Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Liturgical Relativism: Liturgy Coordinator Addresses Liturgical Abuse by Milan's Auxiliary Bishop

Liturgical Horror
Edit: a few days ago a liturgical abuse was occasioned by the Auxiliary Bishop of Milan in the wake of World Youth Day.

(Milan) The liturgical trampling underfoot by the Vicar General and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Milan, Monsignor Mario Delpini, at a Mass which was said for young Catholics before their departure for the World Youth Day in 2013 leading to Rio de Janeiro, has caused a stir ( see separate report in Italian...). During the doxology of the Eucharistic Prayer he allowed young people at the altar to act as priests and face the faithful holding the chalice with the blood of Christ and the ciborium with the body of Christ at the Volksaltar [Cramner Table for the initiated] during the elevation. The traditional website Messa in Latino urges addressing Don Pierantonio Tremolada, to protest to the liturgical representative of the Archdiocese, and so did Msgr. Tremolda himself, the New Testament exegete, which in addition to his role as liturgical officer is also rector for the formation of permanent deacons Archdiocese of Milan, has now answered. Here is the response of Bishop Tremolada and the reaction to it from Messa in Latino:

Dear Editor, 
I am absolutely convinced that the gesture had on the photo that you submit as evidence the intention 'to give young people the feeling during the week of World Youth Day to be actors the (as the Pope yesterday [Monday] said .) "We are not, moreover, certain that it was decided by His Excellency, Mgr Delpini: it is not always the decision by the head celebrant as to the liturgical gestures, sometimes they are enacted at the last moment on the instructions of others. 
What is absolutely certain is that no one wanted to be disrespectful in any way to the Eucharist. I would add in this context that I am affected by the sentence at the end of your e-mail and regret it: words such as "do the Mass" do not seem to me to do justice to the height of the Eucharistic Mystery, which you want to safeguard. Be assured in any case, that the whole purpose on our side is a given, that our young people have a high regard for the what we consider to be the heart not only of the priestly ministry, but the whole life of the Church. 
Don Pierantonio Tremolada

The reaction of Messa in Latino to Msgr Tremolada:

Dear Don Pierantonio, 
Thanks for the kind reply. 
Two small observations: although we understand the meaning of your implementations, we don't share them completely: the fact that the "Presider" [1] receives all of the instructions as to liturgical gestures, it also follows that it is neither an excuse nor a mitigating circumstance. If the celebrant detects errors and illegalities in the instructions he received, he could waylay their execution. 
Secondly, you complain legitimately that what I have written in the phrase "do the Mass" is not appropriate. Completely justifiable. It was the formulation of an adolescent. However, we have emphasized that the prescribed gestures of a bishop especially during Holy Mass at its height and were appropriate. And even less worthy were those gestures set during the same Mass by adolescents.  
Perhaps it would be appropriate to direct attention from the "words" to focus on the "deeds". 
I request the permission to publish your email with the answer to our mail on our blog. If you do not agree, we will not publish. 
Again with warm regards and best wishes for the summer time, I thank you for the constructive discussions

See You Soon,

For the editors of Messa in Latino

  1. i the original „President“: Don Tremolada used the formulation "presidente", president, hence the reason for the  quotation marks in the answer. []


Anonymous said...

Isn't Relativism the New creed?

Anonymous said...

At WYD among all the things we expected, there have also been moments and things that have illuminated Truth, Beauty, Sadness, Hope, Love and Reverence for Christ. His Mother and His Vicar on Earth. amen.

Anonymous said...

Like all Novus Ordo Messes, this one was just as invalid as any other; however, the irreverance is certainly more striking than more subdued messes. Since anti-pope Francis has taken over, things are just going from bad to worse, as he's an even more flaming heretic and apostate than B-16, and I dare say, even JP-II himself.

Anonymous said...

The priest is meant to be an "alter Christus" ie another Christ.

What is wrong therefore in the laity participating and sharing in that priesthood?

Confining the sacrifice of the mass exclusively to what the priest does is to limit that sacrifice.

Tancred said...

There's a big difference between participation at Mass, and interfering with it.