mined catholics .Look at these 2 they are nearing the end , lets pray they return to the true faith before its too late

Longinus said...

How quickly the crypto sede-vacantists rise to the surface when the Pope chosen by the Holy Spirit is not of their liking!

Anonymous said...

You mean the same Holy "Spirit of Vatican II"?

Longinus said...

Did not the Holy Spirit inspire the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council and all its Documents including Gaudium et Spes, Sacrosanctum Concilium, on Religious Liberty, Nostra Aetate?
Both Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI declared that there is complete harmony in the conciliar tradition and that all the previous councils subsist in and are confirmed by Vat II?

Or does the Conciliar tradition cease for you at Vat I and the papacy at the death of Pius XII?

Anonymous said...


You are really naïve! Pope Francis is destroying the Church, and you still hold him up as the Vicar of Christ. Benedict XVI is/was the Vicar of Christ. Francis is a substitute and an imposter as Pope. Every day he destroys the Papacy and the Catholic Faith more.
You would hold us to be obedient to a man who has done so many horrible things to the True Faith since his election, and especially in the last few weeks?
Truth is that more Catholics, priests and religious are leaving under Francis than at any time since the disaster of Vatican II started the massive turn away from the Faith.
I will give John XXIII the benefit of the doubt after reading about him, and what he wanted the Council to produce but did not live to see it through. He was NOT the liberal he is portrayed as being.
The true Papacy and the True Church died with John XXIII, because he was not open to what came from Vatican II. He would have been opposed to it....especially the Novus Ordo. Surprising as that may seem.
I read about Paul VI too. He didn't even want the Council....when he was a Cardinal. He thought it woul open a "hornets nest"...which it did.
He didn't even want to be Pope.
About the Council at the beginning of his Pontificate he said privately to a priest friend that he was " as a conductor of a train, forced to follow a path We would not have chosen."
Paul VI was a weak, indecisive man who agonized over everything and tried to please everyone after the Council, thinking to please everyone was the only way to hold the Church together.
He made one mistake....trying to please the liberals. Because the more he gave away (reluctantly), the more they wanted. He was too weak to say no.
He was a wimpish Pope, just like Benedict XVI turned out to be by resigning.
Now we have a genuinely evil man, a buffoon and an idiot. He;s an uncouth, uncultured person.
The liberals have wrecked the Church in the last 50 years, and now we have one of their own as Pope.
In a way, this is punishment from God, for not stopping them fifty years ago.

Anonymous said...

I have not seen any evidence of the Holy Spirit in the Church over the past 50 years but I have seen plenty of evidence that the "smoke of Satan" has entered the Church as Paul VI put it.

Anonymous said...

Paul VI was photographed with aproned Freemasons as he and they smiled for the camera. That is all I need to know about Paul VI and the Vaticon II. Once you accept that then everything just falls into place. You give the man way too much credit.

We have not had a real Catholic for a pope since our holy Pope Pius XII.


Anonymous said...

The pope is chosen by the cardinals.
There is no guarantee that they will never elect a fool.

The only guarantee is that should a fool be elected then he will be preserved from making a serious doctrinal error on matters of catholic church teaching.

Liberation theology is profoundly satanic and those who flirt with and advocate it are populist demagogues trying to use the spirit of envy to bring people to God.
It can never work.

Anonymous said...

How can men who like Suenens who tried to silence papal teaching on birth control or Camara who exploited the natural envy the poor have toward the rich for personal fame ever be seen as any kind of genuine role model?

Shallow populism is the metier of this current pontiff.

This is only to be expected as long as the truly satanic clouds of liberation theology continue to daily obscure the throne of Peter.

Anonymous said...

Our Pope thinks and acts more like a Communist than a Catholic.

Anonymous said...

I find all these negative reactions to Francis quite funny. Traditionalists have been living in the Catholic Ghetto to long and have completely forgotten what the modern church looks like in real life (internet tabloids and German clown masses on youtube aren't real life). Francis is just your average post-Vatican II era priest, he's the status quo; the goof ball who doesn't take anything serious, who wants everyone to love him, who dresses down to be hippity hoppidy, who kisses the collective butts of the congregation so they keep giving him more money and social status.

Francis is a gift from God. Last time I checked God vomited out the lukewarm. John Paul II and Benedict XVI were neither hot nor cold, they were to Vatican II what Louis XVIII and Charles X were to the French Revolution. Francis on the other hand is Vatican II in motion, he can be hotter than the Brazilian bikini babes at WYD and colder than the suppression of a saintly religious order. This man has life, he's not a drone, he stands for something. The days of diplomatic political nonsense (aka the last 35 years) are over. Catholics will have to fight for what the believe in again! No more camouflage, we're going back to the days of red coats vs blue coats.

The uncomfortable feeling you get when Francis opens his mouth is your spiritual immune system starting to work again. Francis is a miracle worker, he's curing your spiritual AIDS.

Tancred said...

Haha! Good one!

Anonymous said...

Anon. Aug,7:

At first, when I read your opening I thought you were pro-Pope Francis, and it nearly made me sick. Then I read your opinion, and you could not have said it better.
Most good Catholics, traditionalists and even some who are just ordinary pious Catholics (especially in Italy), are finally getting the picture of what Pope Francis is....and they don't like it.
The only ones still cheering him are the EWTN imbeciles and like minded "Vatican II can do no wrong" people. But they are a dying breed.
Very many young traditional minded Catholics, and just pious Catholics, realize what Francis is. They accept him as the Pope of the moment....but they dislike him and hope for a much better Pope in afew years time when Francis is gone.

hollandhouse2006 said...

Careful, you are criticizing and scutenizung the chair of Peter. He is the successor whether any of you like it or not, and with it the authority that you nor I have. Guided by the Holy Spirit he is instrumental in carrying out God's plan. Just because we can not see the ultimate end result and the way it will play out doesn't mean the Holy Father is not doing exactly that.

How presumptuous and dangerous to think you know what's best above God.............This "sense of entitlement" is truely a modern epidemic!

Tancred said...