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Franciscans of the Immaculate Require "Permit" to Say Mass: Life Under the Commissar

(Rome) "It takes a permit." A letter from a Franciscan of the Immaculate describes the life  subject to approval, that the brothers have to lead,  since they were placed under provisional administration.
In 1990,  the Order was   recognized  at the diocesan level and 1998  by Rome, the Orden internally moved from the Old Rite  under Pope Benedict XVI. f  to the Old Rite and  for  pastoral care it was specified by the Pope as bi-ritual, since 11 July 2013 it has been under provisional administration by the Congregation of Religious. Acting Administrator is the Capuchin Father, Fidenzio Volpi, "a skilled and proven man of power (who  is known to move  between the internal equilibria of the Superior Conference of Male Religious Communities of  Italy - CISM ), with mephistophelian smile and biting repartee, "  said Messa in Latino .

"We Are no Longer  Able to Print and Disseminate Our Own Books"

 The Franciscan of the Immaculate Conception described in his letter that he passed by   the office of Order internal publishing,  Casa Mariana, in Frigento recently. "My heart beat. I felt in me an unusual emptiness and dismay at the thought that we can no longer write for our own publishing house, and are not even allowed to distribute the books of our own publishing company in our convents.
I look at the house. In there are our books. Many of them we have written, and much more contributions to our religious journals: Fides Catholica , Annales Franciscani , Immculata Mediatrix ... Many books have been translated by us from  Latin, others we have from Italian, the language most used in the order, translated into other languages. 

That  is our life inside, years of study, sweat and sacrifice. The Apostolic Commissioner has ruled that we are no longer authorized to use them. What sin do they represent?

"But it Needs a Permit"

I took courage and rang the bell at the door. A sister opens and I ask her about the new liturgical calendar of the Order, because we didn't have one in the monastery. 
"I can not give you one Father, you know that it requires a permit," replied my sister, kind and understanding. 
What could be sinful about a liturgical calendar? 
"But it needs a permit." 
Exactly the permit. 
"From the Apostolic Commissioner of course!"

"Our Life is Made by Applications, Special Permits'"

Since we have been under provisional administration,  our life is governed by applications for "special permits" to the Commissioner. You are to provide  a copy in writing  and are granted permission only by expressed personal validation .
A permit is needed to use the books of the Order from the Order's  own publishing house and be able to impart them. Any "public dissemination" is prohibited. 
 A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional Rite. 
 A permit is required to use the Roman Ritual for the Old Rite. 
 A permit is required for the Liturgy of the Hours to celebrate it in the Vetus Ordo. 
A  permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass with the Sisters of the Order, for both the Old and the New Rite. 
A permit is required to conduct a meeting of the lay community of the Order or of the Third Order. 
A permit is required  to carry out a "Day for Maria" (a day of prayer, which is performed by the Order on pilgrimage or in parish churches and is open to all). 
A  permit is required to visit our Founder. It is strongly advised not to make such a request at all, which is actually not approved anyway. 
A permit is required for any initiative in the Order. "
Even more permits are needed of the founders of religious orders: 
"Our Founder even needs explicit permission to be treated at the hospital. He needs an explicit authorization in order to move from one convent to another. He was blamed on the official website of the Order publicly for the fact that he had at first dared to visit the convent of Teramo. In reality, the Apostolic Commissioner had even given the permission to do so." A grueling guerrilla war.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: A Catholic Life / Phatmass
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Does anyone in their right mind not believe that the Pope is not aware of the draconic restrictions of his Commissar?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

apparently most do. It's part of a very expensive and fruitful (good or bad - who can judge?) campaign to uphold the dignity of the Bishop of the New Democratic Republic of Rome, who has, sadly, let it slip well below his knees, yea, even unto his black bolshevik booties.

"A permit is needed to use the books of the Order from the Order's own publishing house and be able to impart them. Any "public dissemination" is prohibited.
A permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass in the traditional Rite.
A permit is required to use the Roman Ritual for the Old Rite.
A permit is required for the Liturgy of the Hours to celebrate it in the Vetus Ordo.
A permit is required to celebrate the Holy Mass with the Sisters of the Order, for both the Old and the New Rite.
A permit is required to conduct a meeting of the lay community of the Order or of the Third Order..." Is this the future of the Faith?

Anonymous said...

One of the "grave charges" against the holy founder was that he was "authoritarian" but the commissar is authoritarian on steroids! No one has seen the like nor the cruelty. Still no true charge, no crime, no heresy. Only the crime of being totally Catholic and embracing our patrimony and beauty of the fullness of the faith. The commissar from a shrinking branch of the Order that has relaxed its charism hates the FI. And one of the friars that has caused this debacle has written a book uncomplimentary of the founders and Order. He was denied publication before. Well! He has showed them because now he is going to publish the book. Will that satisfy him?

How about some more photo ops of Volpi (foxes) and the Holy Father? And I do think that the pope is well aware of all this and approves. He is no friend of tradition but who am I to judge?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same kind of abuse of power that was used against the SSPX?

Long-Skirts said...

Your paa - paahs please?

Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy for the young in this order but I am starting to have doubts about the leadership. I assume the leaders of this order are men of good will but the way they are lying down for this almost makes me believe they are in on the persecution.

Why do I think that? It is obvious to me that the Pope and his henchmen are trying to demoralize young men in the order who have the faith and could be the start of a revitalization of the Church. But no one is protecting them from Father Jabba Volpe. All true Catholics should be ashamed if the hierarchy is allowed to demoralize these young men so that they give up their vocations.

The Pope, the lavender mafia in the hierarchy, and the German prelates should all be deposed because none of them have the faith. The Pope tolerates and even promotes sodomites in his court and has practiced the rites of a religious group who deny the divinity of Our Lord. Practicing the rites of this group is mortally sinful as set forth by Pope Eugene IV in the Council of Florence and even calls into question whether he has apostatized from the faith since this group are Christ deniers. I believe that one can conclude that someone who practices the rites of a religion adheres to the tenets of that religion - union in prayer - union in belief. Why has no one confronted the Pope on this issue? He needs to be humbled and forced to admit that his actions in this regard are either evidence of apostasy or the meaningless and empty gesture of a doddering old fool who in all likelihood is mocked for his treachery to his own faith by those whose rites he joins in.

Where is our John the Baptist to shame these frauds? When was the last time any of these pantywaists have been confronted by a mob of righteously angry lay men and denounced for their treachery to our Church?

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

does anyone else think that this mission against the franciscans is a test-case? how will they respond, how easy will it be to cut a the fruitful branches of the true and traditional and, one might add, venerable vine after 2000 years, and graft it onto, let's say a genetically modified tomato plant. If they turn into cherry tomatoes after a season or two - next, the FSSP, and the WORLD, nyahnyahnyah.

I have faith, however, that the clown-host, will not have the last laugh.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...
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Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

Anon said "When was the last time any of these pantywaists have been confronted by a mob of righteously angry lay men and denounced for their treachery to our Church?"

Unfortunately the spirit of pantywaistism has spread to the laymen. I pray that laymen stop being pantywaists and get a bit of zeal. But i fear that the Church of little girls and grandmas (no offense to little girls or grandmas, but everyone has a God-given role) has taught many laymen that being out in front is for old ladies and little girls, and besides it's more manly to wear jeans like ya just don't care, and have a beer BEFORE mass. They have forgotten that their baptism made them an enemy of satan, and a soldier for Christ.

Tancred said...

What should they do? Barricade themselves in and prepare to battle the Caribinieri?

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Father Jabba Volpi insinuated that the friars were transferring church property to non-church organizations when he knew all along that the friars typically don't own the facilities that they use. If this is true, the lay organizations that hold the deeds to the friaries should confront Father fatso and tell him they consider him a trespasser and they will call the Caribinieri on him if he does not vacate the premises immediately.

Our Lady of Good Success-pray for us. said...

what Tancred asked:

I think anon's answer isn't bad. for me, all I can say is forewarned is forearmed. any orders with the riches of Tradition in their hearts and prayers, need our prayers.

Nicholas Dyson said...

Sspx must feel vindicated

Anonymous said...

Payers is what they are getting from people praying in the current Rosary Crusade. This exact intention is included.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is exactly what they should do. Remain where they are being CATHOLIC and when stay there until they are physically thrown out. Then they can rejoice that they are finally free of their association with these devils.

Genty said...

It's an odd thing but in my mind's eye the facial similarities between Fr. Volpi and Mgr. Ricca are so striking that I keep getting them mixed up.

Anonymous said...

The leaders in the Order are under vows of obedience only except in the case of being asked to sin. The commissar is the legal authority under the Bishop of Rome who appointed him and has met with him. The Bishop of Rome does not meet with the founder of the Order. This despicable persecution is something that many saints have endured from corruption within the Church. Recall St. John of the Cross placed in a dungeon for example and by his own confreres. Fr. Manelli, prophecied of this persecution more than once and is bearing it as did his spiritual father, St. Padre Pio. The destruction of something so beautiful is so difficult to see but on the supernatural level, there are saints being made and their suffering and offering is saving souls. The ones who have brought this will not be remembered in years to come but the saintly ones who endure will.

Tancred said...

Seems to me they are resisting. This very report is apparently from a brother.

Long-Skirts said...

Anon. said:

"Where is our John the Baptist to shame these frauds?"

Our Lord already sent him and his Order has grown & grown. Not only the True Mass but the fruits from the grace of the Holy Sacrifice too...schools, retreat houses, convents, seminaries, monasteries & many Churches - but "a prophet is NEVER recognized in his own land"

May the FFI listen to the Holy Ghost and if not out of LOVE of God then FEAR of God unite with all the other MANLY Priests who are "fighting the good fight" daily.


Do a little dance
Make a little mess
Put down that rite
Put down that rite!

Do a Bishop prance
Feign a humble stance
It's out a sight
It's out a sight!

Franciscan babes
Pull it together
You didn't do
What you should do

The Latin rite
Is used to tether
St. Pius the Tenth's
Point of view


The other guys
Say Latin Mass
Same way
Same kind

But always near
Society's brass
To come to them
If change of mind


A rival good
To God's own good
By every Chapel
Of St. Pie

Where we plan
As well we should
To lure away
So us they'll try


So Franciscan babes
You'll have to go
You don't obey
Our church of people

Our plans entice
Shrink men to mice
Then shut you down
Obeying sheeple...

Do a little dance
Make a little mess
Put down that rite
Put down that rite!

Do a Bishop prance
Feign a humble stance
It's out a sight
It's out a sight!

Lynda said...

It is simply not credible that the Pope doesn't know how the FFI are being persecuted and the Institute suppressed. It is not prudent or honest to irrationally presume ignorance on the part of the Pope.

Nicolas Bellord said...

May I suggest that perhaps the best way of supporting the FFi is to attend a Day with Mary and pray for them. There is one coming up on 25th January at Westminster Cathedral. For others see:

Anonymous said...

Not to be argumentative but rather instructive the comparison of the persecution of St. John of the Cross and an order are different in kind and magnitude. St. John was a single priest far from Rome. The FFI is an entire order of 800 religious who have been accused of no specific acts of heresy or schism and their persecution is being done in broad daylight so to speak with the full knowledge of the Pope. Their only sin seems to be tradition. And the majority of the persecution has occurred under a Pope who had practiced the rites of another religion when bishop, questioned miracles of Our Lord (the multiplication of the loaves and fishes) and blasphemed Our Lady (by making statements that effectively called into question whether she was preserved from sin - only one not preserved from sin could contemplate blaspheming the Almighty by questioning his promises). This is entirely unprecedented! I used to feel ashamed to live in a time when the Church is so corrupt but now I only feel culpability. In hardier times the faithful of Rome would have stormed the Vatican for the statements about Our Lady alone!

CJ said...

You are correct. It is simply not reasonable to think he is ignoroant of it. It is his business to know. And he will be held responsible whether he knew or not.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someone can correct me, but isn't this the way 'cults' treat their members when they err? They cruelly break down their will until they conform? What is the difference?

Anonymous said...

Your statement can only be understood that you are not Catholic, since you call the faith of those who are participating in this thread a "cult" using your PC scare quotes. I proclaim to you that Jesus Christ is God Incarnate. You are obligated to assent to that claim under penalty of eternal damnation. The choice is yours. If you do not assent, we have absolutely zero interest in what your opinion is about our Church so take your busy-body kibitzing elsewhere.

Aged parent said...

..."does anyone else think that this mission against the franciscans is a test-case?"

It had occurred to me, viterbo.

Tancred said...

Surely there are organizations and individuals within the Church who exhibit what can be called "cult-like" behavior?

But I marvel at how you can read someone's Catholicism based on a mere suggestion.

Anonymous said...

@Tancred: Anon said "Maybe someone can correct me, but isn't this the way 'cults' treat their members when they err? They cruelly break down their will until they conform? What is the difference?"

In this statement the only way "cult" can be interpreted is as referring to the Universal Church, it is not referring to sub-units within the church. In his phrasing, it is the cult (the church) that is punishing a sub-unit (the FFI) within the cult. Basically, he is starting that the universal church (which he refers to as a 'cult') in the person of the commissioner is chastising the FFI until they submit. I don't know too many catholics who refer to the universal church as a cult so I immediately read this statement as being uttered by a non-catholic. I also detect a hint of vicarious sadism in how this person characterizes the ministrations of the commissioner as "cruelly breaking down their will until they conform". I agree with him that that is what the commissioner is doing, but I can guarantee you that the commissioner would never characterize his activities as essentially torture.

Tancred said...

No, it can't.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I did not make myself clear enough Anonymous. I was not suggesting that the Catholic Church is a cult. I am a Catholic myself, but find the way that this particular order of Franciscans are being dealt with quite disturbing and very disappointing when there are many other issues that need 'supervising'. It seems out of proportion to the alleged misdemeanour (leanings towards traditionalism, etc?).
(Actually, I wish there was a lot more leaning towards traditionalism, as I hardly recognise the Church that I grew up in,
in my part of the world - the UK.

As for "...hints of vicarious sadism" on my part Anonymous you are reading far more into my genuine question. To me the commissioner's behaviour 'does' sound like that of a cult leader. You also mentioned 'torture' - a word I didn't use - again reading a lot more into my comment than I intended.

@Anonymous:"If you do not assent, we have absolutely zero interest in what your opinion is about our Church so take your busy-body kibitzing elsewhere"

It is the first time I have commented on this blog Anonymous having only recently found it. However, I apologise that I failed to undergo your 'vetting' procedure first and I promise to ask permission next time. Thank you for the welcome:-)

Maybe you and Father Volpi would get on like a house on fire?

Anonymous said...

If what you said is true I apologize. Father Volpi is no one to be defended. Father Volpi in his actions has already proven that he will misrepresent facts to justify his draconian actions so I would be no friend of the friars if I backslapped and guffawed with this monster.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: "If what you said is true I apologize."


Well all I can say to that is 'if' your apology is sincere...I accept.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

I detect a hint of vicarious sarcasm with that "Wow" but if that "Wow" is sincere I apologize and agree with you in that sentiment.

Just kidding.

This whole fiasco has made our minds so stressed and defensive that it could break.

As St. Thomas Aquinas states: "It is requisite for the relaxation of the mind that we make use, from time to time, of playful deeds and jokes."

Tancred said...

I think it's the way "they" do business. They've done this sort of thing before. See Thieberville, Protocol 1411, Little Rock and Fr. Laurent Demets, FSSP, the way Father Andreas Skoblicki was treated in Linz, among so many others...

Tancred said...

I hope we can all live with each other as Catholics as this goes on. Sometimes friendly fire seems unavoidable, but not always fatal.

me said...

Well that is the last time I post as Anonymous. This thread has begun to remind me of Spartacus:
"Who is Anonymous?"
"I am Anonymous"
"No, I am Anonymous."
"No, I am...................."

Well, 'I' am the original Anonymous and the other Anonymous assumed wrongly that I am a 'he'. But I will let that pass as she has already apologised (I think).

Anonymous, you are now hereby welcome to the exclusive right of calling yourself the one and only Anonymous. From now on I am MarieJ!

Oy vey, my head might break with the confusion, I am off to do some 'kibitzing' somewhere else, already!

Unknown said...

Of course the pope knows this is going on and supports it. That the post-conciliar popes completely ignore the perpetual right of Roman Catholics to the Latin Mass pre-1962 is so because they have either tried to abrogate it like gay pope Paul VI or they have attempted to make it a concession on sentimentalist grounds like phenomenological JPII. Benedict XVI made it conditional upon recognition of the NO which no right-minded Roman Catholic could ever do because it is not Catholic at all. This pope is a raging liberal destined to completely empty out all final vestiges of Sacred Tradition for the relativised mess of pantheistic potage so-desired by the zionists and their masonic sponsors. The liberal logic of the alleged liturgical reform was to hybridise at best under Benedict XVI but to remove it gradually by stealth, at worst due to Paul VI's failure to do so This papacy signals the final attempt at its overthrow. He will fail.

Unknown said...

My advice to the Franciscans involved is to defend tradition & let the supposed authorities continue in their liberal modernist rebellion against Sacred Tradition. They can expect little to no help from The Vatican which has become a bastion of heresy & sacrilege.

schmenz said...

Dear Marie:

Your original post was perfectly clear and it is unfortunate that someone, who perhaps did not read it carefully, misunderstood it. Occasionally I find myself having to re-read certain comments to make sure I've understood them correctly before responding. It's a natural human failing.

Anonymous said...

Obedience is not owed where sin or opposition to the faith is concerned. It is clear that those persecuting the Franciscans of the Immaculate are enemies of the faith acting to destroy the true faith which is found only with the traditional latin mass of St. Pius V and the other pre-Vatican II rites. Pope Leo XIII said that if laws are against God and against the faith "then truly, to resist becomes a positive duty, to obey, a crime." (Pope Leo XIII, Sapientiae Christianae). How many good Catholics are held in bondage to these apostates and heretics because they don't know the doctrine that heretics are not members of the Church and do not possess divine authority.

Anonymous said...

I find this whole thing pathetic. It's a whine fest. For those who know the FI, permission is required for everything: permission to have coffee in the afternoon, permission to call relatives, permission to use a laptop, permission to stay up late, permission to have a snack, permission to read a blog like this....all this and more way before the Vatican intervention!

Tancred said...

Imagine that, sounds like authentic religious life to me.

Anne said...

It seems to me that the Order is being crushed to the ground and quite deliberately so. This is all part of the persecution that lays ahead for fervent and true Catholics. Is there a petition out there somewhere for the FFI ? We need to pray for them alot and give them our encouragement and support. God help them. They are truly suffering with Christ on Calvary.