Monday, November 25, 2013

From a Sermon by Cardinal Leo Burke

(Rome) On St. Stephen's Day, the 26th of December, 2010, Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke celebrated a Pontifical High Mass in the Roman parish of Santa Maria di Nazareth in the suburbs. Monsignor Gino Reali, Bishop of the diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina, had invited him. Some statements in the Cardinal's sermon ought to be recalled:

"After the Ecumenical Second Vatican Council, but not because of the council, the nature of the reform of the Rite of Mass has significantly darkened in a sense, the divine action in the Holy Mass which is the union of heaven and earth, has led some to mistakenly thinking that the Holy Liturgy is an action that we have fabricated in a certain way and with which we can therefore experiment.

The truth of the Divine Liturgy is but entirely different. The Sacred Liturgy is in fact the action of His mystical body living through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ. It is His gift to us, which we must we accept, appreciate and preserve according to the instructions of our pastors and especially the Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth, and therefore, the shepherd of the universal Church. We are called to assume in our time in the doctrine and order which our Holy Father Benedict XVI. has given us in his Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum, which he wanted to restore the shape of the rite to bring to expression the complete and efficient the truth of the Divine Liturgy.

[...] By following the teaching of the Holy Father, we celebrate the Roman Rite correctly in the Extraordinary Form to help us perfectly penetrate into the knowledge of the Mystery of faith, the mystery of God's love for us, and by pure and to respond to this mystery by unselfish love for God and neighbor. "

Text: Cordialiter / Giuseppe Nardi

Image: Cordialiter

Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

I think Leo is his middle name, so "Cardinal Leo Burke" is a bit odd.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Gabriel Pelletier, co-founder and Fr. Alessandro former superior are pictured. Good their side of the story can be told to his Eminence. Much depends on him and he is preferential to the other side. Please Lord move
his heart to intervene.

Anonymous said...

""After the Ecumenical Second Vatican Council, but not because of the council, "

I love Cardinal Burke - but this is hardly going to get the attention of anyone. I've been reading Iota Unum and Roberto de Mattei's book on the council and they tell a different story. (plus a lot of other writers too).

The Council gave birth to the demolition of Holy Mass - come on that's the truth. The non-sacredness of the new Mass which took over the Church IMMEDIATELY after the Council - is history - it is all documented. - the Sacrality of the Mass was destroyed bit by bit, by the flexibility (and in some cases the elimination) of rubrics to protect the Holy Prayers It is all too late now for generalities from high Churchmen - even a fine one like Cardinal Burke. Soft words will get us nowhere. Sacrileges and sins are being committed in continuation at these "NEW MASSES" and souls are at risk of being lost".

Holy men of God stand up and say it like it is. Enough of the nice modern talk. The horse has bolted from the barn a long time ago...

Prayers for the good Cardinal..


Anonymous said...

Bravissima! I think you may been a regular poster at Rorate Caeli.

You are absolutely correct. I know of a group of about a dozen traditional minded priests from various dioceses and ecclesiastical situations who traveled and lodged at their own expense to meet with him in the early 2000s. They were looking for asylum -- and a home. He was pleasant, plead that he had just arrived in St. Louis as its Ordinary and that there was nothing he could do at that time. He offered no more than that. He is a very safe cleric. He's adopted the ICK (and they treat him like royalty because he is their patron) because he knows they will offer the Pauline Mass. He has kept the FSSP at bay precisely because they resist that compromise. As far as I can see, he is a conservative-oriented cleric (as opposed to one of Tradition) who enjoys "dressing up."

Sorry to call it as I see it. I pray for him because I think he is truly a nice man. The only problem is that we have quite a sufficient supply of "niceness." We need warriors. I'm afraid His Eminence
would not quite fit that category.


Aged parent said...

Excellent comments, Barbara and Anon @3:04am. You have cut through the fog very well.

aged parent

Anonymous said...

I have several pictures of this Burke.
He is a disgrace in all that haberdashery.

Tancred said...