Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catholic Church Retains Aberrosexual Organist

Copenhagen (Catholic news / CBA). Denmark's Catholic Bishop, Czeslaw Kozon, has approved the appointment of a church musician who lives in a registered same-sex partnership. First, the Bishop of Copenhagen had rejected the application of Ole Knudsen, and based this on the manner of the life of the organist, reported the daily newspaper "Dagblad Kristeligt" (Monday). This has, however, led to strong reactions from community members and members of the Catholic Church on the Internet and probably caused the shift in opinion, Knudsen told the newspaper. He further suggested as an explanation for the change of mind his own statement that he and his partner were living in sexual abstinence. He had told the bishop in person.

Bishop Kozon himself declined to comment. He explained that it was a personnel matter. His spokesman referred to the prospective employer, the Lawrence Community in Roskilde. Its President, Svenning Ravn Jensen said Knudsen was "an able organist and choir director." He was always ready to employ him if the diocese approved. The theologian Peter Lodberg from Aarhus University commented in the newspaper that he had never heard of such an approach. It could be a reaction to the recent remarks by Pope Francis on homosexuality. Apparently in this case, it is possible to live in a same-sex partnership as a church musician, as long as this is purely platonic. The Church's Canon Lawyer, Lisbet Christoffersen, said that the decision of the bishop could also have labor reasons, after which the Catholic Church has had similar similar problems with cases in other countries. Also in Denmark, the matter would be brought before the National Committee For Equality, says Christoffersen. She referred to the dispute over an organist sacked for adultery in Germany, before the case went to the European Court of Human Rights.

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Photo: Organ - Source: Andreas Gehrmann
Taken from Catholic News Agency on 13 August, 2013.
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  1. Two people with the psychological illness of homosexuality still have the obligation to live lives pleasing to God. When two such people gravitate to each other and form this disordered psychological bond, that obligation remains. In a real world this bond is called FRIENDSHIP, not "partnership" and they shake off their disordered inclinations and get on with the business of getting on. There is a life to be lived with just one end and that is to die in the state of grace. It ain't that difficult if you are Catholic because you have been given all the means necessary. And then some.

    There are normal Heterosexual couples both young and old who share their hearts under the same roof, but only their hearts. There are many physical and emotional needs of humans that are met in sharing the company of another in the routine of daily life. I know of one such young couple and it is true though they have since married. Still, it gives the impression to those who do not know them that they are living in sin. That, I am sure, can be remedied in many ways. However, if they are God's people they would have to reconcile this with contrition and avoiding the near occasion of sin. Then again, their relationship may be purely emotional and devoid of sexuality. Such relationships are not uncommon even among normal couples who are married. Yet, marriage is first and foremost for bringing souls into this world and these heterosexual couples who do not fulfill their marital obligations would have an invalid marriage unless they married after childbearing years. Even if the couple has been sacramentally married, raised a family, and have grandchildren already there is still a marital obligation to the spouses with regards to sex.

    As far as this organist in the article goes, he seems to be trying to live a Catholic life regardless of his affliction and the needs stemming from that cross. I think then that it is the right decision to let him be the organist. Let his confessor hear from him weekly and the appearance of scandal be removed. This organist is far better than the unrepentent Abortionist "Catholics" who traipse about the altar at a Novus Ordo mass.They boldly park their "Vote obama" bumper stickered cars in the parking lots then carry "the gifts" down the aisle to offer to God!

    I am going to pray for this man and his Homosexual friend. That they continue to respond to the graces given them and live their lives without sin.

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