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Canonization Without Miracles and Church Politicis -- Capovilla: Says John XXIII. Not the "Sweet-Natured Pope"

Good Pope John
Edit: an uncanonical canonization for an pastoral Council.

(Rome) John XXIII., the Pope who convened the Second Vatican Council and is to be canonized without a miracle in a few days by Pope Francis.  He was commonly known in the collective memory as the "good" and "sweet-natured" Pope .  In contrast, his personal secretary Loris Capovilla is protesting: "Please, don't call him the good-natured Pope. '"

 Capovilla's Elevation to Cardinal in Honor of the Council

 Monsignor Loris Capovilla was the personal secretary of John XXIII. during his pontificate.  This past February 22nd, Pope Francis made him a cardinal.  Capovilla, born in 1915, has become since then the oldest living Cardinal.

He's been 50 years fighting against this appellation of John XXIII., as the "Good Pope" or "sweet-natured Pope," Cardinal Capovilla has been giving  a few interviews  for the canonization of Pope Roncalli.   The figure of John XXIII. says Capovilla,   is being overwhelmed by this "good nature", said Capovilla, because Pope Roncalli was "very determined" and had been primarily  "for the Church and the world and  peace, of great importance.  His greatest importance is connected to the Second Vatican Council," said Capovilla in the newspaper Eco di Bergamo.

Johannes XXIV. oder Franziskus?  

 Again the almost century-old cardinal insisted with particular emphasis, on the similarity between John XXIII. and Pope Francis. Francis reminds  people "very" much of Pope Roncalli, says Capovilla.   The Argentine cardinal had wanted to call himself for a moment even John XXIV.  "Pope Francis and John are very similar.  Cardinal Bergoglio had thought to take the name John.  He wanted to be the successor of John XXIII.    But he also thought of Francis.  Then he spoke to the Brazilian Cardinal Damasceno and advised him to adopt a name that speaks for the poor and of poverty. So Bergoglio has opted for Francis.  But Pope John was in his thoughts."


Canonizations as Motivated by Church Politics?

Pope Francis, it can also be said,  that he very rarely mentions the turning point in history of  the Second Vatican Council is a point of distinction.    This includes the collection of Cardinal Loris Capovilla on February 22, whose merit it is mainly to have been the secretary of John XXIII.   and to have been  a   tireless exponent of the "epochal significance" of Vatican II.  This primarily involves the canonization of John XXIII.  on April 27, bypassing the canonically prescribed standards.  Two events with which Pope Francis contends in the large intra-church conflict, on the one hand  John XXIII and Paul VI., on the other hand, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.   The canonization of John XXIII.  is ultimately a product of chance  in internal  Church circles, which is directly related to the canonization of John Paul II.

The no Longer Preventable Raising of John Paul II to the Altars

Shortly after Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope, the Congregation of Saints convened on the 2nd of July, 2013  to acknowledge the miracle that paved the way for the canonization of the Polish Pope.   The schedule was at the time of the election already fixed.  This was only a formality, since the examination and approval of the miracle had already taken place by both medical as well as theological side.    Thus, it was clear that the canonization would take place within a year.  Only an administrative act by  the new pope,   would have been able to prevent what would, however, his opposition in substantial parts of the church, and not only of Poland would have been  introduced with  the John Paul II as a reference point. The idea that he of all people should raise John Paul II to the altars  is a visible gain in the validity  of his understanding of the Church seems not to have been savored by the Argentine Pope.

Causa Johannes XXIII.:  Neutralize the "Poles" Canonize the Council

So  Pope Francis quickly placed  it on the agenda of the Congregation of Saints.   However, there is for the Roncalli Pope to date, no recognized miracle.   When Cardinal Angelo Amato, prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints to Pope Francis went to tell him the decision of the Congregation on the Polish Pope, John Paul II,  the new pope also unexpectedly decided to canonize the Council Pope. 

 How this could happen without a miracle, has been rather met with an ashamed silence  in Rome.   The official media of the Holy See has never broached the subject and most accredited to the Vatican press journalists have somewhat averted both eyes, because it is the "sweet-natured Pope", who, after all, convened the Council.

Both large Postconciliar "Souls" of the Church Equal? –   Only Superficially

On 27 April, in a sense, both big "souls" of the Catholic Church, who represented a contrasting understanding of the Church since the Council, are raised to the altars.   Thus the impression.  The sarting point, however, was that the canonization of John Paul II was already too advanced at the time of the election of Pope Francis to put it on the back burner still.  However, for Pius IX und Pius XII. and Pius XII.   this has been the case for decades. The beatification of Pius IX. in 2000   had become possible only in a church-political maneuver.  It was wrested in return for the beatification of John XXIII.   
The double canonization of popes on April 27, 2014 will go down in the first place as an object lesson  ecclesiastically politically motivated decisions in the history of the Church.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi    
Picture: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

God sits in heaven and laughs - sure SS Valentine & Philomena also. But woe to those who continue to walk w/this harlot who calls herself 'the widow' of Jesus Christ.

Tancred said...

The great Sedoz hath spoken!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Whenever I read rants like this I try to imagine my own self logging onto a Raiders Nations website and reading the existential angst and visceral anger directed at a former Oakland Raiders Football Player who has just been elected to the Hall of Fame but even with an above average imagination, I can't imagine reading such an insane response from an Oakland Raiders Fan.

No, it takes a certain someone with a certain lack of Faith who attacks his own (at least presumptively his own) when they are accorded the highest honor.

It truly takes a thief; one who strives diligently to deprive others of Faith and joy.

Well, you ain't even close, fellas; and the more you attack the more sympathetic your enemies become; that is, you not only have lost Faith in the Catholic Church Jesus established, you are so blinded by that loss of Faith that you can not see that your attacks have the effect of garnering sympathy for those you hate.

Keep preaching hate to your schismatic choirs and those passing by your illicit chapels will hear and steer well clear of you; and that is a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Oh brother.......I see we have another Pollyanna Catholic in our midst. They are always soooooo indignant, so offended. You sound like a typical liberal. You can't defend your position and resort to calling us schismatics. If we're schismatics then so were all the saints and faithful Catholics down through the ages. You people are so disgustingly predictable.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...
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Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

O, I left this out but it does apply to y'all;

Whoever denies these truths would be in a position of rejecting a truth of Catholic doctrine and would therefore no longer be in full communion with the Catholic Church.

but, y'all, long ago, left full communion with the Catholic Church, didn't you?

Anonymous said...

"Born.." admits he's a jerk, So leave it at that.


susan said...

"Born" is beyond a jerk. a year ago he was squarely and just as vociferously in the other camp. He's a schizo, and gets his kicks by agitating souls. Truly best to delete and/or ignore him.

Tancred said...

I looked at his web page. That looks pretty weird.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Susan. Tis' true about my having undergone a metanoia. It is not that heard to ascertain as I have written about it publicly on my crummy blog.

Grace cleared my Ideological infection but as it is the case you have evinced no sign of afflatus, you have absolutely no idea of my motivation.

..gets his kicks... Groovy, baby; do I make you corny?

But, this distraction is of no avail as my sinfulness and failings are a matter of public record and what is at issue here is not my lack of character but the routine attacks against The Pope and The Holy See; The Magisterium; the Mass; The Ecumenical Council; The Code of Canon Law; The Universal Catechism and the plain and simple truth is that the vast majority of those who are fans of this Blog (and its ilk) evince fidelity to the perfidy of the SSPX Schism.

It is quite clear that fans of this Blog have pledged their spiritual troth to the petit ecclesia of Mons Lefebvre; they have left the Catholic Church established by Jesus and they have thrown-in with a schism.

And a schism is proximate to heresy and it is a superhighway to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is in full communion w/this stuff is on the superhighway to hell!






LeonG said...

"The Truth shall set you free."


A site that puts every liberal modernist imposture in its proper perspective.

susan said...

like I said....beyond a jerk.

LeonG said...

Poor fellow.....have you never heard of de facto schism? have you never heard of heresy? have you never heard of liberal modernism the greatest sin acccording to Pope St Pius X? have you never heard of freemasonry which has The Vatican tangled in its web through ecumenism (enemy of the Immaculata according to St Maximillien Kolbe) and the interconfessional multidiversity simulacra? have you made no account of the massive liturgical damage and division (linguistic Babel and illicit praxis) provoked by Bugnini's protestant NO fabrication?
It is you, dear friend, who has been misled by the hyper-real and propagandist impostures of post-conciliar Rome (excuse my figure of speech).

LeonG said...

Challenge "Bornacatholic" to read everything on this site and then return with the same feelings against tradition..........

Long-Skirts said...


The Church is full of mangled things and “sexts” and spying eyes

And dead is all the innocence by Maciel, no surprise,

And Christian killeth Christian with their liturgy dance tunes,

And Christian dreadeth Truth when it interrupts crones’ croons,

“And Christian hateth Mary that God kissed in Galilee”,

But John Paul the Second, Great, will be Sainted by the See!

(with apologies to G.K. Chesterton, the really GREAT!)

Anonymous said...

I have read online an article about a nun who was cured of a serious stomach ailment after a novena to JXIII (shortly after he died, I think). I don't know why or how anyone would fabricate such a story in this day and age if there were actual witnesses.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

We must never question Pope Francis' words and deeds? Ever? Seriously? Can you not imagine circumstances that would allow or even demand one to question, if only for clarification? Can we pretend these are normal times? Has any pope broadcast his thoughts so frequently and indiscrimiately to the world and given so much comfort to unrepentant sinners, and caused so much distress to the faithful? Has not Pope Francis directly criticized his predecessors, such as Popes Pius XI and Leo XIII over now-Blessed Antonio Rosmini? By jumping into the deep end of the discussion pool, does he not invite dialogue and thereby grant his implied consent? He likes the smell of the sheep! Their bleating is music to his ears!

The papacy seems to be becoming a cult in itself, where the pope can accuse the Blessed Virgin Mary of anger and bitterness at the foot of the cross, yet none dare criticize him. Respect is one thing, but to turn him into some sort of Egyptian God-King surrounded by taboos is another. The Bear says listen to Pope Francis, and learn, allow yourself to be challenged. Pray for him. Even Caiaphas prophesied truly because he was high priest. Yet honor all the other popes who went before, and listen to them, too. And when you find discrepancies, you will have to make your own decision about what to do. Never again let them do as when they marched into our churches with sledgehammers to smash the altar rails.

As for St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II, the Bear has personal reservations, and especially with the former, it seems to be related to V2. He does not envision a warm personal devotion to either. But it's not like the Church doesn't have more great and inspiring saints than most of us will ever know.

St. Corbinian's Bear said...

I think that should have been Pope Pius IX

LeonG said...

Miracles? people are still as gullible today as they were before. There were no miracles - they are the machination of post-conciliar politics and a postmodern medjugorianist credulity that is at once eager to believe anything that seems spiritual regardless of the essence of the message and that satisfies their morbid desire for the sensational.
Even Mother Theresa's decisive "miracle" was certainly not beyond reproach. Read the facts about it - not the prenconceived assumptions.

Anonymous said...

God save the Church from Jorge the Heretic!

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Leon. I have heard of all of those things but to willingly walk the plank off the Barque is spiritual suicide that extinguishes the Sanctifying Grace in your soul.

I accept the infallible teaching that the Holy See will never fail; you don't; that is, I think the promises of Jesus are worthy of trust and belief and you don't. It really is that plain and simple.

All the rest is pyrotechnical rhetoric.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...
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Tancred said...

Take a hike.

Unknown said...

I guess you forgot to take your meds yesterday

Aged parent said...

Mr Bornacatholic:

I wouldn't say anyone here, at least to my knowledge of what I read, has lost faith in the Catholic Church. We know the gates of Hell will not prevail. But that doesn't blind anyone to ill-advised or downright crazy actions by some Church figures who are either woefully mediocre or downright revolutionaries.

Recall how many Saints have had to publicly criticize and correct their Church superiors, be they Bishops, Cardinals or Popes, in the long history of the Church. I hardly think examples are required.

I would also advise caution about hurling the accusation of "schism" against Catholics who are rightly concerned about some of the plagues that are wounding the one, true Faith. The real schismatics are those who instantly forget the Church's past 2,000 year history when its consistent teachings conflict with the tenets of the Modernists.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This sad case really is a no-brainer:

1) John XXIII was no saint
2) John Paul II was no saint
3) Francis I isn't really a true Roman Catholic, let alone a true Pope. He's a substitute Pope, not a legit Pope, because the authentic Pope (Benedict XVI) is still alive.

4) The proper rules for both of these "causes" was not followed.

Regardless of the fact that Francis officiates at this event and solemnly proclaims these two guys are saints...........they really are not. Because the proper proceedures for both were not followed.


Anonymous said...

Bornacatholic either reads too much of the National Catholic Register (it's a cheerleading instrument for Vatican II garbage), or watches too much EWTN ( likewise)

LeonG said...

When we study the changes to the process in the 1984 document then we can only conclude that the agenda was to facilitate almost anyone for "sainthood". It is purely a subjective matter at the whim of a pope or those in charge of the new process. This is commonly known as bias.

Athelstane said...

So, you're a sedevacantist, then.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...
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Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...
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Unknown said...

The Catholic Church today bears almost no resemblance to the Church of John Henry Newman or Robert Hugh Benson. The mystical beauty of the Mass was trashed by Vatican II and the Church has never been the same since. To see the Council's chief architect raised to Sainthood is a travesty and a sad reflection of where the present day Pope's loyalties lie. Ironically, the more accommodationist the weaker the influence and relevance of the Church becomes. Can anyone imagine men of the calibre of Newman, Benson, Waugh, Tolkien, Greene or Guinness converting to Catholicism today? The answer to that question speaks for itself I think

Anonymous said...

I respect LeonG so I dare to ask. Were nails driven into His Hands or wrists? Are stigmata Christ's wounds borne? Does it matter?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to visit your website, Bornyesterdaycatholic God bless..

LeonG said...

Not that red-herring again - go back to sleep, please. Can't you do better than that?

David O'Neill said...

Yet again, another ultra vires decision of Pope Francis. The requirements of canonization are there for a purpose. Why the rush to canonize John XXIII & John Paul II? Is this not worryingly political?