Saturday, August 31, 2013

Parish of Ognissanti of the Franciscans of the Immaculate in Florence: Regular Mass on Sundays

(Florence) The Parish of Ognissanti (All Saints), supervised by the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception Parish in Florence has announced "the good news" that starting Sunday, 1 September, the celebration of the Holy Mass in the traditional Rite will resume and take place daily at the usually assigned times. The Congregation of Religious had forbidden the Old Mass with its decree since 11 August.

The parish of Ognissanti, Florence is one of the spiritual centers of the Order. Pastor is Father Serafino Lanzetta FI is one of the well-known figures of the Catholic tradition in Italy. He was significantly involved in the discussion about the interpretation of the Second Vatican Council in recent years. Father Lanzetta represents how the hermeneutics of continuity of Pope Benedict XVI. reads the Council in the light of the Church's tradition. This reading makes a criticism of Vatican II possible and sometimes necessary. He is also one of the critics of Freemasonry, which he accuses of exerting influence on the Catholic Church and desires to gain further influence.

Father Lanzetta was one of the first to set up an application to the Congregation of Religious' Apostolic Commissioner, who immediately ordered the traditional Rite to continue to be celebrated.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons
 Trans: Tancred


Joshua said...

Is the daily Mass there also a traditional Latin Mass? - it was when I was last in Florence, and I hope they have received the necessary permission to continue it. How lovely it was to walk along the Arno and hear Mass there!

Tancred said...

A lot of these things I’m just reading about for the first time. If they had a daily Mass in the Immemorial Rite before, I’m sure they’ll be likely to have it again given this report.

Joshua said...

I hope so; it was such a privilege to be able to hear daily Mass there. Florence is a city of beauty, of art - but for what end was so much art, so much beauty produced? was it not to glorify the Lord? and in so many glorious churches, what liturgy was celebrated? was it not the traditional Mass? It saddens me to see churches built for Mass ad orientem with a new and miserable table pushed between the nave and the old high altar. When first I visited Ognissanti, the Immaculate Franciscans said Mass ad orientem in the modern form; but by the time I returned, they had adopted the traditional Mass - as you say, it would seem strange to permit it on Sundays and not also on weekdays, especially as I now recall that several of the female branch of the order were present, and by all accounts they are if anything more zealous for Mass in the ancient form than the male branch!