Monday, December 9, 2013

Archbishop Gänswein Denies Making Statements to "Die Zeit"

Curial Archbishop Georg Gänswein has denied the alleged quotes by "Die Zeit". 

By Petra Lorleberg

Vatican ( / pl) "That is nonsense, if I were against the Pope, he would not have confirmed me [in my office]." With this devastating judgment, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Papal Household, commented on a report in "Die Zeit" about his alleged difficulties with Pope Francis. "I had not read the article. This morning I received some mail that criticized me. I do not know what I said. I spoke a few months ago with a journalist, but it was not an interview." The Archbishop stated this during the presentation of a Bible-app in the headquarters of Vatican Radio, as the Italian newspaper "La Stampa" already reported.

The German weekly newspaper "Die Zeit" had previously tried an in an article with alleged Gänswein quotations, to create a conflict in Gänswein's conscience between the current Pope Francis and his predecessor, Pope Benedict XVI. Gänswein, both private secretary of the Pope Emeritus is also at the same time, the Prefect of the Papal Household in close collaboration with the current Pope, who had sentences placed sentences in his mouth like: "I must be as honest with myself, which is a pain, to live up to the new role." He had the impression that he was supposed to be "living in two worlds," unsure of what he expected from Pope Francis' "every day anew, what will be different today". For example, he is already supposed to have felt "insulted" by the Pope's refusal to take up residence in the papal living quarters in the Apostolic Palace. In general, the resignation was like a "amputation" for him. A Quote from the "Die Zeit": "Nevertheless, he also reveals himself as faithful to Benedict. 'There is only one Pope '"

These alleged statements Gänswein is supposed to have been made ​​were in respect to the "Die Zeit", but they stay on the safe side as to when, how and to whom.

These alleged Gänswein-statements have now been hastily spread by various national media in Germany. Internationally they were little addressed. That these phrases in no way fit to other explicit Gänswein statements, was not discussed. Neither has the denial of Archbishop Gänswein - which after all, has already taken place at 5:12am, and has been distributed by an Italian news agency - which is used by the media in Germany.

Involuntarily one wonders: What interests are behind such false reports? If you want to actually play to those German Catholics who appreciated Benedict and appreciate, by hook or by crook and are using unacknowledged quotations against the current pope? Cui bono?

And the next question arises: would, even if it's wrong, it's correct - i.e. that Benedict-inclined Catholics have a hard time with Francis, even then we could ask: Yes? And?

For in the Catholic Church is not required that one must put on hold representing the normal interpersonal processes of sympathy or personal struggle, of approval or constructive criticism entirely, not even against popes. The Catholic Church has never been a monolithic block. Contrary to many predictions, it remains that there is a place in the Catholic Church for many voices. If they present their criticism in a moderate, constructive, well-meaning way. However, this condition is more happily felt than clearly fulfilled!

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