Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Funeral of Dominico Cardinal Bartolucci

Edit: in the Novus Ordo with nice red vestments, with Cardinal Angelo Sodano as the celebrant.

November 13, 2013. ( The funeral of late Cardinal Domenico Bertolucci was held on Wednesday afternoon in the Vatican Basilica. Cardinal Angelo Sodano, who serves as the Dean of the College of Cardinals, celebrated the Mass, which was attended by several Cardinals and Bishops.  The Sistine Chapel Choir, which Bertolucci directed for many years, sang during the celebration. Afterward, Pope Francis presided over the rite of the Last 'Commendatio' and of the 'Valedictio.   

H/t: Orbis Catholicus


Anonymous said...

The wolves wouldn't even give the good cardinal a proper funeral. How sad.

Matthew Rose said...

Awfully sad, given that he never prayed the bastard rite himself. Requiescat in pace.