Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Dream: Traditional Catholics Are the Best Allies of Pope Francis


(Rome) The traditional website Messa in Latino has published the essay "The traditionalists: the best allies of Pope Francis." The title may seem surprising. Besides the fact that it is better to write "traditionalists" with quotation marks, because the labeling is wrong, yet it is still valid to presuppose that the title is to be understood so that traditionally associated Catholics are the best allies of each pope.

"Pope Francis returns time and again in his speeches and sermons to his criticism of a self-centered Christianity and careerism, which is applicable to many churchmen. The Pope has stressed the need for them to go 'onto the streets of the world to proclaim the Gospel message. But he also says that although there are still no official documents, except a few sentences to the Bishops of CELAM [and religious representatives of the CLAR; Note] that he does not love especially the traditionalists. How so?

I'm convinced that the Pope is not exactly averse to the world of tradition. Let's look at why.

1) Who has "gone forth" more than the traditionalists from the dusty vestries to return to the celebration of Holy Mass in the catacombs? Has anyone more than they, converted industrial buildings throughout the world into churches, chapels and garages in tenements into monasteries?

2) Who is more than them keeping the faith, "going forth" onto the streets without fearing the anathemas of the bourgeois and the exhortations of the cowardly who disguise themselves as "Conservative"? These have rather hastened with Apostolic haste, to lock the doors well sealed to keep the traditionalists "beyond", to shield them from the heard so that no one could "infect" them indoors.

3) Who, especially in France, but not only, still holds large public solemn processions and pilgrimages on foot on the public roads?

4) Who, despite the continued apathy of the shepherds, is still on the streets and squares of France to actively defend marriage and the Christian family, even at the cost of being arrested?

5) Who, if not the traditionalists, are consistent to their vocation, who have been denied for decades, brilliant careers in the church, in chairs at Pontifical and Catholic Universities, to secure positions in the Church editorial offices, in the service of the Bishops and the Ordinariate?

6) Who is able, to the anger of self-centered bishops, thanks to the grace of God and the readiness to engage a healthy debate on the world's byways in order still to convert Protestants, Jews and Muslims?

7) Who will continue to consistently don ecclesiastical clothing, to be present and not to hide on the streets of the world? Who, on the other hand, strives to disguise and obscure themselves as much as possible, and wears the priestly and religious garb, if at all, only within the walls of his comfortable church?

8) Who still talks about the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ and endeavor - and outside the vestry - to fight in the world for it so that the states respect their laws and defend the law of God?

9) Who comes to speak on poverty, a theme so dear to Pope Francis, gives so willingly his tithe yet even paying church tax and also donating as much as possible for him to be true to his conscience?

10) Who ultimately represents a militant Christianity, aiming at the conversion of the world, without false ecumenism, without compromises or false human consideration, but all in all for Christ?

Pope Francis would therefore really find his most loyal and valuable allies among the lists of tradition. But ... maybe I'm dreaming .... The government tells me that I must have misunderstood something here ...

I did not understand anything? May be. But I still hope. I love the Pope, because the Pope is the Pope. I pray for him and I hope to continue ...

Translation: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Una Voce

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Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Surely this is a joke wrapped in subtle sarcasm and presented to us as a surprise package of mirth.

If you had a man continually repudiate you and insult you you would be an abject coward to claim that you are his best friend.

I am all for praying for this Pope but self-deception is always self-deception.

This Pope hates you

GA said...

Yeah. He hates us alright. Poor thing.

You are right to call for praying for him. Thank you.

Tancred said...

Who else but the Traditionalists live our the gospels?

Elizabeth said...

I agree with the author's 10 points of "traditional" Catholics. But is this a joke? These 10 points, these attributes of ours, are precisely what the Pope DOESN'T like. At least it seems that way. Yes, we should pray for him. Man, that's hard for me to do. But I'm not holding out any hope.

Magdalene said...

Yes, the faithful traditional mined people will continue to be faithful. They are ostracized and criticized and made to be second class citizens for loving what the Church has always taught and also the love for the Mass of the Ages. They are persecuted and have suffered and mostly endured all of this suffering and the graces merited are not lost either for their souls or the souls of others.

And we always have hope. This earth is not our home; we are pilgrims on the way to that perfect union with Christ. He suffered in this life and certainly His disciples do as well.

Many Christians have their lives in danger right at this moment especially from the scourge of islam. Many cannot get to any Mass or have the sacraments. Those of us who are able to live--even if less than perfectly--the sacramental life must give thanks to God for it. Our sufferings are still small in comparison with those under the gun at this time. However, our turn may well come...

Sancte Alphonsus said...

Dear author - you're missing the point... who cares about all this stuff? "What about the poor?"

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

Is our Catholic church not large enough for many sides of Christ... to worship Him and seek out the poor, etc.????

Mar said...

The Catholic Church has never had any problem either with worshipping God or looking after the poor. The great saints who excelled in works of charity towards the poor were without exception also known for their devout worship.

But it is another thing entirely to exaggerate the importance of concern for the poor, and act as though that concern makes it compulsory to diminish the importance of liturgy or tradition.

Sixupman said...

The answer is "Una Voce" - their very existence depends on their relationships with the avrious hierarchies. Hence "Trads are the best allies .....".