Sunday, July 14, 2013

GalliaWatch: "We refuse to be a political police"

Here's some encouraging news from the French National Police. They are not at all happy with the orders they were handed during the various Manifs, rallies and vigils. Feeling ridiculous in the role of oppressor of individuals guilty only of wearing a sweat-shirt with a certain logo, they are now openly expressing their discontent through two of their unions: Alliance and the SCPN. Le Figaroreports:

A few days ago, in a tract from Alliance, the CRS (riot police) expressed indignation over their "ridiculous" mission against the Veilleurs debout (standing vigils). Today, the anger has spread to the commissioners("commissaires"). In the latest issue of the Tribune du commissaire, two of the three open editorials are devoted to the "growing malaise" within the police institution resulting from the repression of the anti-gay marriage demonstrations. "We've never seen this!" says a member of the SCPN union, which represents 60% of the commissioners, and which has always been very legitimist. "That shows the scope of the discontent."

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GalliaWatch: "We refuse to be a political police"


Anonymous said...

Wow. Conscience.

P.J.David said...

There is a ray of Hope and the rot will soon disappear.The eldest daughter of Catholic Church will triumph and the world will see miracles happening. All the Matryrs and Saints of the country are interceding with God the FATHER to save her and restore her Glory! O Mother of God we prostrate before you and beg of your intervention.
God Bless all the Youth who protested against the atrocities of the present Government

Anonymous said...

God bless these Police. Police are meant to protect the people.....not batton and attack them. That is not the duty of a good police force in a free country.

They are not Hollande's private police force!! UK police....take note.

Anonymous said...

\It seems there are real men left. Very fortifying to others who may want to join them.

Dane said...

Good comment. Very good comment.