Thursday, June 5, 2014

Powerful Jewish Interests Cancel Bishop's Visa

Edit: is it meaningless that he's a citizen of the Commonwealth, and that there is such a thing as free speech, supposedly?

[Jewish News] A Holocaust denying Catholic bishop who was due to visit Australia this month has had his visa cancelled after The AJN alerted the government to his views.

British cleric Richard Williamson has described Jews as “enemies of Christ” and claimed there’s no evidence to support the fact that six million Jews were killed during the Shoah.

At most, he said, the number if Jewish victims was 200,000 to 300,000, none of whom were killed in gas chambers.


Anonymous said...

You are either for Christ or against Christ. Therefore, the Jews by virtue of their lack of faith in Christ are enemies of Christ.

What does Christ say about our enemies? We must love them, and that love means that we must strive to have the Jews recognize Jesus as Christ, to press the legitimate and valid claims of our Lord in their eyes that they may also be saved.

Are we willing to face the contempt and hatred of those we wish to save? What do we say to people who say "I have no need of salvation!" and those who insult us for suggesting they need salvation?

How much resentment do we carry for those people, and cover it with piety? It is easy to fool ourselves, so we must always examine the purity of our motives, regardless of how outsiders interpret them; for God knows what our hearts really say, and He will judge us in the last day.

Anonymous said...

This guy is living in Australia:

And how about these guys:

I doubt it was the 'Jews' who got Williamson barred from Australia but more like that back channel chunnel between Rome and Econe that got it blocked and then they blamed it on the Jews.

Sort of how 'the internet' got the Black Mass at Harvard stopped (wink wink nudge nudge) vs. the powers that be suddenly realizing if Harvard started taking the devil seriously (again), might lead people to start taking God seriously.

Donkath said...

In Australia we are trying to verify this report.

Anonymous said...

These bishop Williamson followers are just as cultish as the Jews they seem to despise.

Tancred said...

Try and think before you post next time.