Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Nothing Changes!" -- Vatican Speaker Denies Changes Regarding Remarried Divorcees

Cardinal Lehman
(Freiburg / Rome) The disobedient advances of the sedevacantists of the Archdiocese of Freiburg have caused quite a stir with the approval of admitting remarried divorcees to Communion. The key word is magical for many journalists. The former Communist, now Democratic Left channel of the Italian State RAI broadcasting released the message already at 6:45 pm in the morning news. Rome responded with a clarification by the Press Office: "Nothing changes"

Freiburg Won't "Go it Alone" - Schismatic Lehmann-Church Explores Boundaries of the Church

The reactions of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart and from the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising show that the Freiburg is apparently means that it is "going it alone" in its provocation. Part of the German-speaking Church has found itself for some time in a state of latent schism. At intervals, "open schism is rehearsed" ( Messa in Latino ), but of course not completed, because then the whole benefice and revenue from the Church-tax would be lost. The advances serve rather to explore how far one can go in latent schism currently in order to take the Church down just a bit more.

The "German" breach which was to be beaten into the walls of the Vatican, even enraged some tempers at the Tiber. The theme of remarried divorcees was on the agenda of the meeting of the new C8 Cardinal Council. Pope Francis has already announced that the next Synod of Bishops will deal with the issue. Everyone understands that German pressure and even unilateral action, however, is not appreciated in Rome.

Vatican spokesman: "Local Pastoral Office, but Not an Official Expression of Diocesan Authority"

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi waved it aside from the daily press briefing: "It changes nothing! There is no news for remarried divorcees." The "Document", is addressed to the director of the Vatican Press Office "comes from a local ministry office" and not the bishop. There had been a "rush to judgment", which made a lot of noise, but is "not an official expression of the diocesan authority", according to the Vatican spokesman.

Emeritus Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg will be Apostolic Administrator until the appointment of a successor, "was not consulted and not answer for this document," said Father Lombardi. For the Vatican Freiburg is a diocese among thousands. Nevertheless, the explosive force of the inroads is aware and knows that lurking behind the door are not only imitators in all the dioceses in the German language area, but also beyond.

Cardinal De Paolis, "Bishops Were Called to Order, as They Contradicted the Cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith"

Velasio Cardinal De Paolis, a noted canonist, he was President of the Prefecture for the Economic Affairs till 2011 and is currently the apostolic delegate for the Legionaries of Christ, was surprised by the German advance. "It is amazing that such a proposal of a diocese is of such importance as Freiburg. Long ago, several bishops were called to order, because they issued instructions that contradicted the cornerstones of the Doctrine of the Faith, which were endorsed by the former Holy Office in the years of Joseph Ratzinger. "

"The current rules prohibit, therefore, the continuation of allowing remarried divorcees access to the sacraments," said the cardinal. "In order to receive absolution in confession and thus access to the Eucharist, one must be in a state of grace of God. The remarried divorcees are in a situation which is contrary to the law of God for marriage. The priest must therefore refuse communion," said Cardinal De Paolis.

"Statements of the Pope to be interpreted in Light of the Traditional Magisterium" - Progressives See Their Chance

But why was the appeal made in Freiburg to Pope Francis, the cardinal was asked. And his answer: "All statements of the Pope on the issue are to be interpreted in the light of the traditional Magisterium," said Velasio Cardinal De Paolis.

This prevents those, who are alien to such terms such as "divine law" and "the cornerstone of the Doctrine of the Faith", who see an opportunity. A progressive Vaticanist at Vatican Insider wrote on the subject: "But with an innovator such as Pope Francis it is not the time for crusading ultimatums. The Synod on the Family is talking about marriage, nothing about remarried divorcees, and couples who live together. The acceptance of progressives in the Curia is not excluded in the Church, but the place to change the standards is surely not a local pastoral office'. In the coming months we will see better whether, Freiburg case 'is classified as a slip or as a diocesan 'prophesy' for a change for the world Church."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Cardinal Rating
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the esteemed Cardinal, you just cannot square a circle or square, for that matter, what Bergoglio has been spewing out with the Faith and Doctrine which comes from the Apostles thorugh the infallible Magisterium of the Church...

for example...

I would remind His Eminence, that as a member of the Sacred College, it is HIS PRIME DUTY in times like these to rebuke the pope for his manifst and public heresies and denials and insults of the Catholic Faith, and if he will not take rebuke (the proof of which is not merely an excuse that he was misquoted, but the affirmation of the contrary theses with a denunciation of the errors attributed to him or said by him), to convene his brothers in the College and pronounce him, deposed in virtue of his personal heresy...

If they fail to do that, they will share with him the eternal damnation due those who scandalize 1 billion souls; to scandalize just one soul, as Christ said, merits the penalty of being thrown into the sea with a mill stone tied around one's neck; imagine, what the scandal of 1 billions souls will merit....there will be much more read in hell than merely the robes of a Cardinal...

Anonymous said...

So true. But lets not forget to add prayers for his conversion and include him and those like him when we offer up sacrifice for the conversion of poor sinners.