Thursday, July 11, 2013

Society Still Open as Always to Reconciliation with Roman Authorities

Edit: Rorate just dismissed an Italian blogger Enzo Bianchi who claims to have inside information. In fact, French website Nouvelles de France ridicules him.  Indeed, the Society is open to an agreement with Rome, most likely this is much to the chagrin of those like Curial Archbishop Müller, the Prefect f the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith  as well as  others who've been trying to derail it for a long while.  Here's the passage copied from Rorate:

Let us read this interesting - and real, not imaginary... - 11th paragraph of the June 27, 2013, declaration: "We mean to do the same: either when Rome returns to Tradition and to the Faith of all time – which would re-establish order in the Church; or when she explicitly acknowledges our right to profess integrally the Faith and to reject the errors which oppose it, with the right and the duty for us to oppose publicly the errors and the proponents of these errors, whoever they may be – which would allow the beginning of a re-establishing of order." In other words, a kind of open door is left to the consideration of the Roman authorities. A door that does not require a calling into question of Vatican II, but rather a pragmatic solution. This passage contains a true revolution. But it was curiously ignored. A pity! It was perhaps the true scoop that, unfortunately, eludes newsrooms that are more skilled in spreading gossip than in the study of ecclesiology ...

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Anonymous said...

The SSPX are being rather bossy aren't they (Bishop Fellay). Thank God. Somebody needs to be.