Wednesday, September 11, 2013

330th Anniversary of the Battle of Vienna

Jan Sobieski III
Edit: there may be a lot of Turks in Vienna today, but at least there aren’t any crescents on top of the Stepensdom as there might have been had the Turks been victorious.

An allied army of Germans and Poles had saved Europe from the Mohammedans  on the back of a Protestant Revolt in Hungary.

Many concerned officials these days want to remove references to this glorious defeat of the Turk from history books in the city where these events occurred, and the battle continues.  It’s the other 9/11.


Unknown said...

The heretics can never succeed

Anonymous said...

The history books were altered for the Jews and they will be altered for the growing Muslim population Europe. And now there is the growing Odd-Sex tribalists.

Anonymous said...

Dear Parents, be responsible, homeschool your children! Schools are a great danger for children today.