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Don't Blame the Catholic Church for Carlos Urrutigoity, Blame the Dark Spirit of Old Liberalism

Edit: we've been trying to expose this tight-knit cult of pseudo-traditionalists for a while. As we pointed out about others of this type, they are clever, cunning and they have a lot of help.

Carlos Urrutigoity has not been accused recently of any sexual misdeeds, but given his past, we're 100% sure that the Church will be blamed. What ever happened to Dominican Inquisitors?

NBC has posted another article by a local journalist who shares in the outrage that such a man is put in a position of trust, even though he has a scandalous past. But just check out this paragraph:
Father Carlos Urrutigoity glides into the sanctuary, his ivory and scarlet robes swishing between the pews. Revered by his flock in the unruly diocese of eastern Paraguay’s Ciudad del Este, the priest will deliver his sermon to hundreds of worshippers. They will later clamor outside the church to meet the man, to receive his benediction.
It's the most recent story by the major news organs about the Society of Saint John's and its Father Urrutigoity who's had credible accusations against him, as well as he has been denounced by Archbishop Timlin and his former colleague who had the courage to oppose him, Doctor Bond, whom we've tried to contact when Deacon Levine was getting ordained in Oregon.

Despite the efforts and risks of many, Father Carlos Urrutigoity (Carlito) is now the second in command in Paraguay, an area with a lot of human trafficking and at risk youth. One thing they'll tell you, and that's usually the thing with this artificial outrage affairs in the major media, is that they're very selective as to who they go after, and they're very particular also about their chosen targets.

They don't spend much time talking about the rampant sex abuse among the movement to legitimize aberrosexualism, in the Green Party, or the Socialists, or rampant sexual abuse among Islamic religious figures. There are no causal links between aberrosexualism and sexual predators and those who engage in human trafficking, but there is always a causal link established in the minds of the masses between the Catholic Church and sexual abuse. Even faithful Catholics believe there is a connection.

Just remember, the SSPX, even after giving Carlos Urrutigoity a second chance, threw him out of the Society.

The SSPX expelled a sexual predator, and now he's been given a new lease on life in another part of the world. We'd suggest that if he'd converted to Judaism and was teaching Hebrew at a Schul, it's hard to believe that anyone would care. What's certain is that the Church will be blamed, not the Liberalism and permissiveness which is now infected it so thoroughly, it's difficult to see Christ in It at all. For many, it's become impossible.



Anonymous said...

So encouraged that this creep and his minions are unable to hide from you! This rotting worm is a deadly menace to Traditional Spirituality and to solid orthodox Catholicism!

Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Bishop Timlin did not denounce the SSJ. To the contrary, he supported them even after the scandal was exposed. See story here ---

Tancred said...

+Timlin may have helped them before and after, but he did suspend Urrutigoity and Ensey in 2002.

Anonymous said...

Having attended an SSPX Chapel at the time which was served by a priest who was close friends with Urrutigoity ( and considered joining him ) along with former Winona seminarians who also knew him well, I recall Urrutigoity as having left under his own accord because of his plans to form a new Order. His Superiors were concerned that he was organizing a mass defection , not that he was a practicing sexual predator. Fr Hewko explained privately to certain parishioners at the time that ,"It was not a question of "if" he would join his friend but "when."'
Mr Bendell is absolutely correct with regard to Bishop Timlin.
Dr Bond and others fought an uphill fight to expose and remove him along with his cohorts.

Tancred said...

"Left of his own accord"

Anonymous said...

YES! According to one thirty something Deacon from SSPX he was known as "GURUtigroity " there ,"....because he had a group of mesmerized priests and seminariarians who wanted to join him in his plans for a new Order and his Superiors knew it."
Three other thirty something men who were former SSPX attendees who had also considered the SSPX priesthood then laughed and said," Really ? We knew him as Urootagroiney!"
According to Angelqueen's real estate moderator Grassemieir, Fr Marshall Roberts, Urrutigoity's other SSJ member , returned and is now a priest in good standing with the SSPX.
I would advise researching into why he was asked to leave an RC NO seminary in Rome before the SSPX first took him.

Orthodox Traditional Catholics MUST realize that the Latin Mass communities have also been infiltrated, keep their children close and accompany them on any functions with their priests .Not only for their child's sake but also for the integrity and reputation of the priest himself. NO boarding schools ,No Commando trips ala SSPX ( too many have even died ) unless you are there to listen, watch and assist.

"From his earliest days as a seminarian at the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) Seminary of Our Lady of Co-Redemptrix in La Reja, Argentina, Urrutigoity was accused of maintaining particular friendships, and of homosexual tendencies and acts against his fellow seminarians and layman living at the seminary," says Engel. "Among the many warnings concerning Urrutigoity that Timlin received but ignored," says Engel, "was a confidential letter dated February 10, 1999, from the SSPX Superior General Bernard Fellay confirming the charges of sexual abuse against Urrutigoity stated above, and citing earlier charges made at the La Reja Seminary."

Tancred said...

Roberts later found a happier home with the Society of St. John, where [priests] Carlos Urrutigoity and Dominic O'Connor gave Roberts the freedom to pursue a 'particular friendship' with a boy who had caught his eye. The object of Roberts' affections this time was a student at St. Gregory's Academy who, upon graduation in 1999, joined the SSJ. Roberts and this boy occupied the same room on the SSJ's property in Shohola. When Roberts later visited the SSJ in France, Roberts was given special permission to spend time alone with this boy in his room after compline.

Tancred said...

Also, I don't see any evidence that Father Roberts is back with the Society.

Anonymous said...

In an old posting several years ago Grassemier was questioned about Roberts serving in a chapel in Florida. His response was that he inquired SSPX as to his status. The response from said moderator to the poster was that he was assured that Fr Marshal Roberts was a priest in good standing. I do not frequent this site anymore and could not tell you how to pull it up,sorry. However, I did come across this discussion, which in my first hand experiences exemplifies the habitual of morphing of those with questionable backgrounds.
Below more detailed coverage on the subject mentioning Bishop Timlin's role too.

I hope these are helpful.

Tancred said...

Roberts has been an independent at least since he left the SSJ and his association with the Dominicans is also of an independent nature, where he even took a name associated with a religious devotion. I thought that was for female religious?

How would Grassmeier know that he was in “good standing”?

Anonymous said...

I followed up on anything I could read about the group in SSPX I knew who were close to Urrutigoity after being warned about Hewko by the twenty and thirty yr old men who were close to him and served at his SSPX chapel and by several sets of parents of the boys in his Commando group there.

As I recall when reading about Roberts ,Angelqueen came up. Grassemier then resided in Fort Myer's Florida employed as a real estate agent and if I recall correctly attending a SSPX Chapel. Someone asked him about the Latin Mass at an Independent Chapel being served by Roberts. He replied that he checked with the SSPX and was told Roberts was a "priest in good standing."
Apparently this whole group is connected and close friends as the SSPX young Deacon had said when he was a seminarian in the SSPX. Hewko used an SSPX parishioner's home phone,"... to set up an overnight meeting with Urrutigoity in another parishioners Pocono cabin and since they overheard his conversation they asked him if he was going to join SSJ.His reply,according to the home owners was that,"... it was not a question of 'if' but 'when'."
As you can read below a parishioner at Robert's Independent Chapel states that Roberts is close to the priests of the "Resistance".....exactly the same group of priests the SSPX ex seminarians warned us about over a decade ago.

Tancred said...

If he's in "good standing" then he should be an actual member. I very much doubt he is.

Of course, I could see him in the resistance. I've interacted with him on line and I've found him to be haughty, easily offended and deeply conceited

Anonymous said...

The suspension was farcical. They continued to prance around in full priestly regalia, interact freely with associates and live on SSJ-associated property. It took the next Bishop, Martino, to suspend the SSJ, and even then he allowed Urrutigoity to excardinate from the Diocese of Scranton. Now Livieres shelters him in Paraguay. Bishop after bishop has failed to crush this parasite pervert priest. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

"Deeply conceited" is a characteristic noted in all the "disordered" clerics we have known. The rainbow vestments of the Novus Ordo are obvious, Traditionally minded Catholics seem oblivious to other manifest acts of narcissism common amongst the "disordered" today.
Would St Paul worry about the fact he was balding? Would he wear tinted contact lenses to enhance his eye color or cologne so liberally so as to nauseate the hosts who have had him to dinner in their home? Would any of the Apostles of Jesus spend forty thousand on hair plugs or swirl in curls and then plaster sections of hair to minimize their male pattern baldness?
I realize we live in an image driven marketing society. However, to claim Traditional Catholic values and then to pander to the culture while preaching against the same, is a red flag to be noted.
The rainbow vestments of the liberals is one thing but the seduction of the Traditionalist imposters is harder recognize.
I offer these examples only to the observant with one caveat,Beware.

God Bless and have Mercy on all who seek to worship and give Honor and Glory to God alone ,expecially in these perilous and confusing times.

Konstantin said...
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