Sunday, July 13, 2014

Provost Jean-Marie Lovey, New Bishop of Sitten

Edit: this looks like another bad appointment.

(Sitten) Pope Francis has appointed the 64 year old Jean-Marie Lovey, as successor of Bishop Norbert Brunner at the head of the Swiss Diocese of Sitten. Lovey was previously Provost of the Augustinian Canons Regular Friary at Great St. Bernard. Since the Canton of Valais consists of German-speaking Upper Valais and French-speaking Lower Valais, the management of the diocese goes to the Upper Valais Norbert Brunner, which now have  French-speaking prelates. Bishop Brunner has headed the diocese since 1995 in the canton of Valais. The [Old Liberal} chairman of the Swiss Bishops' Conference, Bishop Markus Büchel of Sankt Gallen, was delighted with the appointment of Provost Lovey is "in the spirit of renewal of the Church," which was begun by  Pope Francis. For nearly 1,000 years the Augustinian Canons have been active in Great St. Bernard. There, in the Lower Valais at 2,475 meters above sea level, they built a hospice for pilgrims and travelers. For 200 years they also supervise the situated at 2,000 meters above sea level a hospice on the Simplon Pass in the Upper Valais. The dog bred by the canons for mountain rescue, the St. Bernard, is world famous. 



Anonymous said...

It's all of a piece. The Pope is fairly consistent when it comes to important actions taken by him.

Anonymous said...

His Order, or technically his "congregation" of Augustinian Canons (of the Congregation of Great St. Bernard) is down to barely 40 members.
Way back in the early 1970's, when the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was looking for a seminary, he purchased a former house of these Canons at Econe.
Apparently, this guy is more of the same liberal junk, in the same spirit of Pope Francis.
Speaking of Pope Francis, now this Pope is stuck in a huge scandal in Italy. He should just resign. He is becoming a joke. He just had an interview with a staff writer for "La Republica" newspaper in Italy where he came out and said that 2% of priests (including bishops AND Cardinals.....are paedophiles!!!!). He should learn to keep his mouth shut, retire/resign quietly, and allow the Catholic Church the grace to have a true Catholic who looks and acts like a Pope be elected.

Pope Francis has absolutely no Papal dignity at all......ZERO!!

Rosa said...

The interview was the Founder of La Repubblica, Eugenio Scalfari, not a staff writer. It is not clear who advanced the percentage, Scalfari or Bergoglio.
The day after P.L ombardi issued a note correcting those words.

Anonymous said...

Whenever the Vatican has to run to the rescue with "clarifications" over something shocking this Pope said in an attempt to downplay or deny it, rest assured that this Pope Francis actually did say it.
If he didn't, they wouldn't be so desperate to cover it up.
Francis should go!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is there so much hate in the blog in the website?

Tancred said...

Because there is so much hateful stuff going on?