Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gänswein: Pope Benedict Intends to Stay in Rome This Summer

Emeritus Pope is actively pursuing the religious and political life, "reads newspapers, is informed about the news,  receives visitors." Walking causes him some trouble, "but the head is bright and  the mind completely clear"

Augsburg (kath.net/KNA) Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. intends to spend this summer in Rome and not at the papal summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. He had so chosen to do so because  Pope Francis had rejected a rest in the Alban Hills, said the Prefect of the Papal Household,  said Archbishop George Gänswein (photo) in an interview to "Catholic Sunday Newspaper" / "New picture postcard". In August the emeritus pope will also be visited by  his brother Georg Ratzinger from Regensburg.

Gänswein, who is also the private secretary of Pope Emeritus, regretted that the brothers did not go to Castel Gandolfo. There it is a more pleasant summer than in Rome, because the village lies at a height of 450 meters above Lake Albano. "In the late afternoon there is always a slight westerly wind from the sea, which is refreshing and healthy," which is lacking in midsummer Rome.

On the health by Benedict XVI. said the Archbishop, given his age of 87 years,  he is doing relatively well.  Although he had some difficulties with walking, "but the head is bright and  the mind completely clear". The emeritus pope actively pursues the ecclesiastical and political life, says Gänswein. "He reads newspapers, is informed about the news,  receives visitors." He is involved in prayer for his successor and for the whole Church in a special way. Gänswein confirmed at the same time  that the emeritus Pope would no longer come to Bavaria. But that he misses his home was no secret. Because Bavaria is where his roots run: "His heart beats Bavarian, as he describes a beautiful book title." In his thoughts Benedict XVI often goes to his home, stressed Gänswein. It grants him inner joy and consolation. In addition, there still are many connections in the home, such as letters, visits and other contacts that would bring the Bavarian home to him in the Vatican. (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency.

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Anonymous said...

The term "emeritus" can imply that a person has not relinquished all their former duties.
Therefore Pope Emeritus Benedict xv1 presents a great difficulty for the true status of the current roman catholic papacy.
Questions remain concerning the validity
of his resignation brought about by his decision to retain the title of "pope" albeit in modified form.
The fissiparous conduct of pope Francis exacerbates this unsettled situation concerning the barque of Peter.
Can a ship really sail well with a captain whose authority is diluted?
Is there a single person in command of the catholic church on earth?
Traditional such command was vested in the catholic pope .
Under pope emeritus Benedict's new dispensation one is no longer certain.

Anonymous said...

if he's so healthy, why did he resign?