Monday, August 19, 2013

"Intersex" -- On November 1st, Germany Recognizes Third Sex

(Berlin) Restlessness leads to various forms of the denial of reality. This includes the struggle of gender ideology against nature. The natural reality of man and woman is to be reduced to a "-felt" Gender Unisex sterile uniformity. 's new "magic word" is intersex." From 1 November a "third type" of gender it will be on West German birth certificate; not male, not female. If a child has the "luck" to be born of such particularly ideologically "innovative" parents, it can happen to him that he would be officially registered as "gender neutral".

The ideology wants to conquer nature. "Gender-accurate" Parents will be able to "prevent" the inherent "discrimination" of a their child. The child should be no more sex "forced" imposed, no, it will eventually find itself on its sex and can make a "free and conscious" decision. The development is ongoing in almost all Western European countries. Not that this fact has surprised observers, but the fact that there are political majorities for it. Most politicians lack expertise for actual problems in the modern party-state solution, so abstruse ideology comes to the fore.

Germany is the first European "intersex" Country

And because theDeutsche Michl's want to be the paragon of the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany will be the first European country that has introduced by law the gray area between the sex of man and woman, which does not exist in nature. The legislature as the ruler of reality. The Act provides that the "third" gender variant in the birth certificates of course have a purely anti-discriminatory character. It allows the parents of a child who comes into the world with "atypical" sexual organs, to waive the registration of sex. A separate law for hermaphrodites. Today, we prefer to speak of intersex. When ideologues present melodious suggestions, caution is still advised. The gender ideology aims at overcoming known gender, because this is seen as "coercive" nature. Ideologues have always been twisted and in no way unharmful. The new law, with such harmless justifications on the way, it seems to come, is a wholly owned product of this gender ideology. For them it is just the famous gap in the wall that is to be expanded step by step.

No wonder then that the International Lesbian and Gay Association applauds enthusiastically. This may seem surprising at first glance. The federation brings together around 400 gay organizations around the world: "It is good news. It will help us to combat discrimination within the EU." Should the legislature in its reasoning, restrict the new provision nor objectively obstructs its path in any way, the feminist philosopher Nicla Vassallo lets the cat out of the bag. Looking at the arrangements which will exist in Germany from 1 November there is a preposal at hand, "I would give everyone the opportunity to leave the sex portion in the documents unfilled, as this is possible already in the registry information today. If the option for undefined gender were considered intersex-people that would indeed be a ghettoization, "The gender ideology is like any ideology of magical logic, an act against discrimination can already be transformed into an act of discrimination to the next act against discrimination. A game with no end in ideological struggle, for which the World Health Organization has no classification of the disease, because it is not a gender identity disorder of childhood, rather, a disorder of sex due to perceptions of other adults.

Even the Protestant Church , which met in early May in Hamburg, considered itself "open-ended" toward the theme of "intersex". They expressed themselves "hopefully" because with 1 November, the  "intersexual people finally" would be considering their "rights". Nature is the enemy of ideologues - Enter X instead of M or F in the passport? The debate on the impact of the new provision is still in progress. If the birth certificate is not gender specified, then what will the identity card read and what is recorded in the passport? The gender ideologues of course are the most diligent Stooges. The FamRZ - is a magazine for the whole family with legal guardianship law, inheritance law, procedural law, public law, made ​​the suggestion for all to introduce the acronyms M (male) and F (female), an X for "undefined" in all personal documents. The new federal German law, introduced by a black and yellow, Christian Democrat and Christian Social guidance does not pose a red-green majority with its denial of the anthropological and biological reality. There is another worrying mosaic that represents the  homosexual and gender ideology that can be deployed on the path of social reconstruction. The cultural and social consequences are aimed at destruction. In the frenzied struggle for the "new rights" and against a virtual sexual discrimination,  the gender and gay ideologues sacrifice on the altar of their idols, especially children's rights, the rights of the most innocent and most vulnerable in society. Those who have no voice and can not defend themselves and those already in fear for their lives for the same ideologues at the time of birth. No area of law is more violated than toward the unborn and increasingly also of children born by abortion, artificial insemination, embryo research, surrogacy and adoption rights for homosexuals. The new enemy is nature itself. You will be defeated. "One need be neither clairvoyant nor a child psychologist to foresee the psychological traumas and difficulties the modern "intersex" children will have to face in their unhappy childhoods" [Lupo Glori], as victims of "gender activist" parents.

Text: CR / Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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Anonymous said...

Chris Christy has just signed legislation banning
the therapeutic practice of attempting to help a person to not or to stop committing sodomy.

Anonymous said...

Putting aside gender as a mental identity -nature does produce biologically intersex people, often because of unusual combination of genes inherited eg XXY. It's not all about 'gay rights'

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

He who abandons the KIngdom of God soon discovers he has an epicene prince he must bear fealty towards.

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Soon might be already. Think so? I do.

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