Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cardinal Laments the Silence Over the Persecution of Christians

Four out of five were Christians persecuted for religious reasons.
  Vatican City (  I think we are silent too much," Koch said in an interview with the Vatican newspaper "Osservatore Romano" (Sunday).  An estimated 80 percent of those persecuted for religious reasons are Christians, said the Swiss cardinal. There are now more Christians suffering persecution than in the days of the early church.

At the same time the Vatican Ecumenical Minister emphasized the importance of Christian martyrs for a rapprochement between the Christian denominations. They are "the seeds of ecumenism and the future unity". The "ecumenism of suffering" will form the deepest foundation for the conversation between the confessions. 


Anonymous said...

So says one of the great persecutors of real Catholics within The Church.

Anonymous said...

In spite of all the growing evidence to the contrary, the Vatican still insists that ecumenism is the answer. How blind and foolish are these cowards in the Roman Curia and our Pope as well. Conversion to Christianity is the answer for the salvation of souls everywhere, including the Middle East.

Long-Skirts said...

Anon 3:12 said:

"the Vatican still insists that ecumenism is the answer. How blind and foolish are these cowards in the Roman Curia and our Pope as well."


(“The martyrs were bound, imprisoned, scourged, racked, burnt, rent, butchered – and they multiplied.” St. Augustine)

No burning tearing
Scourging skin
It’s psychological
All within.

No rotting flesh
Or putrid blood
It’s sterile clean
No rancid crud.

For butchered
Tortured bound up skins
Reveals the Truths
Of Bishops' sins.

They want it nice
They want it hushed
With veins of ice
Good souls are crushed.

The silent cold
Is better yet
Frozen solid
Can’t beget.

For martyred blood
Reveals the Church
Blind souls see Truth
And end their search.

“We can’t have that!”
The Bishops say,
“So let’s ignore…
They’ll go away.

Enlightened men
Don’t scourge the skin
Enlightened men
Keep blood within.”

But they forgot –
The woman bleeds
And monthly makes
A bed for seeds

Where nice and hushed
They’ll grow to men
And seize the oars
From wrists that bend…

On Peter’s Barque
Where blood still flows
From woman’s womb…
The Lily grows!

Anonymous said...

The Swiss cardinal is right to speak out. The Muslims now see the Church is weak and and led by imbeciles. They are with the help of the American tax payer driving Christians out of the Mid East. It won't be long before their 5th column in Europe start to do the same to us. Future popes will be happy no doubt when St Peter's is converted into a mosque.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

So Catholic teachers are now happy to watch people become 'blood martyrs' because it helps the 'cause' of the 'new ecumenism'? Is it just me or is this twitsted? Baptism of Blood is a Catholic doctrine: 'The effusion of blood and contrition with love is called baptism by reason of the grace conferred, to the extent that, just like the baptism of water, they have efficacy from the passion of Christ and from the Holy Ghost." So what is being implied by new ecumenits is that because the Church no longer continues Her mission of bringing us all under the mantle of the Bride, and actually conferring sacramental Baptism on people, we are now happy to have people who call themselves Christians being 'baptised' in their own blood. I guess, since they know everything, those new ecumenists must be absolutely certain that all people who are being slaughtered and are Christian are being baptised in 'effusion of blood and contrition with love in union with Christ's passion.' What strikes me is that the new ecumenism should think such things as blood martyrdom outdated.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

With sound bites like 'ecumenism of suffering', it probably would be better to have silence.