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Founder of Leftist Victim Exploitation Group Was Member of Hitler Youth: Led Attack on Archbishop's Palace

The longtime chief researcher and co-founder of the "Austrian Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance" (DOeW) was one of the ringleaders in the storming of the Archbishop's Palace in Vienna by Hitler Youth.
Even the Red Moral Guardians of the DOeW have Their Brown Spots

Feast of the Holy Rosary

On 7 October 1938 the Church opened St. Stephen's Cathedral for the annual Feast of the Holy Rosary. There around 2,000 young people expected, and  8,000 to 10,000 came.
As previously announced, the solemn celebration was led  by the reigning Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Innitzer.
From the Pilgrim pulpit he asked for understanding for his March statement in which he had attempted an awkward aggiornamento with the Zeitgeist.
More quickly than the current Archbishop of Vienna, he realized that the fundamentals of the faith can not be  modified and relativized to fit the Zeitgeist, and had the courage to correct his earlier mistake and called the faithful to resist the (national) Socialist Zeitgeist of 1938 in a conscious nod to the leader principle:
"One is your Fuhrer, your Fuhrer is Christ, if you keep loyal to Him, you will never be lost."
After Mass the young people gathered on the Stephansplatz and swore their faithfulness to God.

"Dear Führer be so Nice, N' Show Yourself on the Window Sill!"

In imitation of the  the (these lines were always wrongly perceived as mockery of Hitler by the author) Call! "Dear Fuherer be so nice, n' show yourself at the window sill" was chanted: "We want to see our Bishop!" Who appeared promptly and in foreshadowing, and called for an end to the unplanned rallies against the National Socialists which were highly dangerous for the participants.

Hunt for the Archbishop

On the evening of the following day, members of the Hitler Youth in gathered in front of the the Archbishop's palace to jeer, and threw stones at the windows of the Archbishop.
What followed was that 50 Hitler Youth broke the doors and entered the rooms in the house of Cardinal Innitzer, who had  been brought to safety just in time. In the hotel on the other side of the Stephansplatz, the later pastor of Altottakring, Cathedral Curate Fr. John Krawarik was thrown out a window and seriously injured.
The signs of the devastation can be seen in the Archbishop's Palace which still exist.

Later DOeW-wire Jedlicka was One of the Ringleaders of the Hitler Youth

One of the ringleaders of the Hitler Youth was apparently the founder of Zeit (geist) history at the University of Vienna and co-founder of the "Austrian Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance," Ludwig Jedlicka.
Kurt Diemann-Dichtl writes in his book "Always faithful. Another Neustadt Book" (Mauerbach: Eugene Ketterl Verlag, 1999) on page 59 f:
  • "Noticed Nearby: Jedlicka was one of the ringleaders of the Hitler Youth during their attack on the Archbishop's Palace in Vienna on 8 October 1938. "
The author of this article has since been deceased, so Kurt Dieman has classified is as persecution of the Nazi era, speaking to the passage and to the source's truth.
Jedlicka told him, Kurt Diemann, told him this personally and also on further prompting confirmed it explicitly.

The DOeW - a Strange Society

The SPÖ related organization was founded in 1971 with the help of the Red BAWAG [Socialist Credit Union] and Red OGB,  "Documentation Center of Austrian Resistance" is a strange society of communist glorification (like the Red "Spain" fighters) and active anti-FPÖ propaganda, meanwhile with the collaboration of some pseudo-bourgeois fig leaves from the ranks of the ÖVP [Christian Democrats].
Exponents of the extreme left which is close to the Vienna anarchist scene are or were in DOeW, operating: like active left-wing extremist Wolfgang Purtscheller,  whose circle of friends has carried out a terrorist attack on Ebergassing from the fringes of"TATblatt" and also Purtscheller's crony, Andreas Peham .
Andreas Peham is a former president of the Communist Students Association (KSV) and appears as a "Fake Doctor from the DOeW, as it is known "that a non-academic gave himself a doctorate and appeared or appears respectively under the pseudonym  (Dr.) Heribert SCHIEDEL."
That one had thought in the SPÖ only 26 years after the end of World War seriously about starting a DOeW, may also have to do with the high rate of "Former" (National-Socialists, see also: "One time for Adolf you, votes for Adolf this year too - the brown spots of the SPÖ!"). By 1971 the left wing is likely to have partially enforced the left.

Jedlicka's successor in DOeW comes from Nazi family

The Jedlicka's successor from 1983 to 2004, Dr. Wolfgang Neugebauer, was a doctoral student  of  Jedlicka's and wrote his thesis on "History of the Social Democratic Youth Movement in Austria" and comes from a Nazi family.
Neugebauer's father  had his consecration as SS First Lieutenant in the SS Division "Das Reich" , which is said to have massacred 600 civilians in Oradour / France in the summer of 1944. Allegedly Neugebauer's father, however, was at that time training in the Cadet School in Bad Tolz -  the SS First Lieutenant Friedrich Peter,   Kreisky-Coalitioner was also ostensibly not involved in the massacres by his SS division.
In an interview with the ex-KSV-functionary and "Profil" journalist Christa Zöchling , Neugebauer admits, however, that he would not today [2006]  preclude his father's involvement in the massacre.
Neugebauer himself is a loyal Red Party soldier, national-socialist ideas he finds predominantly in non-SPÖ members: In the brochure "value unworthy life" from BIZEPS - Disability Advice Centre is an appearance of Neugebauer's not so subtle tastelessness: the Jewish, Social Democratic Viennese Councillor Julius Tandler , who advocated the elimination, long before the National Socialists coined the phrase, "life unworthy of life". Neugebauer referred to him  as a "through and through humanist voice for the spirit of welfare of Vienna".
In the National Socialist euthanasia station Hartheim castle near Linz, Tandler's ideas were implemented into reality by the National Socialists.


The incidents mentioned in Oradour-sur-Glane are - as noted repeatedly by readers - more than controversial. The place might have been a stronghold of the French partisans, allegedly including weapons and ammunition depots. Previously, there had been numerous attacks on members of German military formations by French partisans. So fighting was taken up on behalf of the Sturmbannfuehrer brutally tortured and murdered by partisans, whose skeletal remains had only been recently found, after France had released the location of his grave space after a long silence. Likewise, there were medics who had also been tethered in their car and burned alive. There are also reports that women and children who had been imprisoned in a church during the raids were  killed by an explosion of ammunition located therein by partisans and not killed by German troops. A critical exposition can be found in the article " Gauck in Oradour - The Great Lie of the Do-Gooders ", which refers to the visit of President Gauck and contradicts the "standard" representation of German war crimes. Previously, the German Federal President had consciously avoided visiting Oradour.[Supplement 11 October 2013]

Translated by Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com from kreuz.net...


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