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A Question of Priorities? -- Corpus Christi Procession Without PopeFrancis

(Rome) Rome witnessed yesterday a papally orphaned Corpus Christi procession. The Vatican released a short term program change through Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi yesterday for the Feast of Corpus Christi. While Italy has long since abolished the feast of Corpus Domini as a day of celebration and is therefore transmitted in Italian parishes to the following Sunday in the liturgical liturgical calendar by the Vatican. The Solemnity of is, however, celebrated on the vigil of Corpus Christi in front of the Patriarchal Church of San Giovanni Laterano.
At the end of the Pontifial Mass celebrated by Pope Francis, the Pope did not take part in the traditional Corpus Christi procession with the Blessed Sacrament. Instead, the Pope, who has had several problems with over-exertion in the past few months, was brought directly in a car to the Patriarchal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, there to await the procession that leads from one to the other papal basilica. . Pope Francis then issued the solemn blessing. The procession was led by the Cardinal Vicar Agostino Vallini, who represents the Pope in governing the diocese of Rome.
Pope Francis Kneeling to DJ at Charismatic Conference

Participation Not "Opportune" Because of Calabria Visit

The Vatican spokesman Lombardi officially announced that the Pope "has deemed it opportune to give up the long walk between the two basilicas with a view to his next commitments," special mention was made of the trip to Cassano all'Jonio in Calabria, which took place yesterday. "Risum teneatis" was offered by the website Messa in Latino.

At the same time, the Vatican spokesman continued, "it was prefered that the Pope, not cover the procession in an open vehicle, so according to the spirit of today's celebrated festival, the attention of the faithful would be focused instead on the Blessed Sacrament exposed and carried in the procession." "Risum teneatis" Messa in Latino again intervened. "Despite the incredible concealment by the press-service of the Vatican, we hoped confidently and with Christian hope that the Holy Father, maybe perhaps a little fortified by vitamins, that in the year of Our Lord 2014 he would at least participate in the last part of the procession. Unfortunately this was not so! "

Mother cried: "For the first time a pope has left his flock"

A mother was with her children on the Via Merulana and wept. A TV crew from La7, taking notice of the scene, asked the woman: "The Pope stayed away from the Corpus Christi procession, while during Holy Mass he never knelt and after the Mass at St. John Lateran he ducked into a car till Santa Maria Maggiore to reappear for the blessing ... I am Roman, this is the first time a pope has left his flock in the Corpus Christi procession, is this Pope is so 'humble' that he is humbler than Jesus Christ? "
Pope Benedict at Corpus Christi Procession

Seriously Ill John Paul II Never Lacked Suffering

In fact, the absence of the Pope and the thin grounds that the Vatican spokesman Father Lombardi delivered, was irritating. Actually Pope Francis seems much more "humble", taking into consideration the words of the Roman mother, than his predecessors. "Who could not remember Pope John Paul II, the physically handicapped, yet with great devotion worshipping his Lord in the procession through the streets of Urbe. Or, Pope Benedict XVI. with his frailties, who did not shrink from it as vain, but was driven in a private vehicle in the procession, at which he knelt to worship the holy of holies," said Messa in Latino.

When Did Pope Francis Kneel?

In fact, since the beginning of the pontificate, there is a question of when Pope Francis kneels. An official explanation as to why the Pope does not genuflect at the consecration of the Lord, has not been offered up until today. Francis knelt during personal prayer when he visited the miraculous image of the Virgin in Santa Maria Maggiore, he knelt in prayer on June 1 in the football stadium in Rome, when he attended the meeting of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and he knelt on Holy Thursday at the washing of the feet of people of different creed and religion. He does not genuflect at the consecration and does not kneel before the Eucharistic Lord. The only exception is for the prayer vigil for peace for Syria previously on September 7, 2013. There was a Eucharistic adoration on St. Peter's Square, at the first part of which Pope Francis participated. To this end, he also had the Salus Populi Romani, the miraculous image of Santa Maria Maggiore brought out, before which he prayed kneeling.

The visit to Calabria and the shift of power in the Bishops' Conference

Bishop Nunzio Galantino, the new strong "man of the Pope" in the Italian Episcopal Conference
The visit, limited to a few hours to Cassano dell'Jonio, was to call out the Mafia. A legitimate and important concern for the affected population. Can the "control" of the Mafia, however, take precedence over the first duties of the Pope, the worship of God. Is the drive to Cassano dell'Jonio more important than the Blessed Sacrament? Thus the question must be answered as to why the Pope actually drove to Calabria.

On December 28, 2013, Pope Francis appointed the Bishop of Cassano dell'Jonio, Monsignor Nunzio Galatino, the new Secretary General of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Although Francis had declared the direct autonomy of the Bishops' Conference of the Pope, which leads automatically to decoupling from the chair, he has grasped increasingly in the following months, the Episcopal Conference with an authoritarian hand, than his predecessor. This includes the appointment of Msgr Galatinos. The Secretary-General had always been a confidant of the delegates appointed by the Pope, who represent him in the office of president. Bishop Galantino was, however, appointed him Executive President of the Bishops' Conference over the incumbant Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco named by Benedict XVI. Cardinal Bagnasco had learned of the appointment, which is equivalent to his actual disempowerment, from the media. The new strong man of the Italian Episcopal Conference, the man of the Pope, is Bishop Nunzio Galantino. Galantino himself stood out as exceedingly negative. He seems to take the controversial statements and gestures of Pope Francis literally. In early May he distanced himself brusquely and in a disappointing way to the Pro-Lifers (see separate contribution Bergoglio Effect: Secretary of the Bishops' Conference Distances Himself From Pro-Lifers ).

Pontifical Request for "Forgiveness"

Already the appointment Galatinos was completely unusual and downright curious looking. Pope Francis begged the diocese of Cassano dell'Jonio to "pardon" him, saying that he was making their Bishop, the General Secretary of the Bishops' Conference. It was already an agreed upon papal wish that Galatino remained also the bishop of his diocese. Cassano dell'Jonio with nearly 100,000 believers is one of the most numerous small dioceses, as they are frequently maintained in Italy for historical reasons. Even more: Pope Francis was asking the faithful of the Calabrian Diocese, of course, only rhetorically for "permission" to use their bishop and otherwise. The Pope wrote a letter specifically to the faithful of Cassano dell'Jonio to post the everyday decision and offer a wordy justification. "It has the impression that the Pope had to ask permission in Mafia Land, that he may decide something," wrote one commentator called No Mafia on the website of the daily newspaper Quotidiano della Calabria.

"Gesture of humility" or The Bizarre Scenario of a "Pope-King"?

Of this may of course be no question. In Rome we saw that behind the baroquely ornate gesture of humility, a rather quite successful diversion, which drew the focus on the unusual and the rather brutal intervention of a "pope-king" (Sandro Magister) in the Bishops' Conference, with the dismissal of the previous Secretary-General Mariano Crociata and the de facto disempowerment of Cardinal Bagnasco.
So also the Pope's visit to the Diocese of Cassano dell'Jonio officially stands under the motto "I come to ask for forgiveness." So there was Bishop Galatino making known throughout his diocese in March: "He comes to ask us for forgiveness." It's a statement that Bishop Galatino repeated several times. His exact words were: "The Pope's visit will be an opportunity to - look us in the eye after he has already done it in writing - to be 'understood' and to learn 'forgiveness' and, as he told me himself on Thursday [27 März 2014] repeated several times asking for forgiveness.'" A rather bizarre scenario.
Already in his letter, with which he informed the diocese of the appointment of Galantino to General Secretary, the head of the Church wrote: "I have not had the pleasure of meeting you in person, but I hope that I'll be able to do soon." The program has been amended several times. Now, a visit to the prison of Castrovillari is also provided for. There sits a the entire family of little Cocò, a three year old child, who had been executed on January 16 Clan War like a mafia boss, and then burned. Pope Francis had mentioned him at the Angelus of 26 January. The family of Cocò, parents, grandmothers and siblings are sitting in prison for drug trafficking. In Castrovillari prison a Romanian is also also incarcerated, who was found guilty of murdering the priest Don Lazzaro Longobardi on March 2. A "martyr of charity" to whom the Pope was alerted by Bishop Galantino.

The human need for the sacred, worship, prayer and penance, were given gestures with strong sociological connotations in the past few months. The trip to Calabria is being loaded up, in addition to the primary reason, as strange "apology tour" with sociological accessories.

Sacredness or Sociology: A Matter of Priorities?

So the fact remains that the Corpus Christi procession in Rome, the city of the Popes, was first orphaned in recent history. Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament found no Vicar of Christ who was kneeling in front of Him and accompanied Him. The Successor of Peter spared himself, for a pastoral visit to a small diocese whose significance is at best "third-rate". The people there will be happy rightly about the visit, but the question arises as to the priorities. The "existential margins" may be important, but certainly not more important than the Blessed Sacrament, and liturgical actions.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: RnS/Papa Ratzinger Picture: RnS / Papa Ratzinger
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

Terrible of me to say - and please rebuke me if you want - but I think for the first time we have a pope who is not Catholic ;

- profaned first Holy Thursday as well his second one.
- prayed alongside other religions in the Vatican itself on PENTECOST SUNDAY
- absent because of priorities and tiredness at the annual Corpus Domini Procession in Rome
- watered down or even twisted so much more on so many of our Catholic principles and culture - that it makes you dizzy and wonder if you understood right - then reading or hearing again - you realize to your horror it's true...he's twisted, garbled and confused once more...

What's to be done with a pope like that, whom the masons, and all the enemies of Holy Mother Church flatter and admire ?

Meanwhile Catholics who follow the timeless traditions of the Church are trashed, bashed and insultted - by this less

What sense does it all make?

Readers here all know this - I write it to confirm myself in reality - to let it penetrate because this pope has so many unreal non-Catholic propositions and ways it makes your head spin...and one could klose ones's Catholic sense if you listen too long to a pope like this...

I want to be in reality - even if it's a torment...I cannot go along with a pope..who makes me uneasy all the time ...why bother being Catholic is the message he is CONSTANTLY giving.. or no?

This is far for being normal...

I continue to pray for him and the hierarchy - mostly modernists too ...

Thank you Mr. Trancred!

Prayers also for you..


Anonymous said...

Barbara, It is a most terrible trial. We must offer up our suffering in reparation for the great offences to Our Lord within and without His Holy Church. We are scandalised, traumatised, in great pain - and for the most part, this is wholly ignored by the bishops and priests, who do not give us leadership in Faith and morals. Blessed Michael, the Archangel, defend us in battle . . .

Genty said...

I think it's quite simple. The BoR is not interested in anything that will not bring him worldwide publicity. Saying Mass or taking part in the Corpus Christi procession are of moment only to Catholics and that is simply not enough for his ego to feast upon. He is ever after the big gesture, which never actually achieves anything, but generates massive amounts of words and pictures in the gullible secular media.
His general demeanour vis a vis specifically Catholic liturgy can only lead to the conclusion that he doesn't believe in the Real Presence - or even the Catholic Church, except as a vehicle to strut the world stage.
It's early days and the world will turn against him, as it always does with its manufactured heroes. He will be a sadder man, and quite uncomprehending, but he will be insulated by his office and it will be ordinary, faithful Catholics who will bear the brunt of global scorn.
Nevertheless, we must keep praying for him, especially to the Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

One savant said: "These truths we hold to be self-evident: The Pope is Catholic, the sky is blue...".

How then does Anonymous (Barbara) say: "I think for the first time we have a pope who is not Catholic"?

Barbara, Bergoglio isn't Pope because he isn't Catholic. That's self-evident truth. Godless Sedevacantists who have abandoned Catholic name and are no better than Bergoglio and co. don't have monopoly on any self-evident truth, let alone any Catholic truth as this one is.

When all the bishops of England except St. John Fisher (who was soon martyred) went into schism during reign of Henry VIII and churches in whole England were then led by schismatical priests, did Catholics go there? Never, because it's mortal sin to go into schismatical church, let alone into one led by heretical priest or layman.

Stay away from all priests and laymen calling Bergoglio a Pope or themselves Sedevacantists, be holy and wait. We are Catholics. The Lord shall restore the order in His only Church, and I think sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Hitler is killing Jews. Bergoglio is killing souls. You 'are holy' but say and do nothing! Sounds like a Pharisee (who sought to destroy Jesus and John the Baptist (sedevacantists who protested OUT LOUD and went into the desert rather than give countenance to false priests)) to me. Jesus called you to be a sheep which means you must pick whom you are going to follow. If Bergoglio isn't the pope, but you follow along saying nothing, you're NOT holy, you're assembling with sinners and blasphemers--and worse 'praying' to HOLY God with them. That is an abomination to God. As Jesus said, if your right eye offends you, pluck it out (and also your right hand), it is better to enter heaven maimed than go to hell. St. Paul said let those who preach false doctrine be anathema. But many people in the church today think they can lie like the modernists but God will be pleased with them. Noah left the city. Lot left the city. Jesus said when you see the signs, flee Jerusalem. You burn your pinch of incense, give the sign of peace and account yourself holy and 'waiting' while actually you are lying like a rug and worshiping a false God in a false church (Muslim/synagogue/ communist/nazi, who's ever in authority at the time as long as your skin is safe!). That may be 'Catholic' to you, but what you are actually doing is following the majority into heretical schism while accounting yourself 'faithful'.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:19 pm - you might be interested in these Catholic martyrs who like the sedes (and Jesus Christ and his apostles) set up an underground church so that the true faith would continue--rather than just sitting around being 'holy' and waiting for someone else to do something -- all it takes for evil to triumph is for good (holy) men to do nothing.

Православный физик said...

Well, we have a Pope who is ostentatiously humble…If he wants to bow at the consecration, let him sing the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

Anonymous said...

I regret what I posted before ...I seem to have attracted extremists....

I disassociate myself completely from people who consider the present pontiff not to be the Pope.

The sentimenst of confusion remain - but I am sorry for my choice of words about the Pope not beuing Catholic...

Excuse me everyone...


Tancred said...

They don't need much encouragement.

Anonymous said...

On the vigil of the birth of St. John the Baptist I pray for all those who want to disassociate themselves from 'extremists' or not tell the truth lest they be kicked out of the synagogue (read the account in John of the man born blind). Barry Goldwater once said, 'Extremism in the pursuit of virtue is no vice.' But many people (like the Pharisees) who are only interested in how holy (or humble - no they wouldn't stone the woman taken in adultery or tell Herod that he was not allowed to take his brother's wife according to the Law of God) they themselves are will find in the day of wrath what God thinks of the 'lukewarm' and those who are silent or wash their hands as Truth is mocked, scourged, blasphemed, spit upon and crucified (don't preach the GOSPEL TRUTH - the WHOLE truth and NOTHING BUT the truth, SO HELP ME GOD!).

Anonymous said...

It's false that the Holy Father only knelt before the Blessed Sacrament once during the Vigil of Peace. There are at least 3 other instances in which he knelt before the Blessed Sacrament:
1. Vespers and Te Deum for New Year. (December)
2. Adoration in a Monastery in Rome. (November)
3. Simultaneous worldwide adoration for Corpus Christi last year. (June)

You would think that an authentically Catholic website would make sure that it has its facts straight when reporting on the Vicar of Christ.

susan said...

Ahhhh, well there you go! The Vicar of Christ has knelt publicly before the Blessed Sacrament FOUR times in a year and a half (!!!)...having yet still not genuflected at the consecration.

Nothing to worry about.....FOUR TIMES in a year and a half. Heck at this rate, we might even see him giving a Trinitarian papal blessing before the decade is out. And gee, maybe, just maybe, he'll actually put on the papal stole, or even a mozetta, or......well I'm just crazy talkin' now.

Anonymous said...

It's actually 6 times. The Holy Father has sciatica and a bad limp. He has stated that he spends at least an hour in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every day (in addition to Holy Mass, the Breviary and the Rosary). He has also told people that he has trouble kneeling.
The blog post made a claim about the Holy Father (that he has only knelt once in adoration) which was false, and I corrected it.
I'd hate to imagine what you think of Padre Pio, who in his later years actually sat at the altar.

Tancred said...

Doesn't have any trouble kneeling to wash feet, or worship Charismatic DJs.

Take your sarcastic pseudo-pious rejoinders and stuff them.

susan said...

Hey Anonymous....HE'S NEVER GENUFLECTED at the Consecration. There's the altar to hold onto. The altar servers are also there to assist him. There is a reason he refuses to do what the rubrics state is a necessity, when he's CLEARLY shown that he's capable...(i.e., has NO trouble kneeling to wash muslim feet on Holy Thursday; knelt for quite a while to be prayed over by a slew of charismatics; and more of the sort), but NO genuflection at the Consecration.

Wanna see what a TRULY humble, though feeble, frail, and pain wracked pope does at a Consecration?.....(go to the 1:18:30 and 1:19:15 marks)

When Pope Bergoglio gets to the physical point that Padre Pio was when he was given the exception, THEN let's talk.

This is a long-standing pattern with this man. He never genuflects at the Consecration (even as a much younger man)....something VERY wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

Sedevacantists are quoting libertarian Jews now? Goldwater was extremely unCatholic if not anti-Catholic when it came to social and economic issues.

Sedevacantism is clearly schismatic, the obvious reasons aside (no visibility or unity), they use the same rhetoric as schismatics to justify their position. Eastern Orthodox believers claim to be the One, True, Holy, Apostolic, and Catholic Church. The keep the "authentic" faith from 33AD to 1054AD, you can go to a Divine Liturgy in Athens in 2014AD and it would be the same as the one in 714AD, the believers would believe the same things. They reject the revolutionary council of Toledo I and the apostate heretical pope Benedict XIII who altered the Nicene Creed. Many protestant sects also claim Rome apostatized and became the seat of the antichrist. And lets not forget revolutionary Vatican I and the papal infallibility heresy, and that Bl. Pius IX was celebrated by Freemasons upon his election.

So when did Rome apostatize? 325? 1054? 1381? 1517? 1870? 1958? This is all getting kinda confusing! If only there were a visible, unified, apostolic, and universal Church I could find... I guess Jesus Christ was liar and was nothing more than a Jewish heretic and conspirator. He founded a Jewish sect for gentiles so that they could destroy the Roman Empire from the inside! Oy Vey! /sarcasm /tinfoil

But hey, let's not pray for Pope Francis now. Let's not be charitable and patient when considering his awful formation during the Arrupe era. Let's instead find and twist every one of his actions to make him look like a modernist mastermind who plots the destruction of the Church in his underground volcanic layer. It's a good thing the internet didn't exist during the saeculum obscurum!

- HW

susan said...

Lashing out without even touching the point...always the mark of desperation when one's weak argument has been annihilated.

Hey Anon....newsflash....most here aren't sedevacantists. Pointing out the FACT that we've got a truly awful pope who walks, quacks, and smells like a modernist is still saying he's the pope. The stench of Arrupe indeed hangs all over him, and at 77 years old, you wear the cologne you desire.

And re your little dig about praying for the pope; you have NO idea of how many Rosaries I've (gasp) counted for him, nor the number of prayers the other good readers here have said with a sincere heart and desire for his good governance and orthodoxy. Splinter, meet log.

Anonymous said...

Yet he does kneel before the Blessed Sacrament, you are wrong. There are at least 8 instances that I can show you. Change your post or you'll be guilty of slandering the Vicar of Christ.

Anonymous said...

When Francis assits at Holy Mass without celebrating, he kneels during the consecration, and there are photos of at least 8 instances in which he has knelt before the Blessed Sacrament. Not everyone has the same physical conditions so the comparison with Benedict is doesn't mean anything (even when Francis does kneel he always needs help). Obviously you don't know anything about sciatica, he could easily bring on an attack while genuflecting at mass. The rubrics allow for a bow to be substituted if the celebrant's health warrants it. I trust his judgment as he demonstrates deep reverence for and belief in the Real Presence on other occasions, in speech and act.

susan said...

hey Anon...this is funny..." Obviously you don't know anything about sciatica"....I've got it!...still manage to kneel (not just genuflect) to receive Holy Communion, and I don't even have altar boys to help me up or an altar to pull up from.

You're seriously reaching. He's bowed when the rubrics distinctly call for a genuflection since he was a younger man, and the fact that one can count in single digits the number of times he can be seen kneeling in reverence before the Blessed Sacrament is laughable (particularly when he seems to have a facility for kneeling in other situations NOT involving the Transubstantiation of our Blessed Lord in his hands!) You keep on trusting his judgement. I however will use my God given reason to judge his words and actions, which so far have sadly shown little respect for the Mass, Tradition, and the Faith.

try googling (or binging) Bergoglio tango Mass; Bergoglio pinocchio Mass; Pope Francis little book of insults; persecution of the FFI; Beach ball on the altar; Holy Communion in plastic cups wyd; muslim prayers at vatican victory over unbelievers; Fancis washes feet of muslim woman holy thursday; Blessed Mother "Lies! I was cheated!"; Cardinal Kaspar serene theology

sheese, that's just in one breath. Keep kidding yourself anonymous...all is well. All is well.

Anonymous said...

If one deviates from one dogma of the faith one is considered to have lost the faith. This blog is about Begoglio refusing to adore the Body of Christ. You all dance around it, but the point is that he is expressing his view that it is a piece of bread and that it has always been a piece of bread and that priests do not have the power to confect the Body of Christ as the Church teaches. What was the intent of Paul VI in promulgating the new mass? Why were protestants called in to help - who have the understanding that Bergoglio is professing by his actions? You dance around and call yourselves Catholic - but I see the 'work' of the Catholic Church (so called) in the U.S. -- Cardinal McCarrick, a flaming homosexual who has been successfully sued for attempting to seduce and rape (assault) priests under his care running in and out of the U.S. Congress to advise 'his good friend' Boehner to pass immigration, advising Obama (to homosexualize the nation and ignore all our marriage laws) , getting library of congress appointments to feather his nest, getting sent on delegations to the Mideast to feather his nest, , Killer Keehan who collects a million dollar salary to 'help the poor' passing death panel health care, pro-abortion and homosexual politicians like Cuomo, Kennedy, Biden, Pelosi, Brown, O'Malley (and the list goes on and on and on) overseeing the murder of 60 million babies while wracking up a $17 trillion debt and the linch pin to all this horror is the destruction of the mass. But y'all keep calling yourselves 'catholic' like the Jews did after murdering Christ. You will be destroyed in Jerusalem -- perhaps by the Muslim Army God is raising up in our midst. Remember the 'oil embargo' of 1973-74? Petro dollars? Maybe the 'anointing' is off the West because of the defection of the Church. Why were the new stadiums constructed in the last century--for football and soccer matches or for the martyrdom of Christians? When the sanctity of the womb has been destroyed--the tabernacle of Jesus Christ; the ark of the covenant, do not expect the 'church/noah's ark' that stands by and oversees the slaughter of innocents in order to shovel money into politicians and priests' and religious pockets to shelter you. It is a whited sepulcher! God hears the cry of the poor. Blessed be the Lord.

susan said...

What the heck was that rant?

We have a REALLY bad pope. There are some REALLY vile prelates. Human nature is corrupt and in need of continual reform through God's grace and our cooperation. The Church is still the Church and the gates of hell will never prevail. Is she preserved in the SSPX?...I'm beginning to think that's a distinct possibility. But to deny the words of Christ, and to say there's no pope and there never will be another one cause there are no legitimate cardinals is the lunacy that is sedevacantism. You are in a big bad black hole my friend. Crawl out while you still have time.

We are being massively punished through Bergoglio and his capos. The world is on fire, and this head prelate just fans the flames, when the remedy that is the Church's mission, Tradition, and teachings is the firestation; all at his disposal but mostly unused and disdained. He is a scourge. He is the pope. Hunker down, buckle up, make reparation, pray, receive the Sacraments, practice Eucharistic Adoration, and never, never, NEVER leave the Church, nor listen to anyone who tells you to do so or makes the stupid asinine claim that we don't have a pope.

Blessed be the Lord indeed!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Forgot to mention the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) War which preceded the oil embargo...

P.P.S. Praying rosaries, like the Pharisees, maybe in public, and emphasizing all your holy ways while you collaborate, defend and aid and abet the corrupt high priests (serve on their parish councils and join their orders--thinking you are converting by your example but just going along with evil) is an abomination to God. You cannot "assemble" with evil doers/murderers whose prayer (and sacrifice) is an abomination to God and expect God to listen to you - see Psalm 1 or Proverbs 1, or so many other passages - where Achan must be searched out (inquisition) and eliminated before God will grant victory/hear prayer. If you were standing up for the truth, you would be kicked out (or agree to silence yourself) of the current Catholic Church, just like FFI, Fr. Wylie, Sr. Joan Laurel. The apostles Peter, John, Paul, James REFUSED to keep silent and they were beaten and tossed out of the synagogues and then imprisoned while the corrupt Jewish priests did their best to get them murdered to silence the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

susan said...

....ahhhhhhhh, I get it now. You're from the Westboro Baptist 'church'!

It took me a minute, but I got it.

Anonymous said...

Susan, you are looking at things from a human perspective. Popes and Cardinals who do not disseminate (look up that Latin word) the faith mean nothing to God. Do you not know that your King and Messiah was born in a stable in Bethlehem? Lived for 30 years in Nazareth? Have you ever been to those places? From 12 uneducated fishermen and sinners he spread Christianity throughout the whole world. David who slew Goliath was a shepherd boy. Joseph, Moses, Noah... It is an abomination to love 'the Church' more than God. Many Jews of Jesus' time fell into this error. And many still do. I'm sticking w/the religion of my parents even though I think what you say is true. You will be held accountable for your behavior. If you think SSPX masses which are in union w/Bergoglio (who won't adore the Corpus Christi) are pleasing to God continue to attend those masses and attack those who don't (including clergy). But I tell you the FIRST COMMANDMENT is to LOVE GOD with your WHOLE heart, mind and soul. I would not do anything to dishonor God and I would not associate with anyone who does dishonor God.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your sciatica is not as debilitating as other people I know who have it. Not everyone's physical condition is the same. How many times would he have to be photographed kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament for you to be happy? I'm sure that for every year he was pope, you could produce hundreds of photos of Benedict kneeling in adoration.

Tancred said...

Deal with the facts, or don't comment.

His sciatica doesn't prevent him from kneeling in circumstances that suit his gestures, but prevents him from even keeping the rubrics of the Mass and showing due reverence to Christ's presence. That's pretty revealing.

susan said...

Yes, I've been to those places....brought the Gospel alive to me...what's your point?

And you are in GRAVE error in trying to separate the Church from God. She is the Bride of Christ, inseparable from divorce with God...they are one spiritual flesh. "Saul Saul, why do you persecute ME?" You dishonor God aplenty when you deny this fact the He Himself revealed.

The human aspect of the Church is flawed, corrupt, in need of conversion, but God set up the model....He chose Judas and made him a priest; Peter denied Him; Thomas doubted Him; many great Saints lived corrupt lives until they turned it all to Christ....and here's the common thread...IN HIS CHURCH.

Whether we become Saints or not is up to us and our cooperation with His grace that is outstretched to everyone till the last breath of life...even the worst of the worst prelates now alive..."Despairing of NO man"...(Lk 6:35)

But, quite frankly, you're a fool and a heretic if you think you can achieve that salvation outside and apart from His Church. She is His bride, and you slay your own soul in cutting Her from your life. Remember, Mary is the living Icon of the Church...He doesn't come to us but through her.

I'm leaving town for some days now...won't be able to respond, but I will keep you in my prayers. You are in a big, bad, dark hole. Come out and come home while you still have time.

Tancred said...

Enjoy your weekend, thanks for the effort in your responses.

Anonymous said...

Susan, The Church is the mystical body of Jesus Christ. A person who preaches to atheists, Jews and Muslims to not get to know Jesus Christ; to NOT get baptized, but to continue following the Koran, the Old Testament or the world, the flesh and the devil is not a Christian and does NOT belong to the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ--let alone head it! If today you hear HIS voice, harden not your heart to follow after the respect of men. You need to seriously think about what you would have done when confronted with Jesus Christ or SS Peter and Paul. Would you follow the uneducated, small, unsupported, denigrated, discriminated against and finally in danger for their lives minority who had the truth or would you put your trust in WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE and the CORRUPT High Priest Caiaphas? Jesus Christ says His sheep hear His voice. He is not a fornicator. He does not twist words - His yes means yes and His no means no. He laid His life down for His flock, He doesn't lead people to hell nor does His church. There is a GRAVE difference between personal sin which one repents of daily and propagating anti-Christ teachings, i.e. sin and death---calling good evil and evil good and leading people into the pit of hell (indeed a deep dark hole). These MEN say their predecessors didn't know what they were doing (St. Pius X) or had truths for their time. I belong to THAT Church which IS the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and taught that TRUTH (Jesus Christ) was UNIVERSAL and FOR ALL TIME. This is St. Paul: But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema. (Gal 1:8) This is the man you would have me believe is the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth: "At the meeting, Rorate has learned, the Holy Father, quoting Loyola,† told the friars that if the Pope says that black is white then we should believe that it is white."

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be various heresies involved in things Pope Francis has said and done. He is causing great scandal, confusion and suffering. We must not give in to the tyrannical pressure to accept those things which go against the unchangeable Deposit of Faith - the Truth. We must continue to be faithful and pray to endure the trial of this great apostasy throughout the leadership of the Church. Pray for holy men to be ordained priests and bishops, holy women to become true nuns, and all of us to become more holy. Pray for more bishops, cardinals, etc. who do not adulterate the Faith - but do their most solemn duty to bring souls to God through His Holy Church, the sole means of salvation (e.g. Bishop Athanasius Schneider of Kazakhstan).

Anonymous said...

The Charismatic Movement poses serious dangers in their founding and practice:

Anonymous said...

This blog is complaining about the pope not walking in the Corpus Christi procession.
It is a 1200 metre long walk and in Romes blistering stifling streets[June heat of 25+ degrees celcius] can be rather arduous even for a fit young person.

I suppose the pope could have gone in a car with air conditioning and that would have solved the matter.

Tancred said...

Dear genius, did you actually bother to read the post? Benedict actually participated in the Procession and also rode in his car to show his support, Bergolio wasn't present at all.

MS said...

I wish some people would stop making excuses for this Pope. Pure and simple, this man is a heretic!!!