Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hollande: "I Surely Didn't Ask the Pope for Forgiveness" -- Abortion not a Topic

(Vatican / Paris)  Corresponding to diplomatic custom little was made known officially about the content of the meeting of French President Francois Hollande and Pope Francis. Details were reported in the meantime by Dominique Quinio, the chief editor of the Catholic newspaper La Croix . Quinio was a member of the French delegation that accompanied President Hollande in the Vatican. The delegation did not participate in the actual conversation between the Pope and Hollande. "Hollande  said to us in the delegation that  he had surely not asked the Pope for forgiveness," said the La Croix -print manager. Quinio nor could conjecture, if the killing of unborn children was the topic of conversation. 
According to Dominique Quinio it was an encounter in a "warm atmosphere when you considered that on fundamental issues such as marriage and adoption rights for gays, abortion and end of life, the positions are incompatible." Quinio was one of ten people in his entourage who were allowed to follow Hollande's reception in the Vatican. In an interview with the Corriere della Sera  she named some details of the meeting, about which the content so far has been very little known.

Was the Killing of Unborn Children an issue?

The meeting had been highly anticipated because the contrasts between church and state have been scarcely, as radically  visible  since the Socialist electoral victory in France in May 2012.   France Catholics foremost of all looked eagerly to Rome. More than 110,000 had turned in an appeal to Pope Francis and requested clear words from him.  Last year, millions of French people had gone against the intention of the government's legalization of "gay marriage" on the streets. They expected a signal of support from Rome.
The topic of abortion should have been the subject of the conversation. This was indicated in the official note from the Vatican. The Corriere della Sera reported this: "Also, according to close presidential circles   it seems that the two Francis' have addressed the topic of abortion".

Minimum Expectations

But Dominique Quinio is dismissive: "Hollande and Pope Francis had only vaguely and generally 'indicated to  the dignity of human life' at the end of the conversation. Abortion was not a topic. . "For the rest, no one had expected to be able to convince the other," said Quinio. "I do not think that the meeting with the Pope is sufficient to overcome the divorce that has taken place in France between  Catholic opinion and Hollande. The prevailing impression that the government has regularly adopted positions   and within a short period of time that contradict our values ​​and perspectives. Gay marriage, a further liberalization of abortion, the legalization of euthanasia, which  has alienated Hollande from the Catholic electorate that surprisingly elected him in part and was surprised by it."
The  warden of   the Elysée Palace had wanted to put a gesture of "attention" and "respect" towards the Catholics, "with a view to the upcoming regional, local and European elections," said Quinio. "Immediately after the meeting with the Pope, Hollande put us turned by the delegation, in order to make a point,    had  certainly not asked  the Pope for forgiveness. Literally, he added: 'I am come as  head of state who meets another head of state.' "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / tempos (assembly)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

"not asked the pope for forgiveness"? LOL! The choice words tell us much. Guilty of unrepentent mortal sin and they know it!

JB said...

probably asked him for money. 75% taxation in France is not enough for all his bizarre socialist schemes.

Anonymous said...

The warden of the Elysée Palace had wanted to put a gesture of "attention" and "respect" towards the Catholics, "with a view to the upcoming regional, local and European elections," said Quinio

Hollande wanted a fig leaf to help him in his upcoming elections and Frank who agrees w/everything Hollande is doing (just like his late mentor Martini) gave it to him and also got his pic in the news!