Thursday, September 5, 2013

Green Pedophile Cohn-Bendit Supports Invasion of Syria in Support of Jihadis

Self-professed child molester-literatur and chairman of the Green Party in the European Parliament, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, apparently wants to leave Syrian children to the mercy of Jihadis and U.S. terror bombing.

Christian Girl Martyred to Death in Syria [Image: Alertadigital] 

The War Pig Green Cohn-Bendit

He shared this with the publication known for its Nazi entanglements , in a conversation with"Spiegel".

The Green Daniel Cohn-Bendit is thus supporting the proposed cleansing in Syria by Barack Hussein Obama.

For this ethical [sic] cleansing, foreign terrorists, supported by the U.S. and its European satellite states Al-Qaeda will be included as allies.

The Syrian children will especially be affected. These are suddenly no longer the focus of the "Kinderfreunds" by Cohn-Bendit.

Syria's al-Qaeda-opposition

If it goes according to his will and that of Barack Hussein Obama,these foreign al-Qaeda terrorists who have already long been the "opposition" in Syria, will dedicate the land to allah, recognize sharia including the stoning ritual.

Thus the sexual revolution envisaged by the Greens for Syria, is then probably that raped women are to be stoned by men because of extramarital sexual intercourse.

Hillary Clinton: "We created Al-Qaeda"

Al-Qaeda is an Islamist private army established by the U.S. for aggressive economic and financial imperialism. Al-Qaeda has staged coups with the support of the CIA putting obedient holy warriors of Allah from Africa to Asia into power - Europe has to wait a bit.

See the video " Hillary Clinton: We created Al-Qaeda ":

Rogue State U.S.A.

The United States is the head of global terror in the name of "human rights." The head chopping jihadists are financed, organized and armed to end Russian influence in Syria by Nobel Peace Prize Obama and the EU. Thus they will kill off the Syrian people.

This Green-pacifist, pedophile scribbler seems happy to promote it. Also, the Green Party leader in the European Parliament was even openly accused by Rep. Marie Le Pen of pedophilia:

See: "Le Pen traite Cohn Bendit Pédophile de au Parlement "

America's future as a global superpower is dependent on Al-Qaeda and imminent Antichrist. Al-Qaeda leads geopolitical wars in the U.S. interest.

It may - as was seen in the U.S. attack on Afghanistan's Taliban - well come to disagreements.

Poison gas in Syria

In Syria a (small) part of the army have defected along with the military equipment to the rebel insurgency. Probably including the chemical weapons.

Cui bono?

The U.S. government has threatened Syria with a military strike, if it uses poison gas.

And suddenly there was a poison gas alarm. Just as the rebel hordes increasingly came under the pressure of the government troops.

Al-Qaeda has produced here an ordered pretext for the next U.S. imperialist military attack, so that the U.S. bombing of the military can "tip" the balance of power in favor of the Islamists?

The applause of the green pedo-writer, Cohn-Bendit seems safe to them.

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How much more fitting now does a decadent Rock band's music appear nowadays.


Anonymous said...

We should be killing pedophiles instead of Syrians and other mere political targets of the Evil Empire and it's Dictators and lesser manipulators. Please allow a rare plea. Go to: . Don't Attack Syria .com
It is an official petition that you can sign. Congressman Alan Grayson just opened this site for this purpose. I am not familiar with him but he's right on this.

Anonymous said...

Pedophiles have no decent feelings for children.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Barack Hussein Obama or Hillary Clinton or wich ever United States of America reprenstive is responseble for Al-queada or this Free Syrian Army that is a heist of Assad Al-bashar to hurt his own people , in fact , Obama his tweets have been forged by the Syrian Electronic Army , so per facto the Free Syrian Army is more supported by Al-queada the United States of America their main ennemy since 9-11 , if this site is called factual then it is totaly wrong , but anyway Al-Assaad a pedophile along with the Free Syrian Army , being sexualy mollesting Christian children that weren't gassed with saringas as in Damascus , that all is a prouder job for any kind of god to prevent than to commit .

Tancred said...

Do you have any proof of that?

Anonymous said...

No he doesn't have any proof of his bastard off-hand allegation and he's a bad person for bearing false and ugly witness. What a terrible and underhanded thing to say and out of nothing but his own imagination.

Anonymous said...

It is July 24 2015 A.D. It was this story and this picture of this little girl that set me on an odyssey that changed my world view. It hasn't been at all easy and I now know that our most powerful country with peon Israel is the Evil Empire. And our Church, well...