Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Novus Horror Missae: The Downside of VIP Masses -- From Abortion to Birth Name

(Rome) Horror Mass.: If the real thing is not understood and therefore "boring", it will have to be helped by special individual and creative design. The actress, dancer and former porn actress Carmen Russo (54) was on the 19th of October at the parish church of San Lorenzo in Formello, Rome, to baptize their daughter Maria. The Baptism was celebrated by Don Santino Spartà, the "pastor" of the VIP scene. The baptism was for show, including a dance performance by Carmen Russo with her husband at the altar. Don Santino was dressed with his clerics, and only a white floor length surplice through which  street pants showed and a floor length stole. No chasuble.

The liturgical and secular celebrations are separated by time and place from each other, so the vaudeville dance act of the parents had to be included. No amount of indifference was spared for the sanctity of the liturgy. The altar and the sanctuary are in the holy Liturgy, the mystical Calvary, the realization of the sacrifice on the cross of Jesus Christ and not a stage for human exhibitionism, nor an Ikea table on which everything can taken down and put away.

The  given godmother is the well-known showgirl Valeria Marini (46) who wrote an embarrassing autobiography which hit the book market in 2008. In it she is described to have aborted her first child in 1981 at the age of 14, having lost another child through violent quarrel with her future partner and to have finally received their "wish child", she then arranged also to have an abortion because in the summer because it otherwise "would not be able to come out on the Yacht." (see separate report (in German), the Banality of the Killing - A Yacht, Two Abortions, Infertility ). Valeria Marini stands for the banality of the killing of unborn children. Two weeks ago she was in a tight glitter dress as godmother at the altar. A critical word against abortion was not previously heard, it is still a "practical" means. You never know.

The baptism of little Maria, now a child of God, is valid after all.

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It's all about them. Should be embarrassed to be them. the priest should be consigned to dishwashing for an appropriate time. No. floor mopping.

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