Saturday, April 12, 2014

Modernist Benedictine "Monastery" to Host Rabbi Promoting Aberrosexuality April 28th

Edit:  St. John's Abbey at Collegeville is probably one of the most vile and evil places in the world, made so much more so by the fact that they misrepresent themselves as good, as Catholic.

They habitually return to lap up their vomit. No public reprimand will change the way they think or the patterns long established here since before the Council, they will continue attacking the Church from behind a Catholic name. No matter how many outrages they've done, many of which are publicly known, as well as the endemic failure this institution suffers in terms of its decline in numbers and fervor, no one really stops them, they suffer no visitation, no interdict,  but they enjoy full recognition by the Catholic Church, despite all of their frequent outrages and insults to Christ.

It's not enough to say that they will die out. Average age of the monks is nearing 70. Shouldn't something be done for their souls, and the souls of the many students who are placed in their spiritual care year after year by largely unsuspecting families?

Rabbi Rachel Timoner will present the free lecture, “Listening for the Spirit of God in Our Pursuit of Justice: Spirituality and Justice in the Jewish Tradition,” at 7:30 p.m. April 28 in Quad 170 at St. John’s University. 
The lecture, sponsored by the Jay Phillips Center for Interfaith Learning, will explore God as spirit, spiritual practices that help nurture the spirit’s gifts and how it relates to creating a better world. 
Timoner is the associate rabbi at Leo Baeck Temple in Los Angeles, where she focuses on social justice, spiritual life and lifelong learning.
She worked for 13 years with social justice organizations, and was honored by the San Francisco Examiner for helping to break the isolation of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.
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Contact Modernist Monastery:
Address: 31802 County Road 159, Collegeville, MN 56321
Phone:(320) 363-2011
E-mail: Brother David Allen

Of course this doesn't happen in isolation, a parish in South Minneapolis, frequently hosts such speakers, like the following "Rabbi" who claims she receives inspiration from the "Holy Spirit".


Anonymous said...

Yes, this monastery will die out, and sooner rather than later. Another dead monastery of Benedictines, this time of nuns, is the Erie Benedictine Monastery of "Sister" Joan Chittister. There are only about 80 nuns there today, and nearly, except for perhaps a dozen, are over 70.
Sad to say, most religious Orders of men in the USA, and nearly all religious Orders of nuns in the USA share the same agenda and belief system as Saint John's. To wish this place gone and closed is a good thing....but then logically we must also wish most religious Orders of men and women in the USA.....and to be honest in the Church at large....the same fate. Sadly, since the disaster of Vatican II, most share some or all of the belief of Saint John's. Therefore,it is only logical to hope for an end of all these Orders..........and that will indeed happen.
In Italy there are barely 400 Jesuits left. Think of all the monumental Churches, universities, and other scholarly endeavors they once operated in Italy 60-70 years ago. Before Vatican II, there were nearly 4,000 Jesuits in Italy! In Italy and elsewhere, all the once great religious Orders are dying out. The Capuchins now have less that 10,000 monks, the great Franciscan Order (OFM), only 13,000 friars (down 15,000 since Vatican II !!), the Dominicans have less than 600 in Italy, and have closed this year several historic monasteries...especially the venerable San Marco monastery in Florence. The once great Trappist Order, the only once huge Order of cloistered monks in the Catholic Church, had close to 5,800 monks before Vathican II, but today has less than 2,000. There are other cloistered Orders of monks in the Catholic world (Carthusians at 330, the two surviving Camaldolese Orders (the radical liberal branch at 90 monks world wide, the more traditional branch at 58 members), and a few Benedictine abbies (less than 40 out of 275 Benedictine houses total) dedicated purely to cloistered contemplation. But the Trappists before the disaster of Vatican II were truly huge, and flourishing Getsemani Abbey in Kentucky in the USA had, before Vatican II 250 monks with an average age of 35. Today, they have only about 25 in residence with an average age approaching 70, and another 20 members older than 70 who are in speciailized care nursing homes ! Look for Gethsemani Abbey to close within the next five years. It too, has gone radical liberal since Vatican II. Thomas Merton started the swing there to liberalism...but it is way beyond him now.
Let us pray that young people, rather than seeking to either found, or join new "traditional" Orders loyal to the "correct" interpretation of Vatican II will instead be inspired to re-found Orders that are dying out due to Vatican II, or that they will join the SSPX and encourage them to begin the process of refounding existing Orders rather than developing new ones.
It is the only hope for the Church.
Who wants to see the great Orders of the Church disappear because of the disaster of Vatican II? No one with a thinking brain. It is time to encourage groups to re-found traditional branches of existing Orders, so that when the original groups die out due to Vatican II, the smaller, traditional groups might step in to replace them, and keep their spirit alive.. It will be a blessing to see monasteries and Orders like Saint John's Abbey gone.

Anonymous said...

Not only a jew, but a Jewish whore- a woman masquerading as a teacher/Elder/priest. (It's all the same with this satanic religion)

St. John's is a demonic place.
- Fr. John+