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Weak Reaction to UN Attack Against Church -- Bishops' Synod to Attack "Humanae Vitae"?

Pope Francis and Secretary
 of State Parolin
(Vatican) While looking at the official reactions, then one would have come to the conclusion that the Holy See considers the frontal attack by the United Nations as an industrial accident, to which it doesn't  pay too much attention. In reality, the whole order of creation is at stake. All the more incomprehensible is the inadequate response of the neo-Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the attack. Another little positive signal for the Synod of Bishops on the topic of family, which some in the Church obviously want to repurpose as a late revenge for the encyclical Humanae Vitae. 

Appeal to Pope Francis: "Give Clear Response" to anti-Church Attack

The speech is from the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee 5th of last February. If it were actually "just" an industrial accident, you could sit back, as it seems  all do  at the Vatican. But this is not so, why not at least someone isn't sitting back. On Tuesday, Giuliano Ferrara was in the columns of the daily newspaper Il Foglio with an open letter, a Plea to Pope Francis, from whom he calls for "a stronger, clearer answer" ... "which combines the power of faith with the resources of rational culture, which is common to all, believers and non-believers." If you look at the names of those intellectuals who have signed the appeal, it quickly becomes clear that the concern of Ferrara is shared not only by many Catholics but also many secularists.[!]

"Inadequate Response" of the Holy See

Among the signatories of the new appeal to Pope Francis is also the chief editor of the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Riaccardo Cascioli: "I too have signed up, because I consider the official response of the Holy See as deficient: deficient in its content and worrying in its form."
Consider the first point of criticism: the substance is deficient. Even the Wall Street Journal noted that the attack against the freedom of religion by an agency of the United Nations is unprecedented, but the new Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin (whose official Cardinal survey will follow  on 22 February) seems to want to play down the matter. If you read the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee , you quickly realize that the keyword pedophilia, which is also presented with fantasy figures and notes of out-dated facts, only a pretext to attack the Church on a very different, much larger field (see own report, the UN Children's Committee: How the Church Should  "Change" -- Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gender Ideology ).
The committee is expecting the Catholic Church even to change their "interpretation" of Scripture and their own teaching on family, abortion, contraception and homosexuality, even their understanding of man.  A presumption of an international panel without equal.  An incident which can not be simply dismissed as inconsequential individual case of a somewhat extremist Commission, which  one graciously overlooks  and acts as if nothing had happened.

To Understand Attack Against the Church, one Must Know the United Nations

To understand the significance of the incident, one must first of all have a clear idea of ​​how the UN system works. The majority of real political power in the world today is in the hands of the UN agencies. That may sound strange to most people, because the real shifts in power from national states to international level is hardly noticed by the public and the international institutions whether EU or the UN are also not interested in getting too much to  put people on notice.
But who are these UN agencies? They range from the World Bank Group on the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF),   the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to the High Commissioner for Refugees United Nations (UNHCR), the UN Development Programme (UNDP) to UNFPA United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and many other more. In total there are more than 40 such UN agencies that deal with practically  everything. To these facilities the  commissions and committees as well are added, which are mandated to monitor compliance with international conventions. This includes the "somewhat extremist" UN Children's Rights Committee .
Who are  these UNO-agencies? In particular, there is a strong presence in the various member states, especially in developing countries. And especially by large financial resources that they have available and to exercise on individual governments, although they pay for it by losing effective control. In recent decades, there was a shift of  large amounts of money from the former development aid towards a multilateral use. The money no longer flows from the governments of member countries in other states, but from the governments to the UN agencies. This alone decides how and where funds are used. Developing countries are due to the flow of money mostly a function of these agencies. The young indigenous political staff will rarely forfeit the favor of the agencies. This dependency ensures the agencies at international level in 193 member states a clear majority against potentially rebellious states.

The Real Power Lies Today at the UN agencies and Which are in the Hands of Lobbies

End of the 60s an infiltration of the agencies began that is now firmly in the hands of lobbies that the objectives of the Club of Rome are only obliged to name  a network of these lobbies. They propagate birth control, abortion, contraception, homosexuality, and more recently, as a further development, the gender ideology. This results are a whole range of global policy programs, many of which are adopted, only with no real public debate by the governments of the developed member states. It is sufficient to think of it, how suddenly found ideas and input ideas in Europe, which as the name suggests were 20 years ago not even known as "sustainable development", "reproductive health" and "reproductive rights", just to name a few.
In these decades these lobbies have found that have their main allies in the European Union and the Democrat-led governments of the U.S., there is only one real obstacle that stood in their way and always organized new resistance at the UN world conferences: the Holy See. And not only this, but  thanks to the Lateran Treaty, it is  internationally recognized as a state, and thus as an observer member having access to all bodies and must be heard.  If the Holy See did not have sovereignty, many doors would have been closed to the Church long ago. The only state that has proven to oppose itself against any limitation and minimization of human dignity, is the Holy See. Since it doesn't have to defend any economic or geopolitical interests, which at all times is known as the main reason for wars and interventions, the Church has been free to work through all the years for the dignity of human beings. Because with their related issues, the project of the Creator God is at stake: His created order.

Vatican the Only Real Obstacle for Masters of the World, Therefore the Enmity

Anyone who knows the history of the United Nations, knows how often it has happened that states suddenly changed their position. The main reason was usually as a rule the concern they would lose the help of the U.S. or the EU. Or, after they had obtained from the same sources significant arms shipments. In the Holy See such games were not possible. More, as already indicated,  the Holy See was active in the work carried out since the early 90s in international conferences, concerning  the world conferences on women or the world population conferences in which abortion was to be enforced as a "right", it was  a reference point for other states that were determined to resist the "corruption" by the Western States. The Holy See was able to formulate counter-positions for those countries, mostly from Latin America and the Islamic world and collect votes. In this way it was the Catholic Church which could always build new  and annoying obstacles and to throw dust in the war machinery of the prevailing cultural opinion.
Therefore, there is such radical hostility toward the Catholic Church. The scandal of pedophilia, therefore, represents   at the highest level  only a welcome opportunity to discredit the Church and, if possible, to silence the topics that interest the Lord of this world. The two, three major news agencies give titles, keywords, and footage taken over from the mainstream media and has been running the global media  machine astonishingly into line. At this point there is not the space to explain  the ownership of the major media and how the leading media is concentrated amazingly throughout the world into  a few hands.  But that is only one aspect.

Pedophilia Serves Only to Discredit the Church

For this reason, the attack of the UN Children's Rights Committee of 5 February by no means an isolated individual case support systems and for the same reason, the focus of the controversial report by no means the ostensible subject of pedophilia, but on the issues of abortion, homosexuality and contraception. The subject of pedophilia acts solely as a propaganda tool to force the church to give way to the other points, those points that are really of interest.
The  UN Children's Report   represents in its whole orientation from the beginning rather toward a veritable anti-Catholic escalation.  Those who thought that it was enough simply to refuse allegations about pedophilia with documented facts  and the facts, seems not to have understood  what is at stake.  The relationships seem to have been understood by the Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the UN in Geneva, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi. He is a veteran of international conferences and knows the UN in and out. He warned Rome at an early stage of the impending danger, which has concocted  around the UN Children's Rights Committee, but has not found, as it seems, the necessary hearing.

Amazingly Feeble Response from Secretary of State Parolin

On 5 February Monsignor Tomasi was left to stand alone. The journalists from around the world asked him about the response of the Holy See to the UN document, but no instructions came from Rome. Only then,   Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin gave a brief statement that he will give sometime  a detailed response as soon as the UN document had been carefully considered. However, the neo-Cardinal added that the Holy See was determined to "meet all the requirements of the [children's rights] convention". The only critical remark was limited to the sentence: "I was a bit surprised by the fact that it responds to issues that interfere in the Catholic doctrine, especially the issue of abortion." That's all. Clearly a bit meager," said NBQ chief editor Cascioli.

The Silence of Parolins

Amazed not only at this brief, insufficient response to the unprecedented attack against the Church. Perplexing   was also  the interview published on 9 February at Avvenire, the daily newspaper of the Italian Bishops' Conference with Secretary of State Parolin. The interview includes a full page large format, similar to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or theSüddeutsche Zeitung, or New York Times. However, "do you a hard time to find a sentence or a thought which would be worth a message," said Cascioli. The UN attack is not mentioned in the slightest. It is hard to believe that the journalist who conducted the interview omitted the subject. It must therefore be assumed that the Secretary of State is urging them not to talk about it. That is, given the serious nature of the incident and what is at stake, indeed incomprehensible.

Synod of Bishops as a Late Revenge for Humanae Vitae?

Not only that, the inadequate response first and then the silence ultimately support those within the Church who want exactly these changes to the Church's teachings, which are being called for by the UN Committee. Butt there is, so there  should be no illusions. The neo-Cardinal Secretary of State, who is already not conspicuously glorious with his first interview after his appointment by Pope Francis, sends with his behavior many signals which are far from positive.  Among other things especially not with a view to the forthcoming Synod of Bishops on the topic of family in October of this year. A Synod of Bishops, which someone wants to transform into a late revenge for the encyclical Humanae Vitae,  and whose principles they wish to overturn with strong support from the German-speaking world.  It was there, that the Bishops' Conferences rejected in 1968  the prophetic encyclical of Pope Paul VI.  with explanations in Königstein, Maria Trost and Solothurn.   Acts of open rebellion, which have  not been withdrawn until today and yet remained without consequences for the bishops.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Nuova Bussola Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

Gay priests, the gift that keeps giving. Check out the names of those that supported NAMBLA being allowed to march in a gay pride parade...!msg/bit.listserv.gaynet/y0uVNdQ2Juw/V6WEVdXErOgJ

Anonymous said...

I think that one of the most important debates could be related with the last part of this post:

"It was there, that the Bishops' Conferences rejected in 1968 the prophetic encyclical of Pope Paul VI with explanations in Königstein, Maria Trost and Solothurn. Acts of open rebellion, which have not been withdrawn until today and yet remained without consequences for the bishops."

Actually, there were many bishops who openly denied the teachings from "Humanae Vitae" (see, for instance, the in-famous Winnipeg Statement). ). How could be possible to have an infallible teaching of the Church rejected without having excommunicated those who denied it? I think that it could be highly instructive for any Catholic reader to learn how such a situation in the Catholic Church has become nowadays the "norm" - to have bishops and priests who openly and publicly deny the teachings of the Church without being excommunicated.

Lynda said...

Something's very rotten in the state of the Vatican. It ought to be coming out with an aggressive and unequivocal refutation and condemnation of this irrational and unprecedented attack on the Church in respect of matters it has no powers to scrutinise and which bear no relationship to the subject matter purportedly under review.

Anonymous said...

Something indeed is very rotten in the Vatican, and has been since March 13, 2013. Namely Francis himself.
We must also add to him, the list of his 8 cardinal "advisors", and also the new Secretary of State, the soon to be Cardinal Parolin,59.
Rotten all.

Anonymous said...

But the church hierarchy are all such good liberals! You mean that adopting the new evangelization and "aggiornamento" doesn't guarantee that the world will love them, it only means that the world "may" love them? I bet some of the more rigorous exegetes in the hierarchy must now be concluding that not only did Our Lord pretend to be angry for effect, but he also possibly told falsehoods at least by implication. After all, didn't Our Lord teach a way in which his followers not only could serve him, but also be loved by the world? I'm sure one of the more faithful proponents of the super-council VII will demand, demand with all the righteous indignation he can muster that the UN recognize him as the fully up-to-the date, attuned to the times man he is. The Holy Father should recognize that this is a great "teaching moment" for him -he can evangelize the UN with his "gospel", teaching them "who are they to judge"! Oh, I forgot, proselytizing is all solemn nonsense. Forgive me!

Anonymous said...

It seems clear to me that we are in the final battle prior to the end of time, Satan is using all the guns at his disposal in a final assault to destroy the Church. He is advancing and making headway everywhere. But those charged by Almighty God with the task of teaching the True Faith and upholding His Honor and Kingship refuse to do so. They have succumbed to the glories and adulation of the World which they prefer and seek.
This pope, and most of his Curia, and most of the bishops around the world are guilty of abandoning the sheep, not for fleeing from the wolves, but for joining them. Perhaps that is "the sin against the Holy Spirit".

Yet, there will be a remnant left and "the gates of hell will not prevail against God's Holy Bride".

The Bear said...

How ironic to charge that the Church is not "gay friendly" enough while condemning the homosexual abuse of teenage boys in the Church. I so wish everyone would stop using the word "pedophilia," when the Jay report's findings clearly revealed the signature of homosexual abuse. (Although they whitewashed it by saying homosexuals were not implicated... sorry, your own data gives lie to that.) Pedophiles are attracted to very young children of either sex. Homosexuals... young teen boys are classic. I am waiting to see if the Church shows signs of settling for first among equals in whatever role the UN eventually allots to religion, or if the Church will fight. Many would fight for her!

Anonymous said...

Things will change for the better when Pope Francis and company are gone from the scene.

Cardinal Mariadiaga, for one , is so smug now. But he and his views will be outcasts in the Church before too long!!

Unknown said...

"Something's very rotten in the state of the Vatican"

Lynda.... the rot is systemic since the 1960s. the neo-liberal modernist church is turning the institution inside out to conform to the standards set by their friends at the UN.
Every pope (except JPI) has lauded the UN since Paul VI. They just love anthopocentrist philosophies, liturgies and organisations. The apostasy is almost complete. the papacy is certainly rotten - it is liberal modernist to the core and, from the catholic point-of-view only semi-literate as this pope knows no Latin. How unimaginable is that?
Our Blessed Lady has been opposed by the conciliar fathers as Mediatrix of all graces and they have ignored Her admonitions about compromises and hierarchical divisions. She is the enemy of ecumenism according to Fr Kolbe and She symbolises the renewal of life which stands in stark contrast to the culture of death which is gradually being embraced by our fickle, faint-hearted, politically correct and morally deficient episcopate who always remain in "full communion" with the pope. yes, no wonder they do.

Unknown said...

In the meantime, as cardinal the current pontiff gave us a preview of liturgies to come under his inculturated auspices - example taken from Pope JP II.the inculturated liturgical exponent par excellence.

James said...

"It was there, that the Bishops' Conferences rejected in 1968 the prophetic encyclical of Pope Paul VI. with explanations in Königstein, Maria Trost and Solothurn. Acts of open rebellion, which have not been withdrawn until today and yet remained without consequences for the bishops."

## Criticise or ignore a teaching encyclical such as Humanae Vitae - & remain a bishop in good standing.

Compare w/ that the disgusting - & canoniocally illegal - treatment of Abp Lefebvre.

Some "renewal" !

Robert said...
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Robert said...

LeonG, maybe you are right, but if the church (i.e. Bishops and Cardinals) before 1960s were NOT "neo-liberal modernists", how did this "turning" happen? How was possible to have such a "mutation" in the Church - after the pontificates of popes like Saint Pius X and Pius XII? If anyone knows any serious study about this issue I will be very interested in reading it.

Tancred said...

Anonymous said...

The catholic church has always taught that the use of artificial contraceptives was a grave moral evil.
Humanae Vitae re- affirmed that teaching.
Therefore any abandonment or reversal of such teaching would seriously undermine the moral foundations of that church

Anonymous said...

Yes. The catholic church has always promoted the dignity of marriage in conformity with Natural Law.
It cannot therefore alter the moral teaching concerning artificial contraception.
In addition it cannot alter the age old moral teaching concerning
worthy reception of Holy Communion by re-married divorced persons.
Nor can it devolve doctrinal authority on serious moral issues to national bishops conferences.
Should any changes as outlined above occur in this upcoming
October Bishops Synod then the moral foundations of the church will have been destroyed.