Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pope Francis Suspends Priestly Ordinations in Paraguay: The Fate of Courageous Local Bishop in the Balance

The first step has been reached after the apostolic visit to the Paraguayan diocese. Francis will soon decide the future of Bishop Rogelio Livieres 

The following is part of a report by Andres Alvarez at the Neocatholic Vatican Insider at Italy's anti-Clerical La Stampa. There's no discussion that the courageous Bishop Livieres' accusations of aberrosexuality on the part of one of his brother bishops, or his denunciations of Liberation Theology had anything to do with this as reported earlier here. Surely there are worse Diocese in Paraguay who produce no vocations, house Old Liberal Bishops and confuse the faithful endlessly with their heterodoxy? Nope, sorry, too much Catholicism it seems.

[VATICAN CITY, Vatican Insider] An immediate and forceful measure was undertaken in the Paraguayan Diocese of Ciudad del Este. In recent days two envoys of the Pope to the government conducted an audit of Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano and, before leaving the country, dropped a bomb: Francis has all sacerdotal and diaconal ordinations in the diocese. So far no one has reported on the reasons for the freeze, but it clearly responds to a serious situation in the local seminary. [Like too much Catholicism, Latin, apostolic charity...]

The news was reported by the apostolic visitors, Spanish Cardinal Santos Abril y Castelló and Milton Luis Troccoli, Auxiliary Bishop of Montevideo (Uruguay). They concluded their investigations "in loco" on Saturday July 26. Investigations conducted during intense week, in which they passed around. It included fainting and subsequent hospitalization of the cardinal. 

According to the practice of the Holy See, the apostolic visits are usually reserved audits are often carried out in absolute discretion. But the case of Ciudad del Este was different. First of all because the conflict between its bishop and other members of the Paraguayan Bishops is public domain several years ago.


Lynda said...

His war on orthodox, traditional (true, unchanging) Catholicism is becoming ever more clear.

Anonymous said...

I believe St. Malachy described Pope Francis as "Petrus Romano". I am beginning to believe that Francis is an anti Pope and is only the Bishop of Rome. Just another modernist Bishop. St. Francis of Assisi said that this Pope would not be cannonicly elected. He seems to have become the worse nuisance in the Church today. He stated that if and when the time comes he too will step down as did Pope Benedict XVl. The time has come for him to step down as he is totaly ineffective in his job.

Anonymous said...

He would not do this to charismatic catholics. Sad for the seminarians. Save us from this pope!

Anonymous said...

I believe that God will not be mocked

M. Prodigal said...

I do not understand. Is this place a homosexual hotbed? I mean if there can be the gay M. Ricci at the house of the pope....

What is the true story? I have never ever heard of a diocese clamped down upon like this! The only place I have heard of is that the FFI cannot have any new priests because they were embracing the TLM and the Latin Breviary...there certainly was no homosexuality even suggested there.

AMDG said...

Gaggle translation of above post:

Also the bishop's pederastic / sodomitic General vicar was removed:

The bishop also confirmed that the Argentine Carlos Urrutigoity priest, accused of alleged child abuse case in the United States, was removed from the post of vicar general two weeks ago at the request of the apostolic nuncio, Eliseo Ariotti. He was in office Dominic Carey. (Google translation: The bishop Also confirmed That the Argentine Carlos Urrutigoity priest, Accused of Alleged child abuse case in the United States, was removed from the post of vicar General two weeks ago at the request of the apostolic nuncio, Eliseo Ariotti I was. Dominic Carey in office) -. Cardinal urges respect and obey the decisions of the Pope in the East

Anonymous said...

This buffoon who sit in the cafftiera is more dangerous then ever. God save the true church .

Anonymous said...

Moral perversions are never to be tolerated whether among modernists or traditionalists. It is hypocritical to excuse degeneracy in societies and dioceses with which one is sympathetic. Urrutigoity fled the USA: he belonged in prison and instead was made a Vicar General! I fear that, more and more, we will learn that some groups that outwardly profess to be traditional and liturgically elegant, are smokescreens for moral abuse. Consider how many trads defended Father Groppi, and also Father Maciel.

Anonymous said...

What is behind this appears to be

a] the support given by traditionalist Bishop Rogelio Livieres, Bishop of the Diocese of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay to Fr Urrotogoity
b] the scandelous accusations made by aforesaid bishop against his own archbishop
c] The fact that paraguays former president was once a catholic bishop who allegedly fathered children all over the place.

Therefore of all countries on earth Paraguay needs serious serious sorting out by the Vatican

Anonymous said...

I meant Corappi and not Groppi

Anonymous said...

The SSPX is looking for another Bishop!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I agree with several comments above. I would caution anyone jumping to rash judgement condemning Pope Francis in this particular case.
Urrutigoity was well known here and while in the SSPX! It was seminarians from the SSPX who told us about him and they all left the Society because of him and others like him.
We have Diocesan approved TLM where we reside. In each case it is a known active sodomite who celebrates these Masses
Known by altar boys who exit and tell their parents who warn others, and by decent employees who walk out because of what they have privy to in their rectories.
These people ALL love the Traditional Mass and find themselves and heartbroken when learning what the pastors really are interested in.

That is NOT to say that every TLM priest falls into this category !
However, we have seen upfront and personally that the TLM is used as a good cover by too many Faithless priests who know people hunger for what once was the Mass and they find same pew people donate well because it is allowed to be said.
Worse yet, we have read on Catholic blogs praises for these very same priests by name because they wear the traditional vestments , say the TLM and parade publicly in the streets on Feast Day processions, all the while surrounded by devoted KoC and adoring parishioners.
Your article condemning Pope Francis' actions in this particular case is outrageous given what Urrutigoity is and has done!

Tancred said...

Did you take a poll and study the problem for five years? Personally interview hundreds of priests who say the Mass?

Anonymous said...

I see my comment concerning Opus Dei was removed. Remember, this bishop is part of Opus Dei, and apparently approves of this pervert priest.

Tancred said...

I don't care.

Tancred said...

This single monastery has had hundreds of credible accusations of sexual abuse for the last 30 years and currently houses at least 30 "monks" who have been credibly accused. The monastery has shown a tendency to cover its tracks and attacks people who are trying to hold them accountable.

As far as we know, there's no visitation planned for Saint John's Abbey in Collegeville and the press is largely silent about it, too, while they're currently piling on the Archbishop, whose chief crime seems to be opposing an orchestrated attack on the family.

Anonymous said...

Much longer than five years and contacted by countless numbers of good Catholic parents and priests.
You may rightly choose to believe I know nothing as evidenced by your sarcasm. Nevertheless, it is very frustrating to know the truth from parents , priests and deacons involved and then to read a "Traditionalist" blogger defend the indefensible
( pederasty) based on the Mass said pederast and his protector Opus Dei Bishop allows him to say.
This is probably the first genuine ray of hope I have noted that Pope Francis has given concerning a general clean up in a Diocese and seminary .
Presuming you are a catechized Catholic .Have you ever wondered if men of perverse sexual inclinations are even validly Ordained priests?
We know many were recruited into the seminaries by like deviant acting seminary rectors and Order Superiors.
( Read the late Fr John O'Conner's testimonials) or Bella Dodd's notarized texts released by Dr Alice von Hildebrand.
Tell me how these men have had the Proper Intention required for the Sacrament of Holy Orders?

Diane Korzeniewski said...

I thought the priest in question sounded familiar to me. It would be wise to let this thing play itself out without jumping to conclusions that it's an attack on traditionalists. He had a history with the SSPX which kicked him out (read the link). That he ended up in the position he did in Paraguay is shocking. But, good and holy bishops can sometimes find it hard to accept others can potentially be involved in very perverted things. I suspect that the reason ordinations have been put on hold pending an investigation is over concern whether this man has recruited particular types of men, shall we say, who have certain inclinations that are not in the natural order. It's unfortunate the good men are tied up in this mess, but the move could be to hinder ordaining other men who would form the kind of network we don't need. See this old story:

Anonymous said...

More on defiling the priesthood and EPISCOPACY with homosexuals and NEO CATS by Bergoglio and McCarrick or "When "[the holy sacrifice of the] Mass is a Beach [Bitch]':

"Once, the people went without Mass for four months," said the Rev. Peter Baldacchino, a Newark priest whom McCarrick assigned last year to a three-year stint as the first full-time head of the mission, which includes two other priests and a pair of seminarians.

"While he was a student at the University of Malta he became interested in the Neocatechumenal Way (which led him to New Jersey (go figure)) ... Baldacchino, was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Newark on May 25, 1996 by Archbishop Theodore McCarrick.[3] He holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Malta.... "Pope Francis named Baldacchino the Titular Bishop of Vatarba and Auxiliary Bishop of Miami on February 20, 2014."

Tancred said...

As bad as Carlos Urrutigoity is, one sparrow does not make a sprin. Considering the courageous ness of this bishop, the numerous vocations, the expansive traditional life in his diocese as well as the deplorable condition of the neighboring diocese, I think it's a little ridiculous to go after this Diocese.

St. John's Abbey in Collegeville, Minnesota has dozens of credibly accused sexual predators either "on restriction" or on the job. Naturally, doctrinal orthodoxy and liturgical abuses are the norm there, and no talk of a visitation, either.

Anonymous said...

How can a bishop who allows this corruption be called "courageous?"It is distressing that perversion seems to existamong traditionalists who use their outward traditionalism to masquerade their life styles (like the "High Church" Anglicans). Or perhaps this was the case long before now but the faithful were naive or did not want to recognize reality. Here is the latest GlobaPost:

The Vatican has ordered a diocese in eastern Paraguay to dismiss a priest accused of sexually abusing young men in the United States and has restricted the powers of the bishop who hired him, according to local news reports.

The Ciudad del Este diocese’s reported firing of Argentine priest Carlos Urrutigoity followed a recent investigative report by GlobalPost into his rise to a powerful position in the South American city, despite a string of molestation allegations against him.

The reporting, and local media coverage that followed, unleashed a flood of controversy over the priest’s continued work in the church — where he’d been promoted to the No. 2 post of vicar general.
. Clergy members from Switzerland to Scranton have issued warnings that the Argentine priest is “dangerous” and “a serious threat to young people.”

Urrutigoity has denied the allegations and was never criminally charged. But US activists have campaigned for him to be punished. That movement has gained fierce voices in Paraguay — and it appears to have gotten an answer from the pope.

Ciudad del Este Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano said Urrutigoity had been dismissed as vicar general in early July by request of the Vatican’s representative, Apostolic Nuncio Antonio Ariotti, Paraguay’s Vanguardia newspaper reported Saturday.

“At the seminary of Ciudad del Este [the bishop] is going to be suspended for a time from ordaining priests or deacons,” Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello told a news conference Saturday, according to Agence France-Presse.

“He has to go,” Miranda said. “He has lost his ministry … the church needs to find a way to solve all of these scandals.”

Some activists want to see tougher measures by the Vatican.

Tancred said...

He's courageous because he called out the lavender mafia in his own conference.

Maybe he doesn't have your incisive brilliance and deep insight into human nature, he's a man after all, and is liable to err.

Perhaps when you get to run a large Diocese with thousands of employees and a few hundred thousand souls as your responsibilty before God, you will win a crown of glory for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Tancred, O'Brien did the same thing publicly as do many others!
"Incisive brilliance" has nothing to do with common sense and the ability to read.
"When O’Brien stepped down, he admitted he had been sexually active throughout his time in the Church. He said: “There have been times that my sexual conduct has fallen "below the standards expected of me as a priest, archbishop and cardinal.”
"These officials have told the Herald they believe that the man complained to the Vatican last winter in revenge for O'Brien's outspoken attacks on homosexuality and gay marriage, just as his career was coming to an end. He described homosexuality as a "moral degradation" and gay marriage as "harmful"."

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...
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Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

One of the comments mentioned that the priest was sent to Paraguay by then-Scranton-Bishop Joseph Martino. Remember him? He himself was a good bishop, speaking truth to Scranton - while he could. I suspect it was when he said at a meeting that "the USCCB does not speak for me" that they conspired to get rid if him. Sadly they succeeded. I suspect this is also part of a dig at Bishop Martino.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Livieres Plano defended and protected a priest over and against the warnings of other bishops. This is gross dereliction of duty. Had the bishop been a "liberal", the traditionalists would be calling for his head. But because he was "one of us" they have given him a pass and have even called him "courageous." It is time to recognize that much of the "traditionalist" movement has been hijacked by the "lavender mafia" who hypocritically preach against the vice they themselves practice.

Tancred said...

"This is gross dereliction of duty."

No it's not.

Tancred said...

Your definition of "common sense". I'm not interested.

Terri said...

It should be no surprise to ANYONE at this point. The Pope is a MODERNIST.

Anonymous said...

One sparrow? It looks like that seminary is a large nest of happy birds. What a shame. And what a double shame that some "traditionalists" look the other way. None is so blind as he who will not see.

Anonymous said...

Tancred if you personally knew the behind the scenes lives some of the "courageous" as I and others do , you would be using terms much more descriptive than the clear statement you negate and criticize above.
Bevilaqua aka "Bevi" spoke out against perverted.
Meanwhile Michael Rose touted his seminary as one of the best. Read the happenings there from the Philadelphia Diocese' own files in the ArchDiocesan Report for the Grand Jury.
Boys screaming for help being sodomized in the deep end of the seminary's own pool.
"Bevi" decided to retire to a "luxurious apartment" in the seminary before he conveniently passed in the night the day he was deemed well enough by the Judge to testify before the Grand Jury the next morning.He was considered "conservative " and "orthodox" because he "courageously" spoke out too. It worked well.
Yes, yes yes , I agree with the posting above. The Traditionalist movement has been "hijacked" by the lavender mafia! The perfect screen to hide behind are all the Faithful who love the priests so much who say the TLM.
They know they are playing for an adoring and grateful audience.
I met an openly hx man at SSPX who later became a priest of the FSSP. and I now have Catholic friends who tell me they see nothing wrong with these men becoming priests .
Tancred are YOU one of them?

Tancred said...

If you have information, let's see names, dates, places, your name and so on, by all means, but your suggestions don't really prove anything.

Tancred said...

If you have proof, let's see it, otherwise, stop wasting my time with your malicious seeming and empty comments.

Anonymous said...

One thing you should know about homosexuals. They always conspire together. And they can't do that if they're at a truly orthodox (aka straight) seminary. Sin loves to hide.

Anonymous said...

In what way is it not a gross dereliction of duty?

If you have the answer, surely you as a faithful Catholic will tell us how it's not a gross dereliction of duty? Why hide the answer?

Anonymous said...

In short order you will be left stammering when the official report is published - just like those who defended Corapi and Maciel and calumniated the ecclesiastical authorities who told the truth.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that the Holy See would have taken such drastic measures were there not grave problems. Any bishop who protects and promotes to a high rank in his diocese a priest of notoriously bad morals, in spite of warnings from other bishops, is at the very least naive to the point of incompetence. Instead of portraying these peoples as martyrs, it would be wise to wait for the results of the apostolic visitation. I suspect that those who have eagerly defended what is going on in that diocese, will be left with egg on their face. Ask those who invested large sums of money in Father Urrutigoity's absurd Catholic neverland in Pennsylvania and went bankrupt, How many of these same people defended Father Corapi and Father Maciel, while denying the palpable evidence against them? Some of these moral derelicts are good actors - Father Thomas Williams LC being a prime example. While the faithful have been quick to judge liberals for the moral decomposition of their seminaries and institutes, they have ignored the corruption within the ranks of those who have used outward orthodoxy and the TLM as camouflage for their own psychological disorders.

Tancred said...

That's all very nice and good then, but what is the problem? What's the problem with the FI?

The Church has dioceses with bigger problems than a Carlos Urrutigoity.

Geremia said...

Fr. Carlos Urrutigoity was expelled from the SSPX, one reason being he's a militant sodomite. See this.

Tancred said...

All of which falls far short of the claims you're making about Traditionalist clergy.

I'm confident subsequent comments by your isp will go to the spam catcher in future, thanks.

Lynda said...

Response of the bishop is summarised at Gloria TV.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Fr. Timothy Svea--formerly of ICRSS. I mean, "Anonymous" here does have a point: some of these clergy are a bit strange (ditto "Canon" Marshall Roberts down in Florida, I believe).