Thursday, March 6, 2014

Pope to Take a Humble Bus Ride 30 Kilometers to Lenten Retreat in Ariccia

It is the first time that a Pope has paid a Lenten visit to a place outside of Rome for fasting retreat.

Vatican City ( / KAP)  Pope Francis wants to use the bus for his ride to a Lenten retreat. It is believed that Francis will travel the distance 30km from  Rome to  Ariccia together with the other participants in the bus, Vatican Radio reported on Thursday.

The Pope has made several  trips into  the community in his limo. As Archbishop of Buenos Aires, he constantly took advantage of public transportation. Even after his election as pontiff he went together with cardinals on the bus to Santa Marta Guest House. 

On next Sunday, 9th March till  Friday 14 March, the Pope will retire together with the  heads of the Roman Curia for meditation in a formation house. It is the first time that a Pope has visited a   Lenten fast retreat to a place outside of Rome.

 Francis and his colleagues will hear lectures in the religious formation house "Casa Divin Maestro" in Ariccia, which is managed by the order of the "Societa San Paolo", by  the popular Roman priest Don Angelo De Donati. De Donati leads the Roman   Parish of San Marco al Campidoglio. 

Directing the retreat is considered a great honor. In 1996, during the pontificate of John Paul II, that honor was given to the Archbishop of Vienna Christoph Schönborn.


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Anonymous said...

I''m sure that there'll be lots of humble photos of humble pope Francis broadcast all over the place showing his humbleness on the humble bus.