Friday, July 18, 2014

Stift Melk: Abbot Complained About to CDF by Local Laity

Edit:  We’d reported last week that a defrocked priest was to be the retreat director at a dying Benedictine Monastery in Austria, Stift Melk.  St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville regularly engages in this sort of thing, but the local laity of St. Cloud only grumble, perhaps, or are resigned that nothing will ever be done about the Modernist Monastery.  Well, we criticize the bishops of Vienna and St. Pölten all the time, like the Abbott of Melk.  We’re shocked to hear that there are monks opposed to this sort of thing.  It’s still more astonishing that the neoconservative kathnet has reported it.

What will be interesting to hear is if anything is done.  Could Collegeville be due for a visitation?

Eugen Drewermann has held the annual retreat for the monks of the Abbey of Melk at the invitation of the abbot. Believers have complained to Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller.

Vatican / Melk ( / jg)
The affair of Eugen Drewermann's appearance at the annual retreat of the Benedictines of the Abbey of Melk has led to complaints at the CDF. Believers have informed Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, the President of the CDF,  in a letter about the annual retreat held by Eugen Drewermann at the invitation of Abbot Gerhard Wilfinger. has reported .

The This letter mentions further transgressions of the abbott of Melk. This claims that ​​monks who had criticized the invitation to Drewermann were "silenced". Wilfinger has shown little of a Catholic attitude in public  and regularly criticize the bishops of St. Pölten and Vienna. On the other hand, he did not respond to grievances that relate to his monastery.  One of the monks of the Stift  lives with a woman and has confirmed this in the media. 

Complaints from the faithful to Abbot Wilfinger have simply ignored, it says in the letter. The Diocese of St. Pölten did not want to comment about the request from on the matter. Bishop Küng, however, has no direct right to give instructions about the responsible person of Melk Abbey.



M. Prodigal said...

It rather seems that only those leaning towards traditional aspects of the faith get 'visitors' for the most part or, if "progressives" such as the LCWR get one, then they "dialogue" for years and nothing happens. If the FFI get a "visitor" (who does not visit), then they get a hostile commissar to smash them. That seems to be how things go in this era of Francis.

Anonymous said...

In central Minnesota, we are freaking out on a yearly basis about the scandal of the monks of St. John's Abbey in Collegeville. We recently found out that Fr. Timothy Backous, who was headmaster of St. John's Prep for years has been credibly accused of being a sexual predator with a minor in the early 1990' drop many times a year.

Writing the Vatican and the past two bishops, John Kinney and our new Bishop Donald have accomplished nothing.

Tancred said...

We get the clergy we deserve is what I've heard. A big problem is that families don't pass down the faith to children. They send them to places like Collegeville, and the lack is made even worse there.

One of the surest ways to hit them is in the pocketbook. When Sterns County Catholics stop sending their children to this place or sending it money is when they will start listening, but I don't think anything short of death by old age is going to cure this very evil situation.

Jeff said...

I actually visited the nuns' monastery two weeks ago. They have fallen far away from the faith...